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  • Well,it only started to affect a lot of people later on.For a long time it only affected a small population,including me.This one will likely be the same.
  • And I still get the sync error sometimes when upgrading characters too.
  • I mean,I had Error 111 for 6 months straight before it was fixed.I did nothing on my end,and it kept disappearing and reappearing randomly during those 6 months.Was that because of my internet too?Don't think so
  • Yeah,I don't understand it either.I don't think it's on my end but something on their backend has gone wrong tbh.I've done absolutely nothing regarding my internet and DBD keeps creating problems 24/7
  • Will try,thanks anyways
  • Didn't work :( Also I forgot tomention it started to work sometimes since I posted.It works as if the first person connects,the other guy waits in the lobby for a while it says "Connecting..." at the bottom right,then connects after like 10-15 seconds.However this started to happen before we did any changes.It works for…
  • Also,as I said before playing killer and solo surv works completely fine,only SWF lobby is broken
  • Probably he does too since we're using the same ISP
  • Yeah,I do
  • No problem,changing DNS didn't work btw.
  • I mean my internet connection is relatively stable and the same goes for my buddy.Even then when the game finds a match the match lobby stays at 3 people because I assume the game reserves that slot for the player who can't connect,but the game refuses to send them into the match lobby.
  • I mean,my internet connection is pretty stable and same goes for my buddy.Also it works perfectly fine when either of us go solo.Even the match lobby stays at 3 people and the 4th person won't show up because I assume the game reserves that slot for the player that can't connect,it's just that it refuses to put the other…
  • I think this a problem within the game itself,not internet.Because the "ready up" symbols at the lower right of the screen turn all black as if the lobby is empty,even though one of us is still in.Perhaps dbd is failing to transfer us to the match lobby?
  • Nope,doesn't work.It was fine today but got broken again just recently.
  • Yes,we are both on PC,however one thing I noticed is whoever created the lobby goes into the match,the person who was invited stays at the lobby.The other person shows as "in a match" for a while,then disappears.
  • Yeah it does happen consistently,been trying for like an hour now.
  • How is this bullshit error still not fixed?Goodybye 111,welcome 112.
  • First the rank update error and now this,lmao.Getting this error after every single match.
  • Error 1:Unknown Error When try to play SWF I just get booted out of the lobby when we get matched while my buddy stays at the SWF lobby just fine.This is making me furious because I can't even play at this point.CAN YOU FIX YOUR GOD DAMN GAME I LITERALLY CAN'T PLAY Error 2: Rank Update Error Wow,I got into the match by a…
  • Ok.The "Rank Update" has been plaguing me for a month or two now.I can't rank up.At all.And now I literally can't play as survivor,how are you expecting me to act up? Also I'm usually a calm guy but that is getting irritating are you understanding me?