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  • That's a reasonable hypothesis but ... preventing dodging bad connections? I perfectly understand for SWFs, killer types, ... but that one wouldn't feel very fair to me. Last time I got shot by a hatchet landing 5m from me with a "blinking" Huntress, I would have loved to know its ping.
  • Clearly not only myself, and if you care to read, there is the word "about" in that sentence. It means something.
  • In essence, about every Nurse player agrees there is an issue with the range add-ons. (For the details about what's wrong, your mileage may vary)
  • This suggestion has been made several times already, in the suggestion part of the forum. Didn't seem to get much traction though. I don't see any downside giving the killer ping, as well as the survivor's in the lobby. Too many matches against high pings, killer or survivor. It's just a PITA.
  • Yes? I thought what I said was clear enough.
  • They did the right thing. Disabling the penalty for a controlled group of people is a very good idea. Disabling for everyone is sure to let every entitled brat out there to ruin even more matches that they already are.
  • The cause? The cause is that DC penalties aren't harsh enough and the downside of throwing is minimal. Once BHVR fixes that, these kids will have to deal with it or stop playing.
  • It's not the EAC's fault. There are some design issues to fix first.
  • It's not about the better graphics. These features have to be enabled. But the better efficiency that allows faster rendering allows also faster rendering for lower settings.
  • The custom one is, indeed, custom. When all is said and done I don't think the licencing is much of an issue here.
  • It's pretty easy to verify: and These were the UE4 licence terms (for a while, I don't remember when it was updated last) as well as the UE5 ones. A permanent license means to waive the fees, so the financial benefit is quite substantial.
  • New? It seems it has been pretty standard for as long as I remember. Suggestions: Unbreakable, No mither, ...
  • To be more accurate, it's when the MMR doesn't work (which is pretty often) that some survivors who went against a more experienced Nurse think she is busted (because of course, they cannot be the problem)
  • Yes, that's kind of my impression.
  • There should be maybe 10 instances total, and it should never appear anymore in the blood web. Or maybe only in the level 1 bloodweb, that should fix this piece of crap.
  • Do you include flannel in there (since there is a 's' to add-on)? As much as I despise the stack of flannel in my stash, I feel it's kind of necessary for the first match. Otherwise understanding blinks would be too difficult. (And it's also useful to check map bugs) Or would you say to learn her without even that?
  • No, on both counts. She is perfect the way she is.
  • Blight isn't easy to learn but at the moment, and past the nauseous feelings, it feels easier than Nurse. The map-learning part is annoying (as it is on Nurse) but with him I can see the environment so I remember what is slippery and what bounce. With Nurse many of the blinks are blind. Blight also feels stronger than…
  • Don't go to the gate : just go break pallets and doors or, if you are using a difficult killer, do some tests with its power. Or use builds to punish this behaviour. Do you know how many times I've downed and killed these? (Unless they've DCed the moment they realized they #########-up? 😂) It's a salt-mine, although some…
  • Do you understand the incremental nature of the development of the engine? There are a few major improvements but beside that it's the same. It's not like moving to Unity, Godot, Lumberyard ... The C++ API has very little differences. And of course you can open an UE4 project in UE5. That's the first step for the…
  • The license price doesn't change with the upgrade. When you upgrade the engine, there is a conversion. Worst case scenario, some code needs to be adapted but it's never very different. It's not like if UE5 was an entirely new engine. Changing engine, no. Upgrading the version, yes. They've done it in the past. But was it…
  • Nanite. I suspect it would be very good for map performance. The engine seems generally more powerful (which is why it allows such big scenes with high performance) Moreover, migrating from UE4 to UE5 does not automatically enable Lumen.
  • You aren't very good at big pictures things are you? Or maybe it's reading comprehension (so many people insert their own details, like this 2k that popped out of nowhere). Doesn't matter, wasting my time : show matches on these maps, and let's see these good survivors. Until then I'm done.
  • The "lawnmower" is widely known but is kind of funny, especially on Demo. (Mad grit, iron grasp, agitation, <free>) In the fourth I usually use Lightborn or Franklin. IMHO, the most ridiculous way to use it, by far, is to do it on Nurse with Spasmodic Breath. Nobody expects a lawnmowing Nurse. Just don't use Starstruck in…
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  • Nobody talked about 4ks or 2ks. Of course having an advantage isn't fun, it's why I'm using the "build" that I'm using. These maps aren't really open (okay, Crows has an one open patch). Good survivors don't get caught out of position. These maps are better than, say, Lery but beyond that ... Calling them "very good" is…
  • We already have, many times, and it has always been ignored. I'm not on the computer with the text-wall file that explain all of this so I'll let others do it or, if I remember, I'll do it when I go on that machine. It should be pretty obvious though, for anyone understanding how to play survivor on a (big) map and the…
  • Prestige means exactly zilch, I certainly hope you know that or I'm wasting my time with you. I also play Nurse quite a lot, have been for years. For a month or two now I've spiced things up by only using Franklin in my builds (after a period without anything at all). I still get 4k most of the time (Well, 3k and I give…