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  • Thank you for link.. Thing is not just spirit but dbd in general is better with headphones so I agree
  • Yeah headphones are must need and good ones
  • Idk tbh graphic is much better I literally cringe anytime I see old dbd video gameplay of how bad it was but I agree in one thing it had definitely better horror aspect and atmosphere
  • I do understand there's games which can take big turn in favor for killer but unless you're playing high mobility killer there's really not much you can do in my experience for example when I play Pig and trappee vs Freddy it's such a big difference with freddy I am able to put so much pressure while with trapper it's…
  • It's not like unhooking takes 2 minutes? There's still one on gen, and the other two will jump on gens too after they heal or they might not even heal but go straight to gens... However you turn there's always at least 2 capable of doing gens and since you're down to 2 gens it won't be really that much of problem
  • Exactly.... It's literally so hard to controll all of that sure I'm not most experiened killer out there but I don't need to be to realize what we dealing with... Sure there's always less experienced teams but lately its only been swf over swf for me Plus you get 1/12 hooks like u said while meanwhile they do 60% of their…
  • Yeah try playing killer and see how it goes for you... You're saying it like u have any option at start by pressuring all of them first you don't know where they are running over map makes no sense even if first match lasts 40-50 seconds which would be solid considering all pallets are up it costs you 3 gens so yeah u got…
  • Agree with this something more like f13 although we don't need copy of it sure could have used some ideas game is pure fun for both roles survivors don't just sit around pressing m1 whole game and killer doesn't just gets slammed in head by 100438 pallets on every map
  • Well that's true
  • I'm not playing it for honor code it's just that camping is doing nothing basically not interacting with game whatsoever while it's viable strategy I don't feel like it should be only way to remotely have chance of winning
  • As a matter of fact I'm just playing solo queue rn guess my horizonts didn't change no doubt solo is hell too but im here talking about gen speed not if players are bad enough to not repair them or be allergic to them gens are naturally fast but sometime team mates are allergic to it
  • I didn't meant fair like letting them do all they want and please them but personally camping is boring and if I'm forced to do nothing while I play video game it's either problem in them or me because I don't feel like I want to just do nothing while playing
  • I hate going against that r1 (ps4) simulator but I don't go afk because of it I just finish the game but idk why ppl do it maybe lowering their mmr down
  • Alright I do understand this but there should be a "fair" way to win don't u think instead promoting and forcing me to do such a boring thing as camping.
  • They can't 1. We're past horror phase long time ago doesn't have horror atmosphere at all lightning ,enviroment etc. 3.we have shirtless anime dude, elephant clown, bunny legion etc 4.killers are weak 5.none of killers are scary which hard to say but it's true considering they have a lot scariest horror icons of our…
  • So that's the skill problem not balance problem
  • Agree with most but I'm not done with it... I'll keep playing but it's true the killer role is meh rn
  • Sure will do still have no many add ons on him since I just bought him yesterday thanks
  • Thanks for the help I'll try
  • Well yeah except that my sensitivity is on 75 I think
  • I mean if you have game on multiple platform ppl expect it to work they paid for all of that
  • 1.she's technically dead 2.she's not "dead" she's still one of strongest killers 3.first? She was never touched in first place for years
  • It is true that pc has bit of advantage but don't let that affect you with good practice everything can be done
  • They can't because insulting someone personally is much better than having different opinions for them
  • As I said this matters how? Adds to story what? Idc what was his intention I'm not his puppet to do what he wants to or for example bringing my teammate to me who was on floor so she can pick me up so that he can grab me no sweetie we aren't here to help u we are here to play
  • He was obviously not going for normal 4k and refused to do that exact same thing you said yes he did down me at some point and went for nea and bring her to me so she can heal me up so that he can quickly grab me well he was wrong I was laying next to locker and he failed if u gonna slug me and than forced other survivors…
  • We don't know that because I've seen this combo too many times and we have no proof of neither of those things that's not even important after all
  • Recognizing perks is easy if u can't that's ur problem she had dead hard because yes she used it in front of me also she has spine chill because she was getting off gen before he was even close to us which was major reason we had time to react and whatever else she had could not help her because she already had exhaustion…
  • Ppl dont do that only for achievements they just play because it's strong there was zero proof that he was doing it or was not doing it...