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  • These are all great, but I still maintain we need a David rugby uniform skin. I’m honestly shocked we didn’t get one with his rift.
  • This will never happen, but I love the idea nonetheless.
  • I love your ideas, and conceptually this seems like a very easy change the devs could implement.
  • Use Bond, Prove Thyself, Distortion, and Dark Sense. Equip a commodious toolbox with some combination of BNP, charge add ons, or speed add ons. Finally bring a Shroud of Binding, and if all goes well, you guys can pop the first gen before the killer finds you. Use distortion to work through gens uninterrupted if the killer…
  • David because he’s hot, and he was the first character I leveled up for WGLF. Of course, I run him shirtless. Jeff because I like his backstory, his design in general, and his P3 looks awesome. I love the rocker blood swipe he gets. Best P3 in the game. I also run Dwight a lot because I find running Head On with him…
  • I see Ghostfaces do this all the time. It’s come to the point where my usual swf buddy instantly DCs the second we figure out its Ghostface. I don’t really blame her either, a lot of GF players play exactly the way OP described.
  • My sister moved away August last year, but we started playing DbD together soon after she left. She doesn’t play as much as I do, so she usually floats around Ranks 15-10 while I’m at Rank 1. We used to have a good time playing together, but the new matchmaking has basically driven her away from the game because it’s too…
  • Rugby uniform for David, preferably with a beard.
  • Being tunneled is one of the most frustrating experiences in the game, and some of you want to nerf the one of the two good perks that actually help. Ya’ll are wild lol.
  • I’m kind of surprised nobody has speculated that the new matchmaking might be behind some of these high kill rates. Ever since the SWF started getting matched with killers corresponding with the lowest ranked survivor in the group, I’ve noticed longer queue times in survivor red ranks, and my killer games have been way…
  • People are just going to kill themselves on hook now. Why haven’t the devs tried giving rewards for reaching low rank? A lot of people don’t mind disconnecting because rank doesn’t really matter in this game. If some juicy reward is waiting for them at rank one, maybe people will think twice about disconnecting.
  • Yea now that insta heals are gone, Ebony Moris are by far the most ridiculously OP thing in this game.
  • Killer has too much going on to post one build, but for survivor: Balanced Landing: God tier on some maps, and generally very good on most other maps. There are a few where it’s useless like Sheltered Woods, but the good greatly outweighs the bad. The sprint burst effect is nice, but I run it for the passive. Decisive…
  • David is dreamy, but he definitely looks better with a beard. I would 100% buy any David skin that gives him another beard, and I think the fact he needs more beard skins is a popular idea. One thing I have noticed is that we don’t have have any blonde male survivors. All of the blondes in the game are Kate or other…
  • I play with a 4 man SWF group in red ranks often, and I would say two things as far as perks go. Balanced Landing is a great alternative to Dead Hard. If you have it on the right map, you can loop like a god. Secondly, we like to have a devoted healer who runs Autodidact. We let her heal as much as possible, and by the end…
  • I’m honestly shocked nobody hasn’t mentioned Jeff. I love that he has that rocker blood stripe go down his eye. It just looks really cool, and it’s a unique prestige feature that no other character has in the game.
  • The first thing thing I’d do is learn is how to fix a generator lol.
  • Not exactly. NOED is only useful in the endgame if multiple survivors are still alive. If that’s the case, then the killer has done a bad job. Adrenaline rewards survivors for doing their objective. No one escapes death rewards killers who have failed. So in that respect they are very different
  • I feel your pain buddy, I really do. However, what are you missing out on by not being rank one? It’s not like we get some sort of reward for ranking up. The bragging rights are cool for a bit I guess, but it gets old fast. My real problem with the system is the lack of incentive to actually rank up.
  • I honestly feel your pain. When I play solo survivor, I often get left to struggle or even die on my first hook. It’s hard for randoms to play efficiently without having a lot of info to work with. That’s why when I play solo, I run Bond because it helps me manage my time more efficiently. I will say though, even when I do…
  • I love Head-On. It’s my favorite park to run on Dwight, but it’s really a gamble whenever you use it. And it feels like the odds are not in your favor.
  • I mostly play Survivor, but good Killers don’t need Ruin, and good survivors can work through it easily. The only thing I would like to be done about an NOED is for a totem count to be added to the UI. This would help solo survivors to know where the we stand they stand at any given point, and allow killers to defend their…
  • I feel your pain dude, but a lot of stuff in this game is straight up broken/imbalanced. Yes insta heals suck for killer and can ruin momentum, but I would argue some Killer ad ons are just as bad, and Ebony Moris are a near guaranteed win for Killers. Sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches.
  • I don’t know why they didn’t slap an exit gate speed buff to it. I know we have Wake Up, but that perk has a teamwork component in mind. Left Behind only works when you are the last survivor.
  • Some of you guys need to relax. I played a bunch of games against Ghostface today, and he’s pretty good! He can expose, which gives him a lot more power than many killers, and it’s really easy for him to get a first hit in due to his stealth capability. Plus, even though you can technically break him out of his power,…
  • Prayer Beads are OP for much of the same reason that’s people consider MoM OP; unless you run spine chill or premonition, it’s almost impossible to counter.
  • I agree that the Nea hair needs a bit of work, but I think the Meg hair looks great!
  • I’ve posted this on a similar thread, but David seriously needs a rugby cosmetic. Give him a jersey, some running shorts, and cleats, and I will be a very happy survivor. It would work well with the shirtless skin as well. Side note: David needs more bearded heads. It’s universally agreed Battle Mullet is his best head,…
  • The most satisfying moment for me in a game of DbD would probably be when Adrenaline activates mid chase, especially if I’m injured. Situations like that don’t happen too often, but when they do, it’s such a POG moment. Fast-forward about 20 seconds and the killer downs me with NOED. :(
  • Just open them yourself. The EGC isn’t supposed to be a killer buff, it's supposed to be an anti-griefing mechanic.