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  • I don't think so. I really enjoy playing this map as killer and survivor. It's easy to make survivors get a bad 3 gen if you just let them finish all the gens on one side, and it's great as survivor because there are so many pallets and loops.
  • RPD is a really fun map. I love it.
  • I'm going to need some reasons for it being hot garbage. Are you referring to playing killer on this map, playing survivor, being console player? What exactly are you complaining about here?
  • Jesus! If they would just add some new game mode, this game would be so much more fun. We are tired of playing the same old game mode. It's worn out, and adding new characters isn't going to hold everyone's attention much longer.
  • The entire team shouldn't get slugged within 20 seconds. Allow the killer to pick them up, or get the killer in a chase. Your team mate can always crawl to a pallet as well. Unbreakable is perfect for this situation, as well as buffed med kits if you don't want to bring more perks just for countering slugging. Bubbas still…
  • Sometimes the person to get hatch has been working very hard and all of their potato team mates die. Not sure why killers feel they should always get a 4k. I'm always more concerned about points. A lot of the killers in this discussion sound as if they need to play solo survivor more, and they may understand why some…
  • This mentality is why the world is such #########. If more people were concerned about other people's happiness, then the world would be a better place. Collectivism is what it's called. It's not crap. It's just too difficult for most people to wrap their minds around, because most people are extremely selfish.
  • It's fun watching both sides argue that either PC or console survivors are potatoes. I know there are a lot of new players, and those are mainly the potatoes, whether they are console or PC. I've noticed that most console killers I play are more likely to miss basic attacks because it is harder to turn with joystick due to…
  • Your biggest hurdle with this build is going to be progression slowing perks and add -ons. Freddy with his binding add-ons, sloppy boogers, Thana, and his blood pools are going to slow you from healing, and you're going to be slowed on loops. Plus you're grunts are louder in the dream world. This is why I hate Freddy.
  • I've read this whole thread and this person really does seem to be making a lot of excuses as to why their argument should be supported. You keep arguing that certain killers (primarily DLC killers) have too much difficulty finding survivors. So here's my advice: use Billy. He comes with base game and has Tinkerer. Once…
  • Interesting how the author says they won't accept their defeat. Sounds as if someone else has not accepted their own defeat.
  • I completely agree with you on all points. Winning is a very ephemeral notion in this game. Everyone wants to have fun and enjoy themselves though, which is also a very abstract and case by case situation as well. But perhaps we can agree that the pip and ranking system are no help at all. So maybe they should be done away…
  • I'm not really sure why it has the action boost, but I don't think it's over powered. It takes up a perk slot, when you could get a non stealth killer. Stealth killers would be far too powerful if this perk did not exist. Except for wraith, because he has to uncloak before attacking. This perk is non directional as well.…
  • I'd like a completely random mode, where all players start with unknown characters and perks. And it would not allow survive with friends.
  • Plankton as killer, SpongeBob/ Patrick as survivor.
  • I'm all about disconnecting for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes I just enjoy trolling my team or the killer by disconnecting for no apparent reason. Or my friends and I will surround a killer and all DC at once. It's just another form of entertainment at times. And why do most people act as if survivors are the only ones…
  • Clown x Billy.
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  • I sure hope they bring back those skins. I've never seen them, but I like them!
  • Donny Darko. Space time continuum films always disturb me.
  • Survivors should be awarded plenty of extra points if they are camped to death before they reach a certain point threshold. Leave killers and hook grabs alone. If someone wants to ruin another players experience by not allowing them to play the game, then that survivor should be awarded extra points.
  • @Dwinchester I'd have to disagree about pips being the win condition. As I pointed out, pips and rank buy you nothing in this game. Iridescent shards and blood points do.
  • Can we talk about what really is winning in this game? We all basically know that rank does not determine your skill level at this game, yes? So even if you don't kill a single person in match, but manage to gain 20k plus points, I consider that a win. Points are what advance character level, buy add-ons, and perks for…