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  • (Quote) > Infinite loops, Insta fast vault from any direction, no window blocking, instant healing, Instant gen repairing, being able to push the killers off of platforms, being able to run 3-4 exhaustion perks at the same time I see, you watche…
  • Sorry, there are some typos and errors, I do see them clearly (again, sorry, I forgot to reread what I wrote), but if I were to fix them now, the spam filter would simply hide my post, happens all the time.
  • (Quote) It's so adorable how you ask me for proofs and facts even though you haven't given a single one in the whole thread. Sure, I'll give you some. Let's assume this scenario Now see, you are already wrong here, you try to assume something improb…
  • Lies and damned lies. The main reason that Killers use Hex: Ruin is because it's a powerful tool to slow down gen rush No, the main reason why people use it is because it's a cheap perk which gives a huge advantage without asking anything in return…
  • (Quote) There should be a punishment for not working together as a team. Let's just read the game description, shall we? Survivors can either cooperate with the others or be selfish. Your chance of survival will vary depending on whether you work t…
  • (Quote) Sorry, I spent some time trying to find it on devs streams (sadly most of them don't have any timings nor summaries attached to them) and I'm not really willing to waste more of my time, but here is what simple google search did find: (Quot…
  • The game is already unfair for killers in almost every other capacity. Do we really play the same game? I guess not, because even recent stats(link) showed that in general 3 out of 4 survivors are killed, and we are talking about high ranks here. Ho…
  • If all comes down to the possibility of multiplying items, then why not simply rework Franklin instead? As of now Franklin mostly just pisses off survivors and makes the game even more toxic. If the perk only damaged items, then everything would hav…
  • Thank you all. <3 I'm quite annoyed^W perplexed all 6 mentioned guides are about what survivors and generators are, but I haven't been playing this game for a year, so whatever. Here is a Meg to brighten up your day, enjoy. (Image)
  • P.S. I'm not a native speaker, and won't ever be one (for obvious reasons). I would be really glad if someone could help me fix at least some mistakes I might have left. P.P.S. I don't really know how to properly indent text here. Hope it wasn't th…