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  • I don't have as much of an issue with the speeds when I'm on killers that disregard safe pallets. I think it's a map/tile issue rather than a gen issue.
  • I agree, but I think that's a separate problem altogether. It's a chicken and egg thing. Are gen times fine because so many survivors are suboptimal, or are so many survivors suboptimal because the acceptable floor is so low? And should the accepted…
  • Spirit or Billy. Nurse needs perks because she's heinously bad at everything besides chasing. Maaaaaybe Hag against solo survivors, but that's also somewhat rank dependent, for whatever survivor rank is worth anymore.
  • It's a legit strategy that is utilized. People straight up hold W and make distance for the first blink cycle, then turn a corner and make it a 50/50 play. The math works…
  • Everything is situational. In that situation, it depends on where the hook timer is. If they're close to struggle state or death, then I'll probably leave the slugged person down. If not, I'll make sure I get the additional hook on the slugged perso…
  • Better flick now. Same problem as before: very weak early game. Easy to fall too far behind early if you run into survivors who know what's up, stay super safe at loops, and use high pallet counts to their advantage
  • Easier or harder in what way? It's a different gameplay experience doing a different thing. Mechanically, yes , survivor is easier. But being a solo survivor is, uh, mentally draining in a different way than killer is. I play survivor when I want to…
  • Pretty much what the OP said, though it depends on the killer. I rarely feel like I outplayed opponents with M1 killers because I've had games go the other way. Once you have a frame of reference for how 4 good survivors run those killers, you look …
  • She'll be a little more frequent as her bug fixes roll out. She's a bug-ridden mess right now. No joke, you won't get through a single game without encountering a bug that costs you a hit or two at minimum. I turned into a one blink Nurse halfway th…
  • I mainly play Spirit, Nurse, and Hag now. Just completely over my games being more or less decided by how well the survivors path. There are little things you can do as an M1 killer, but you are hard capped on how well you can perform.
  • No. You shouldn't be chasing any god loop that Bamboozle shortens to begin with. God loops are god loops. It's up to survivors whether they collectively abuse them or not.
  • Because in the right situation it will absolutely save you. Just because has Self Care doesn't mean they are only using self care to heal. I like to keep myself at 99% healed with Resilience until the killer comes close.
  • This version of Doc has a ton of potential. Very much looking forward to playing with the new Shock Therapy cooldown. I suspect he's going to be a solid B tier now.
  • I can confirm. I turned into a one blink Nurse last night midway through the match on Coal Tower. She's such a ridiculously frustrating gameplay experience right now.
  • You need a good headset, especially right now. I have a Sennheiser and haven't experienced too many audio issues in the last week or so. I'd definitely recommend Sennheiser closed ear though. You'll hear survivor breathing and footsteps easily. They…
  • Fewer safe or less safe map tiles. Smaller maps. They only really affect the viability of M1 killers while killers like Spirit, Nurse, etc, couldn't care less about jungle gyms and adjacent safe tiles. Success with B tier and lower killers is 75% de…
  • Not sure, to be honest. She's far and away the best killer in the game in my opinion. I picked her back up in the last two days after barely playing her for 5 months (previous main). She's still beyond dominant. But I have an extremely good headset …
  • Billy doesn't need a nerf outside of add on changes. Yes, his map pressure is great. You shouldn't get cross map sniped with his saw unless you're really not paying attention, and BBQ or Tremors are super easy to counter. At loops, stay conservative…
  • I need my Clown outfit ASAP
  • Which is why 100% endgame builds are so fun. The gates take forever, the killer is suddenly super fast and one shotting people, and then Bloodwarden.
  • Overall, I give what I get. I treat survivors how they treat me while still playing to win. I try not to camp or tunnel, but I won't throw a game to avoid either one. If survivors wait too long to save on first hook, I might go back for a few secon…
  • NOED requires you to lose 90% of the game to maybe have the perk activate. Pretty steep price for something can be found and cleansed right away. I've had dull totems light up into NOED as I was cleansing them.
  • Stand in line with the hooked survivor and swing at the pole itself. They d/c half the time when they find out they can still be hit.
  • As others have alluded to, it kind if depends on what is making that killer good or unfun. I'd argue Nurse's add ons were the issue, not her base kit. I'll die on that hill. Spirit changes were excellent. I do just as well as I did before and some…
  • I still use her on PC at red ranks. Results vary. I'm no god Nurse by any means, but I at least 2k more often than not.
    in Nurse Comment by edgarpoop January 20
  • Failure to understand tactics, mainly. The biggest one is when people lose their minds over hook camping after gens are done. There is absolutely no upside for the killer to leave the hook and walk to the 99% exit gate. You'll usually get 2 survivor…
  • Nope. Especially when that person plays a garbage tier killer that has to deal with every safe pallet on a map. That player is likely to turn around and play Spirit with a mori.
  • You can still do well with her if you play a fantastic game, but I think she's often too frustrating for the results. Just not very fun. Why would I play Nurse when I can do 95% of Nurse on Spirit with 0% of the frustration?
  • Considering how often I see vile stuff in postgame chat (multiple times every day), I would wager the bans are slaps on the wrist. Players wouldn't say what they say as often as they say it if the bans were significant. It's a moral issue to me. The…
  • It depends on what killer I'm on. With most killers it's just like "Oh, you made a mistake or got mindgamed, press E and we can do it again." With Nurse though, it's beyond frustrating to deal with. It often takes survivors from guaranteed…