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  • Isn't it against the rules to troll this poorly?
  • I definitely see what you mean, as one of the biggest theories on Silent Hill is that the other world and even the Sun Goddess is all a creation of the order through their beliefs. It's a whole "I think therefore I am" kind of thing. The order wishe…
  • Also thank you for taking interest in this theory. Makes me happy to know I'm not completely crazy
  • Possibly, though remember, the Sun Goddess has a point in what she does and Silent Hill really only effects people who have sinned, the greater the sin the greater the torment within Silent Hill, which is why (I can't remember her name at the moment…
  • I mean, fair enough, but in the way Pyramid Head operates, or even the boogeyman, they don't just target random individuals just because. They target specific sinners, or other beings in the mind of their target (which is why for James he would kill…
  • The only reason I think that the entity would be capable of pulling someone like Pyramid Head into his realm and not a being like Pennywise is that Pennywise is an entity all his own while Pyramid Head is merely an extension of another entity. Howev…
  • Yeah realized i [BAD WORD] that up but i made this at three in the morning and was too tired to proof read things.
  • Complaining about someone playing the game like they are supposed to and wanting special treatment is the definition of entitlement. OP played the game, and of course children like you will cry about it because you aren't good enough to actually EAR…
  • The real question is, for people who are complaining about it, what can be done?
  • Hoes be truly mad. I love when i get this kind of [BAD WORD], and it just reaches a point where i [BAD WORD] with them, i have it happen on both sides, sometimes even from survivors when im a survivor. Guy was mad I couldnt save him while I was the…
  • I mean, now there is a chance for other killerd to have the limelight so high ranks arent just OP nurses.
  • What about the new killers that get the [BAD WORD] bullied out of them by survivors with gen rushing, constant teabagging, and honestly not giving new killers much of a chance, what reason should the killer have to give survivors a chance if the sur…
  • Way i see it as long as moris exist then keys have a right to exist. It's a balance.
  • Hmm, maybe if you were crouching sure but the regular ass walking should make sound and so should running. Maybe stop pretending like crouching isn't a thing because it is. It will maybe bring back an actual element of "stealth" back.