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  • It's so much more fun to keep my arbitrary win conditions though! Did I reach and maintain my 8 STBFL stonks on Demo? Did I stun or loop the killer long enough to get a juicy face camp with hook smacks? Did I land at least 2 Nurse blinks? Or pull off my breakout sabo play? Or hell, even just do one of my archive…
  • I clicked survivor bc that's what it's been for the longest time, but I've been putting a lot of time into killer recently, so I'm going from like 70/30 to 50/50 pretty quick. Really all depends if I'm playing alone or with my buddies.
  • Spine Chill, Resilience, Iron Will, We'll Make It
  • There are three that are forever in my brain that I've seen on survivors: Hex: George W Bush Mettle of Meg Object of Depression Also had a killer the other day called GayTikTok which gave me a good laugh.
  • They pop up in my face every time I load in, so I don't forget they're there, but I usually end up getting them passively, especially the non-specific survivor ones. But I'll usually check my killer dailies on days I'm playing killer just to see if I can quick get a bonus 30k BP from a match bc I played the killer normally.
  • I've been trying to play Oni (which is already laughable on console, but I like to zoom), and I had a NFA match when the whole survivor team played stealth squad. 🙃 And like the full take forever bc they stealth the second spine chill flickers type stealth squad. I have never been so bored playing a DBD match in the time…
  • If I see I went against a streamer, I'll usually check to see if they're live after the match to say gg in the chat (I play on PS4 so I don't have post-game chat). I like checking back the next day, too, to watch the game from their perspective. Sometimes I can see my garbage moves in-game (like the time I got stuck…
  • For survivor, I love We'll Make It, Dark Sense, Alert (though occasionally the noise gets to be A Lot if the killer is constantly kicking things in a short period of time), and I really love Breakdown too. I just think it's funny to have the hook drop once I'm off it, but it shows the killer aura as well, so it's good…
  • On both sides, I just keep playing normally. I like giving hatch as killer, so I'll especially do it when this happens.
  • I love Claudette's little pained whinny sort of noises, they just crack me up. Also Jeff and Bill's sounds because even though I hate being loud when I play, I just love the gruffness of them. For killers, pretty much any of the laughs - Deathslinger, Huntress, Freddy. I also LOVE Huntress' little tantrum noise when she…
  • The Game because I can either never find survivors or never find gens, and especially now that I'm trying to mainly play Nurse, I keep blinking to the wrong floor T_T And I love the look of Midwich but finding gens on that map or even just how to get up and down is awful, but I very rarely end up on it so it's not a huge…
  • Nice congrats!! Once I actually finish unlocking all the survivors and their teachables, that's my next goal.
  • Yui for the sole fact that pulling off a Breakout-Sabo play is so satisfactory. Also, I just think she looks cooler.
  • First: Do you believe that the game is survivor sided or killer sided? I think it's really dependent on killer, map, and ranks. I play both sides and I don't see one side as having an unfair advantage over the other aside from situational things. Second: What rank are you? Highest I've reached in both is 7 on survivor and…
  • I love the idea of a killer facecamping and you unhook in their face (Deliverance or Kobe) and they get stunned because you flying kick them on the way down. 😂
  • My friends and I did it one time because we were playing a Ghostface who was stealth basement camping. He got two people down there and hung out, so I (stupidly lol but I didn't realize) went to rescue and also got caught down there. Last person escaped through hatch because it wasn't like we were escaping the basement…
  • Medkits because it's nice to have if I need to heal and no one is around/helpful. And usually if I don't have a medkit (or a good toolbox), I go in empty-handed.
  • Or let us vault over the car hood like in an action movie. But this could definitely be a cool chase mechanic, though I'm not sure how easy it could be implemented.
  • It kind of varies between my survivors based on what I have, but I think my favorite build to run is Iron Will, We'll Make It, Balanced Landing, and either Spine Chill or Dark Sense. When I play killer, all my builds are different because I don't play it as often and don't have loads of perks, but Iron Grasp is a must have…
  • The Game is my absolute least favorite to play on either side because I can never find anything jasdsjhbah Favorite is probably the MacMillan maps (minus Shelter Woods), but unfortunately I haven't been able to appreciate the reworks because of the PS4 issues. Lery's is also a fave.
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  • Survivor because I got into the game via sister and friends, so I usually play with at least one of them. I do like playing killer; I just don't play it nearly as often.
  • For me, it's less Hag herself and more how some Hag players play combined with how dumb solo q'rs are against her. Played a game against her yesterday where she set up her traps around me on my first hook but proceeded to stay in the area despite people not being directly there, which meant no one came and got me, which…
  • The first time I ever saw Hag pull someone out of a locker. I about peed my pants.
  • We'll Make It is definitely in my Top 5 perks, and I run it in almost every survivor build I have. Being able to get the heal off quickly to return to objectives, or being able to finish it while the killer runs back is such a good thing for the survivor side. I'm honestly surprised I don't see it more often.
  • If you three-hook and sacrifice a survivor, it's 2100 BP (500 for each hook, 200 for each stage). Honestly if the 4th player gets hatch and you never even hooked them once, it sounds like they outplayed you. But if you've got them on second or third hook, you're not losing out fully on those bloodpoints. I'm going to…
  • Yes, I always give thumbs up props to people I like playing with/against! I also don't know what it does, but if it's the only thing I can do, it makes me feel like I did something.
  • Like a week or so ago I had a game on Midwich against a Pig. Someone DC'd IMMEDIATELY upon loading into the map, so it was too late to actually cancel the match, and they had the DC icon on the hud as soon as it appeared. My friend and I felt really bad, but we did do a gen at first, and then we went looking for the…
  • I choose depending on which cosmetic I'm feeling. On some chars I have many but then usually end up using just one, but I like having the options to rotate between things.
  • The only time I've seen this happen is when I'm playing killer and get steam-rolled; a survivor will drop the nearest pallet to the exit gate and spam vault it to get my attention. As a survivor, I've done it completely by accident in the middle of the match because I meant to do one action but ended up getting 2px too…
  • I clicked other because it really does depend on where I spawned and what's around me. Usually there's at least one other survivor near me at the beginning, so task #1 is always t-bag to say hello. Then if I have specific tasks, I do specific things. Like charging straight to where I think the killer spawned if I need to…