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  • Not to mention her blinks. Are extremely laggy and stuttery at the moment
  • Use as many bloody party streamers as possible. Survivor puddings as well.
  • I can’t believe behavior is somehow being greedy with even just digital event currency.
  • I mean I feel that, I just know if I get tilted it helps to play something silly like the sims or gta. This game can definitely feel miserable at times
  • If a video game is making you this upset you should take a break.
  • They have a strong will I guess. You just need really cheeky spots, I really like putting mine at the bottom of hills and at corners of loops instead of by pallets or windows. People don’t always expect it. He is very difficult though so I usually don’t go through the pain of playing him unless I have a daily.
  • I will say that I don’t like going against slinger but he’s definitely not the least fun to verse. And his map pressure is kind’ve weak so even though his chase is strong you can kind of just pre-drop omega safe pallets and waste his time. I just wish he had some kind of wind up like huntress so survivor’s even had just a…
  • I love how they said they’re going to be focusing on the anniversary and Halloween events from now on only for it to be the exact same this year. Some item, cake offerings, and balloons on gens. Like cool I’m glad to see you still had those texture files but could you please think of something innovative.
  • Thank you for drawing out the entire pint of me saying “I am unsure of what actually went down but we can assume”. It’s a video game forum, not the New York post. There’s going to be speculation.
  • they can be selective as they want, it’s their video game. Especially in regards to their original characters they can EASILY unlink the sets in the game. They’re deliberately choosing not to. It isn’t necessarily them upholding the integrity clause of their contracts, it’s that they don’t even do it themselves.
  • No literally, no way in HELL did Capcom say “yeah go ahead and force people to buy the same head cosmetic twice” Like there just simply ain’t no way. Matter of fact I know they had little-to-no say in the released cosmetics because they would’ve taken one look at Claire’s face in her legendary skin and sent them back to…
  • It’s just BP for using her special ability. I do wish survivors earned more passive blood points to even it out. But yeah it’s pretty easy to farm BP with certain killers like freddy and spirit. That’s why people do it and they also want to derank most of the time. It is reportable.
  • The game is crashing for many people across various platforms. We put up with no DC penalty for months and months so I think it’ll be okay as long as a hot fix is soon to come. Until then we just gotta deal.
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  • I have only been playing since August of last year but I just recently got all the survivor perks. I have about half of the killer perks whether it be from the shrine or by leveling them. I try to change up my build, especially on killer. With survivor some of them are so bad they aren’t even ironically fun to use. For…
  • PC Servers DOWN AS WELL
  • No because taking away other’s joy doesn’t give me satisfaction.
  • I was looping shack against a less experienced wraith and some random Bill just came up mid-chase and threw down shack pallet right in my face. I swear bill’s or either the worst or best there is no middle ground.
  • I main nurse when I decide to play killer and that noise is so familiar for some reason. It sounds like some kind of toy from childhood I can’t remember. It is funny, honestly it doesn’t bother me but will probably be removed eventually.
  • Here are the perks I throw on my hag, although I don’t play her as much as I once did. Franklin’s- Even if you don’t see a flashlight in the lobby it is always nice to have one in case somebody finds one. If a survivor who has half decent game awareness has a flashlight they can sabotage your web to hell and back. BBQ-…
  • I got mine on my first try but it took my friend a few tries to finally get it. I’m not sure why it’s like this but considering the devs have gone out of their way to make it a ‘’mysterious’ event we can’t really know the conditions of getting it.
  • Huntress is my survivor’s Russian sugar momma. Felix can thank his 35 purple medkits, 33 purple flashlights, and over 120 brown medkits all to Anna.
  • I literally was so confused when I heard weird noises in my headphones, was legitimately so spooked.
  • The ratio of toxic people on COD compared to DBD is crazy. I could probably count on my hands the amount of people on COD I’ve run into that aren’t insanely aggressive.
  • I actually agree with this killer tier list. Nice work!
  • Yeah you hit the nail on the head. The devs really just wanted to bring the game up to date on its graphics. Especially to new players the graphics seemed a bit behind the times, character models have been getting much more detailed as well as I’m sure you have seen. Some light balancing work has been done on the maps too,…
  • I personally love Yun Jin’s base cosmetic. I just P3’d her and it looks fantastic. Cheryl as well.
  • I think it’s just because a lot of twins players (not all of them) play kind’ve like hag where it’s a constant go back to hook game which just gets boring. Placing victor under the hook before hooking a survivor is a good example. I personally don’t mind facing them especially if it’s a twins player that uses their power…
  • I think it will be quite awhile before they make it to Zarina. She was released at the end of 2019 I believe if my memory serves me correctly. She honestly looks decent as is, but your design is cool. I just wouldn’t expect her to be updated any time soon. Especially when people like David and Nea are much older character…
  • To answer the OP yes killers often times get frustrated when getting looped, most killers brush it off and just go chase somebody else. However, just like anything in the world there are some killers that just want to make a survivor’s experience miserable since they’re decent at the game and they feel outplayed.…