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  • Yes, as long as you are not within 20 meters, any perk related to your TR will not trigger.
  • The lullaby does not count as a Terror Radius, so it would prevent Borrowed Time from triggering.
  • Bans are not to be discussed on the forums. You can receive more information about your ban through the support link:
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  • They don't, because Microsoft and Sony don't allow two environments of the game. Even Overwatch wasn't able to do their PTRs on consoles. It's also expensive to push update…
  • The Questions subforum is for simple questions about the game, rather than discussion/speculation of upcoming content. I have moved this to the General discussions so that it can be further discussed.
  • It does not change the cooldown of successful hits. It's always the same length.
  • I grew up playing a bunch of different MMOs and MMORPGs. Toontown Online, Pirates of the Caribbean Online, Wizard101, MapleStory, and Dragon Nest were the most notable ones that I played a ton. I haven't found any that have stuck with me recently (I…
  • I haven't watched anything in a bit, but I'm part of the way through the '90s Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I liked the new Netflix Sabrina so I thought I'd watch the old one too 😁
  • The questions subforum is for simple questions about what is currently in the game. I have moved this to General Discussions, as this is a topic more suited for discussion.
  • Ranking up gives dedicated players something to keep working for each month. It also helps alleviate matchmaking times - imagine if everyone was clumped around rank 1 forever. New players would come in and have to wait for a very long time to get a…
  • It could have a few meanings, as with any gesture since they're simple and can really be used for anything. The most likely ones I can think of right now: If you're another survivor, it could mean "Go save them"; if you're the killer, it …
  • Please keep in mind that this subforum is for answering the questions, not for extended discussion. As the question has been answered, I will be closing this thread, and if you wish to discuss it further, you can make a post in General Discussions. …
  • Yes, he is immune to detection perks such as Spine Chill, Premonition, and aura reading (Object of Obsessio, Kindred, Alert, etc). This has been a thing for at least two years if not since his release, as far as I'm aware
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  • This subforum is not for questions about upcoming content or changes.
  • This sounds like a bug. I'd recommend reporting it in the bug reports section:
  • There is no way to transfer save files across platforms.
  • This subforum is for Q&A about things currently in the game, not about upcoming content or changes.
  • A survivor affected by Blindness will not see your aura, however you will see theirs when they look in your direction (unless the Blindness is caused by a locker). It's worth noting that the perk will still "light up" in the corner, so the…
  • The main intent of this subforum is to get questions answered, not necessarily to be a database of Q&A. Over time it will have a lot of posts, but that'll make it harder to search for the exact question someone may have.
  • Not so much balance-wise, but I'm thankful that they created a game that drew me in, wasted hundreds upon hundreds of hours of my time, and allowed me to make as many amazing friends I have. This game literally changed my life - I was mostly alone a…
  • I prefer to run a variety of perks rather than perks that do a similar thing, simply to get as much use out of my build as possible 😁 I'd try picking the one you prefer and…
  • Ah, I forgot about detection perks! All the ones you mentioned are helpful to know where the killer is. I'm not a fan of Premonition myself, but I like Spine Chill and Aler…
  • Perks like Urban Evasion, Iron Will, Quick and Quiet, Calm Spirit, and Lightweight help you stealth around. Some perks that benefit by successfully stealthing around the killer are Diversion and Stake Out. My go-to full stealth build is Iron Will, U…
  • I don't believe there's any benefit currently to hitting someone with Deep Wound already applied, barring a few addons. The best way to utilize the power is to end it before another hit if chasing the same survivor.