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  • I would love to know the thinking behind hook diving which allows you to just chase the survivor that unhooked and punish them and continue the game even faster is the same as camping a survivor so they get no points and have no fun is considered the same.
  • Oh bestie, the fact that you think I have failed to comprehend any of your rhetoric is beyond me. I'm done speaking with you and if you think that's because I'm an idiot I really, really do not care. Think whatever you need to think to feel better about yourself. Have a pleasant mother's day.
  • My hero. Also yeah, just troll this guy because he thinks writing forum posts like he just took his first honors English course somehow makes his opinion better than anybody else’s. I find it funny that somebody would take these forums that seriously.
  • As somebody who plays in a SWF from time to time unless they’re true sweat lords, they’re probably talking about random stuff throughout the match. When I play with my friends I’m not shouting out what the killer is doing and what gens we should pop and how to coordinate a flashlight save, I’m just kinda auto-piloting the…
  • I hate to be that person but PC best. These console companies know if you ever want to see the pearly gates of online gaming you’ll pay a premium for it. Since they have a monopoly on your console they can charge whatever they want to play the games you paid for. I completely left console gaming for this reason alone, it’s…
  • This guy just wants to argue with people and insist he is correct. I promise you, people this dense aren’t worth your time. But I did have a good laugh at his attempts LMAO.
  • It's mainly an issue getting Microsoft and Sony to hand over and share all of the account info for Dead by Daylight. That's my own understanding is that the devs have shown they know how to do it as cross progression between Stadia and Steam is already a thing. They're just waiting on Sony and Microsoft to work with them…
  • I was trolling. In all seriousness no I haven't noticed anything. Maybe you've just gotten a lot of locker jukers, if not I would record some of your matches or go into a custom with friends.
  • I hope that Barbaque and che4ter is broken forever, most broken perk in the game.
  • Hmm I didn't know you could use two red herrings in one survivor loadout!
  • Omg I love those perks :p
  • Bestie, let's leave it be. I'm taking the high road because you're skull is dense. Have a pleasant evening though!
  • I would give a serious reply but it is obvious that YOU are the one who is bothered by my post. If I truly cared I'd go to the DBD survivor side of tik tok and get everyone to say how DS should be reverted to old DS and so on. I asked the forum a question, you answered something that sounded like a jebait because nearly…
  • It's because you obviously have no idea what you're talking about. I was asking about DS, not lithe. You're the only one implying anybody thinks less of me, may I remind you that this is a video game we're talking about, it's not that deep. If you're going to imply things that have nothing to do with the topic and only…
  • stop jebaiting us saying lithe is meta compared to dead hard or sprint burst☠️☠️☠️ Bye
  • I will agree that as long as tunneling is seen as a strategy then DS is meta but personally I see tunneling as an liability rather than an asset against SWF’s.
  • I’m absolutely in favor of those changes. Using the twins ability to be in two places at once should come with unpredictability which helps you surprise survivor. I would take the twins being hard to pin down over a camp mechanic any day.
  • Slugging is not equal to camping. They literally said when they announced the killer they were going to implement an anti-camp mechanic. Placing victor under the hook beforehand is just a loophole as you can't do that after hooking the survivor so yeah.... it is unintended and unfun. Don't know where you're confused bestie.
  • Victor's Killer Instinct can sense survivors around him not crouching for 16 or 20 meters (I forget which). So a survivor would have to take an absurd amount of time to crouch and kick him before unhooking. Against solo queue survivors this would be near impossible to communicate even with kindred as victor is not shown. I…
  • This is such a good idea, you should put it in suggestions! I would love to be able to take off kate's pink hat from her one crop top sometimes.
  • Me too. It would be nice to see an honorable mentions page or something of top entries they considered.
  • You and me both, especially with his model upgrade coming. He is going to be a sight for sore eyes.
  • I don't believe this to be true. Sure against a really optimal swf the twins will hurt be so will any other killer besides nurse or spirit. Not every killer needs to be comp material as most matches are either swfs that don't play very efficiently or solo queue players with no communication whatsoever. Victor's ability to…
  • Twins are nerf'd btw and definitely aren't just used to camp.
  • I don't think people necessarily hated his addons, they were just excruciatingly boring to go against when paired with tinkerer/pop/ruin. In solo queue especially it just seemed to make the match last forever and shockingly enough holding M1 on a generator the entire match isn't very exciting.
  • I just want a mori where she crushes my head with her thighs thank you.
  • Just because the new coldwind maps are lit by daylight I don't think that makes them less horrifying. Many great horror films capitalize on the daylight hours, especially in relation to farms and the grotesque nature of dead animals like on rancid abattoir. I personally think that daylight doesn't equate to not scary but…
  • I personally didn't notice much a difference but I also place snares while I'm standing in the pallet so I don't actually have to move until I chase the survivor around making the slowdown not very impactful. I agree that his addons are a bit lackluster now but nobody enjoyed the fact that a killer who could teleport to…
  • I hope this isn't the case. I only seemed to have one killer since the update who was displeased I was using it but besides that I've been treated no differently than if I didn't run it. It definitely still comes with danger if you're the obsession but it seems like most killers don't mind it as much.
  • Me too! Even if you aren't the obsession it's a great way to see where the killer is going with BBQ or if they have nurses it's nice to know when you should bail or commit to a heal. I hope the killers all don't mind it.