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  • Nice life story. If only the devs new as much about the game as you did.
  • Theory crafting? Lol. Sorry but you are wrong. The stats are post Nurse changes. I'll post the link again below. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see you are mistaken. Devs have said they use srats to see where things may be overperformjng or underperforming. Been playing the game since the early months of year one, not…
  • His kill rates are too high so they added the cool down. That simple. He has been widely regarded as the strongest killer other than Nurse then when they finally nerf him all the killer mains talk about how balanced he was. I doubt I'll change your mind on it, but it doesn't really matter because the cool down is her to…
  • Video games are science. Nurse changes were in October and the stats came out in November. Her overall kill rates were low which I would assume correlates to her recent changes. Red rank nurses still had around a 65% kill rate. I would love to see some more updated stats. Until then you can fancy yourself as a DBD truther.
  • The connoisseur of game balance, I like it. Map traversal + ending chases quickly + unlimited uses from beginning to end = overpowered killer. The devs wouldn't have added the cool down if he wasn't over performing. We could use some updated stats but I would be surprised if Billy kill rates changed much with the ruin…
  • Not sure if you are being sarcastic. The way you phrased the question seems obvious. Yes. Being able to quickly get from one side of the map to the other with an insta downs saw over and over again from beginning to end with no cool down is (was) OP. His kill rate is (was) too high. Thus the nerf.
  • Killer main content creators make a living getting 4ks every match. Any changes that will impact their ability to do so are seen as an attack on their livelihood. Looking to them for objective opinions on this subject is ill advised.
  • I assure you the majority do not hate the changes. The game is 80% survivors. There a few squeaky wheels on this killer biased forum and a few streamers who make a living getting 4ks every game that don't like the changes but that is far from the majority. Most understand that flying back and forth across the map with an…
  • Your whole argument is based on your belief that the nerf was not justified. The statistics show it was. Unlimited use of his power was out of line with what the devs have done with every other Killer power since. His kill rate was too high. So they nerfed him. And you should be thankful. If they should have taken 4 and…
  • The devs use stats to determine whats too strong or too weak in the game. I'm a science guy. Has a lot more meaning than the feelings of a handful if people that fancy themselves as influencers. PS: No boot licking, just logic and science.
  • Well if a couple of killer main streamers thought Billy was balanced it must gave been true. Bottom line guess who knew base kit Billy wasn't balanced. The devs. Be thankful they backed off as much as they did.
  • And? So a survivor should take a 1 hit kill? Jumping in a locker is about the only chance a survivor has to counter it.
  • Your suggestion that killers don't have anything comparable to give them an advantage is just plain wrong. Insta downs take away a hit just like 2nd chance perks give them.
  • If a tombstone Myers is chasing me I will jump in a locker every time. If I don't I'm dead. And why would I give the killer the satisfaction of killing me that way? I's a pretty cheap kill. A survivor can basically get hit one time in the match and be dead. Tell me how that is fair in any way and why a survivor shouldn't…
  • TLDR: Why won't survivors let me kill them the way I want to?
  • Actually the loss is all on you. Even though they had the second chance perks you had them dead to rights. Then you decided to be nice and it cost you the Kills. Don't blame the 2nd chance perks, they would have done those survivors no good if not for your mistake, according to your story.
  • Smaller maps make them faster to traverse. They also spaced out looping tiles like jungle gyms even more creating more dead zones. Easier for Billy to travel. And I'll take some new stats but there is no reason to think his kill rate would have changed much from the 75% it last showed. Also the devs didn't say they were…
  • Devs use stats to determine what is too strong in the game. Billy has a better than 75% kill rate at red ranks. Thats too strong so they add a cool down so he can't use his power non stop. Just like every other killer. What may have seemed a somewhat balanced in the past no longer is after Ruin was changed and maps were…
  • TLDR: Come on just let us keep using the insta down chainsaw all game. It's perfectly balanced, I swear.Please?
  • Its what killer mains gave been complaining about. There is an easy way to get past this combo, just eat the DS. If you want to go after that same survivor within 60 seconds you may have to eat the DS and hit the survivor ONE extra time. Its not going to lose you the game. I would like to see Scott's kill percentage and…
  • You want a killers opinion on 2nd chance perks? Did you miss the other 50 threads on the subject this week? This forum has a heavy killer bias so they complain about such things non stop. Next start a thread asking for killer opinions on SWFs. Then ask what they think about keys.
  • I know right. So many lengthy posts explaining the skills it takes to get insta downs. Like Myers and Ghost Face have to look at survivors for a few seconds, Billy and Leatherface takes aim (and if you miss just immediately charge it up again) and Oni has to hit a survivor first. Come on. Insta downs are not that hard to…
  • The 2nd chance perks also only work under certain conditions and are situational. Survivors can get 2nd chances but killers also have many ways to takes chances away.
  • While the first couple of gems seem to go fast a lot of the time killers recover quickly. Keep in mind that killers have about a 65% kill rate in the game and its even higher at red ranks. Longer Gen times would make things better for killers in the early game and would make things incredibly difficult for survivors in the…
  • Well, those are the insta down perks. Just laying it all out. Some are better than others no doubt. Elsewhere in this thread you will see MoM, Soul Guard, Lithe, Sprint Burst and Balanced Landing discussed as 2nd chance perks.
  • While the effort is applauded his conclusion that second chance perks are worse because killers are surprised by them is laughable. Knowing the insta down Oni is charging for you doesn't lesson the end result, I still went from full health to the hook in one hit. Conversely if you are surprised by DS or Borrowed Time then…
  • How often are all the survivors all wearing the same outfits. Not often. 2. If thats the case you can use the names. 3. If all else fails expect it every time.
  • If you down the recently unhooked survivor and you aren't at least thinking about the possibility of DS that's on you.
  • Dead Hard is the toughest one? I can see not expecting I t the first time in a match, but after that you gave to bait it, let the survivor use it then hit them. Sound like you may be playing too aggressively if you keep getting fooled by it throughout the match. And survivors can only use it once per chase AND only if they…