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  • Well, I reported them, ingame and on steam, but I doubt anything will happen. The problem is, that it happened in seconds, how would I be able to record it, I'm not a streamer, and can't record all my matches to wait for a cheater... so, its sad, because the cheaters enjoyed themselves in the endchat, they're totally…
  • Thank you! I'm happy to hear that the Entity turned out somewhat spooky, that was my plan! :) I miss the spookiness from this game.
  • awww, hahaha well yeah, Deviantart is pretty dead long time ago... miss the old times, when there was lot of quality art and active fandoms... sadly I don't have instagramm, but maybe I will do one in the future. Too many websites already, I try to work on my twitter one.. more or less success xD. Ahh, redoing old artworks…
  • Yeah, lot of times I end up putting my almost finished/finished pics on full screen, then I lie down on my bed and just stare at it from there, trying to figure it out what I hate in them and what needs fixing. And yeah, we should be more forgiving xD I hate to recheck my old pics, but maybe it's a good thing when we found…
  • Hahahha I'm totally the same, I try to make them realistic, and I always end up overdoing them, then the pic will loose its dynamic.. so when I finally finish my pics, I end up hating them xD and afraid to even upload them. I really love those kind of styles when the strokes are visible, they look very detailed from far…
  • Thank you! :) I'm not satisfied with my style, but you know... practice, practice...
  • xD thanks you B hahahahaha and thx for your help rofl, yep tried to make it look creepy, I mean the Entity, and since I know you loooove spiders..
  • Thank you!! :)))
  • Thank you! Happy to hear you like it! :) Hehehe I highly doubt that I will win, there are a lot of good ideas, and right now the idea/creativity is the most important. No matter that my pics are detailed, but my ideas are still weak :D. But I didn't regret it, no matter if I spend a month on it xD it was still a good…
  • Hahahaha thank you for your lovely comment! Made me laugh :)
  • Thank you :) I worked hard on these pics, 1month wasn't really enough for it lol but happy to be 'done' with it
  • Thank you! :) yeah it was hard for me to desing a new armor for him, making it realistic, still fitting for a horror game, trying to make it somewhat at least a little different than the others, and try to make it not look too modern... so yeah, and this whole samurai/japanese culture was new to me,but it was intresting…
  • Hahaha awww thank you! Well, I'm still struggling to find my own style, not really satisfied right now, I would love to learn a more sketchy stlye, but I always end up overdetailing it xD. Ohhh, happy to hear you like the sword! I wanted to keep it's shape like at the base skin one. I didn't want to make it bigger, like…
  • Thank you! Happy to hear that, I'm curious how it would look like in the game! But we will see, lot of great skin ideas to choose from! :)
  • Thank you for your nice comment! Means a lot! I love playing against Onis, this is the only killer aside from Mikey which can still scare me. :) I miss the real horror from this game, so I tried to do something creepy? More or less luck with it hahahaha...ehh I didn't check a lot of entries,just a few one, because I didn't…
  • Thank you! I am happy to hear that :) I was sooo tired when I post these pics, just finished them and tried to write something meaningful, but my brain was like, 'nope, nah, you will sit here for another 2 hours thinking over a good description' So I gave up in the end xD
  • OMG THAT shirtless Myers XD awww yeah, love this piece!
  • ahahahahha awww thank you! And yep, he will be stomped by fans in his new outfit(I hope), and I will be in the first row... :) and yep, he looked so ridiculous I giggled through the first few hours while I painted. But I hope with this new outfit, we will be able to see him more in the game... I barely have matches against…
  • Thank you! :)
  • Thank you! :)
  • You are totally right, I'm sure lot of ######### player would bombard the killer's reputation, and even crying babies would do that if they die first. Well it seems we just had to live with trolls... Yeah that would help a little, to be able to disable post game chat... but I rarely got problems there, troll killers most…