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  • TruTalent came up with a good idea for the endgame when there is only one survivor instead of hatch play. The survivors aura is shown to the killer randomly and a certain number of pallets respawn. Then, after like a minute, the gates open and the hatch as well. I thought this would make the end game more interactive and…
    in Endgame Comment by bevdog67 July 2020
  • The moment I saw Ace, I knew there was something special. His gray hair, his cheeky smile, his finger guns... I knew from that moment Ace would be the one for me. It's not a perfect relationship. I have been tempted with the likes of Steve or Cheryl, but I come back to that happy-go-lucky beef cake every time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
  • The reason I prefer unique addons is because I want something that changes the way I play the killer. Of course you have a lot of variety in this game because there are a ton of killers, so as a survivor you have to constantly change how you play, but we could take it a step further with addons as well. For example, the…
  • When it comes to picking a survivor, just pick the one that you like the looks of the best, since they really are just cosmetics. You do not have to worry about their teachable perks since you an just unlock any perk you want for them later. Make sure you visit the cosmetic store to help you with your decision if you plan…
  • I actually agree with this. Before the pitchforks come out, hear me out. Generators from a gameplay standpoint are kind of boring. You just sit there and hold M1 with an occasional skill check. I am in favor of extending matches, though there has got to be a better was to do it besides making it take longer to repair gens.…
  • I really enjoy the amount of spookums we have right now in game. It seems the devs have gone for a heavy psychological horror approach, and it works very well! If I could add anything, I would prefer to have a much more diverse soundtrack, but thats just me.
  • Spirit is a diverse killer when it comes to perk builds due to her great mobility! Because she can move so quickly, it is good to use perks that capitalize on this. Here is a good build that more often than not ends in a win. Discordance - A perk that I almost think is extremely underrated. Discordance can honstly win you…
  • I don't think the number of pallets is as bad as the amount of pallets with no mind game potential. Even then, if the map was smaller, it might fix the problem as well. When I play killer on that map, I find myself never even leaving the side with the temple because gen pressure is mostly hopless anyway.
  • I also have crazy wait times at red ranks. Sometimes I will wait 20 or so minutes for a match only to have a DC and have to wait all over again. I know matchmaking is an issue, but I'm pretty sad having to wait so long for lobbys :(
  • One thing you need to put into consideration when evaluating a perk is the time it saves or wastes when you use it. For example, people like to use brutal strength because after kicking generators and pallets at a slightly faster speed, you have saved about 15 or 20 seconds by the end of the match. This is pretty good!…
  • I think to properly ballance the EGC, all that really needs to be done is increase the distance between exit gates. This forces the killer to give you time to open one of them. It at least gives you a fighting chance.
  • I think that the hatch closing is ok starting the end game collapse. The only thing I do think is kind of lame is how exit gates can spawn right next to eachother. In these situation, it's almost imposible to escape as a solo survivor.
  • Regardless, I have found it is almost imposible to get enjoyment out of red ranks anyway. The games are just so toxic, instaheals with meta perks on the survivor side and nurse/billy or best addons with meta perks on the killer side, games are so short and players are just hostile and DC. Purple ranks seem to be the most…
  • I don't have a specific statistic I want but I do have a question. There are a ton of games where people will not play as usual (doing a meme build, purposely dying to derank, etc.). Is there a process you guys use to discard these matches when considering balancing in the future?
  • I would even prefer a slight power nerf while taking away the hex effect.
  • My research also shows something similar. Jake's brother, as stated in the lore, did graduate with honors from Yale, which is in Conneticut. I believe the estate is also in Conneticut. Benedict Baker notes that he visited a town quite close to the Town of Weeks called Wethersfield which is also in Conneticut. At the very…
  • Flags, used commonly by countries and organizations alike, have been around for a LONG time. In fact, the first ever official flag was commisioned and flown all the way back in the ripe old year of 1307. And do you know why people made flags? Huh, do ya? Well, flags can be used for communication, for identification, but…
  • The Nurse is prefect for when you have gotten destroyed like 6 games in a row from SWF. For me, she's a great way to let off some steam.
  • I think towards the games begining the devs were scared to give the killers very powerful perks as they didn't want killers to be too OP. This is why we see SB, SC, IW, etc. on the base/free survivors and Ruin, Bamboozle, Pop goes the weazle, etc. on the later killers. Just a guess though.
  • Adrenaline is so situational that I feel it is fine to reward a survivor for running it when they do. The only time it is OP is when you are facing a 4 man SWF and they all heal at the last second. I would find some way to nerf SWF over adrenaline personally.
    in Adrenaline Comment by bevdog67 June 2018
  • There was a bug recently on The Game which pretty much put the whole level into pitch blackness aside from some lights here and there. It really added to the horror factor of the game, so I agree that something should be done to enhance the scariness of DBD!
  • Honestly yeah, her ambush needs some help. If it lasted a bit longer or went just a bit faster, mind games around pallets would be much more viable. As for the combat straps, I use them every game, no questions asked, so yeah, those would be a very nice bonus to start with!
  • You can change the color of your font at any time using a comand. Quote my comment I'm writing now to see the comand I've used to change my color. You can change the #****** to reflect whatever color you want (search color codes on google)! And as for the unanswered questions, I can see them on moblie, but on my laptop…
  • One thing I find interesting about the Entity is how it communicates with its own language. I know that someone found a way to translate, but it still begs the question, how does the Entity know how to communicate, and how did it teach the killers to understand its language?
  • As a Pig main, I feel this would be a rather strong addon. Since traps are all about forcing survivors to waste time, this give Ms. Piggy a much stronger early game. In addition, you would know survivors are trapped due to status icons and be able to hunt survivors on Jigsaw Boxes. As a survivor though, it would force you…
  • I play stealth often, and most of the time won't even be seen by the killer (if my team mates are decent anyway). Idk why I prefer this, but it works for me and I think its fun.
  • Sexy lingerie pig? Now you're talking my language ;)
  • I wish instead of offering incentives not to camp they would make camping not a viable strategy.
You make this sound like it's ok for survivors to DC in these situations. There are no excuses for ruining your team mates fun. It always boils down to the fact that if you don't have the mental capacity to finish a game with people that depend on you, you are immature and probably shouldn't be playing the game in the…
  • Plain and simple, ragequitting is a sign of immaturity and entitlement. Survivors ragequit because they feel they should have won despite making bad plays. Killers ragequit because they feel they should have won despite making bad plays.