The 3.6.0 PTB is now live on Steam! For full details, click here:
We are aware and looking into the issue which caused players to have their rank reset further than intended. If your rank was not reset at all this month, this is a visual bug and closing and re-opening the game should fix it.
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  • Nevermind its back, are you f'ing serious i had a good wednesday playing lots of games with short queue time in the german server and now I can't play again because i can't…
  • We did it, its finally gone
  • ^ Give your feedback in this thread I already have a comment there and hopefully they read it.
  • Can we get an update already about the servers locations ? You opened a server in my area "Middle East" which has a very VERY low player base and its like the worst thing ever... I have been getting the same 4 players all day we literally …
  • They said they are "Periodically enabling additional regions to test the impact on match quality". Remember dedicated servers aren't official yet even tho its been on live servers ever since last PTB. And honestly a 60ms and 100ms I feel n…
  • I really wish there is an option to change region with 30 days cooldown. I do agree with you lobbies are really bad in the middle east server and am getting the same players over and over again that i am not interested in playing the game anymore. I…
  • Dedicated servers are definitely better than when its first tested.  For killer I didn't play much due to how long it takes to find a game and I end up getting a 120 ms ping which feels almost unplayable due to the input lag. I played pig at 115 ms …