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  • Hands down Franklin's Demise. A lobby full of toolboxes/medkit is getting a troll build with Franklin's. I don't necessarily plan on winning the trial but it's so fun running around claiming everyones tool boxes. Someone has the keep the survivor ad…
  • I think it's fine for a looping build but on the overall grand scheme of the trial, I think you'll suffer in some areas which may turn out to work against you. Without a perk to slow down gens or at the very minimum a tracking perk, you're gonna hav…
  • I didn't use it anyways. Even with the buff I probably wasn't gonna use it. It's so overrated. You know how hard it is to keep 4 survivors injured the entire trial? It takes 80 seconds to repair a generator for a solo survivor. With the full thana i…
  • I don't think any decent killer "relies" on Ruin. It's so RNG with totem spawns. Seems half the time your totem is destroyed in < 1 min. IMHO it's a very boring perk to run. I'd honestly use Pop Goes The Weasel instead if it was on a to…
  • bbq/enduring/spirit fury/ruin is pretty much meta for all perks with exceptions with killers like nurse or hag.
  • W is the counter.
  • Dono, I personally think he's garbage. Weird how people think he's good. He's kinda fun to play I guess but he seems to be lacking stopping power. If a Freddy is better than him, that's saying a lot.
  • Tunneling is singling someone out to kill them for whatever reason. If the survivor unhooks when you're 20 feet away and you double back to insta-down that survivor, it's not tunneling, it's punishing bad altruism. If you happen to find the same sur…
  • 1.) Bad players that can't take responsibility for their own badness. 2.) DS players that DC because they missed their DS.
  • That's why I think rank should be independent of other peoples' rank. It should just be random matchmaking. This would take care of the inconsistent ranks.
  • (Quote) So I will ELI5 this since this topic has completely went off the rails. There is a huge difference between a new killer (my OP was directed at) not pressuring gens correctly and optimal players finishing gens super quick. This topic quickly …
  • (Quote) Yes obviously. I've feel like this conversation is going no where and you are completely missing the context of what I am saying.
  • (Quote) You are linking Marth's depip squad and I am very familiar with it. This is kind of a poor example to use if you are debating gen completion rate because they are a coordinated SWF group perk'd up with the intention of rushing gens. If I was…
  • Whispers is definitely not garbage. It's one of the strongest perks a killer has.
  • (Quote) I didn't say gens weren't completed very quick. If you read my post, I said with the way it's designed, it's just the way it is. It happens to me all the time. It's happens to the best killers. I have matches on my killer where I absolutely …
  • I think the issue is it's not really proportioned well. When I first saw the picture when people started making fun of it, I thought it was altered because it doesn't look natural. She looks odd just like Kim Kardashian.
  • (Link) It's an issue for every killer not running a tracking perk. I kind of wish they would add some kind of default whispers after a certain time just so the match will end already. Or a time limit on the hatch would be great. The best thing you c…
  • (Quote) It's not a complicated concept. If a survivor isn't being chased, they're most likely doing generators. I know this is a hard pill to swallow for other killer mains, but if gens are completed and you are sitting at the end of the trial twidd…
  • What's the difference between being at rank 15 and being at rank 1? I don't even pay attention to rank TBH. Unless there's a better incentive for being at rank 1 than <rank 1, I will continue to ignore the ranking system. As of now and even after…
  • If they are getting completed that fast, you aren't pressuring the survivors enough. Doing gens is literally their only objective, what are you doing to stop it? Are you wandering around because you can't find them? Are they looping you the entire m…
  • Yea I'm sure it is but I'm not worried about it. Think about how many times could have been pallet stunned and how many times the killer is actually pallet stunned. It almost never happens unless you are playing a half decent SWF. Now take that, add…
  • Gonna have to wait until people figure her out. Right now, she just seems like a scuffed LF/huntress. My opinion of her right now is I think she'll place somewhere around with the Pig.
  • This question should be directed at killer mains because survivors think anything a killer does is toxic. IMO, anything a killer does that is intentionally trying to make the survivor mad: Mori spam spam hitting someone on a hook intentionally throw…
  • Zubatlel is the best Billy I've seen so far. He's probably the best killer in general TBH. I don't know anyone that's better than him.
  • @PigNRun Pretty much nailed it. Only time I DC is if it's a garbage map I keep getting stuck on like Haddonfield or the school. Also if it's a three survivor game, it's just not fun to slaughter them and I have no desire to farm. So.. DC.
  • I knew a survivor that was trying to troll me one game. Used DS, no mither, boil over and tenacity. He'd sabo the hooks and run to the corner of the map when he was about to go down. I thought that was pretty funny.
  • Without Meg, I would never get my trapper dailies done.
  • (Quote) Even better, play Billy, run Ebony mori with sweet home alabama in the background.