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  • His hit area is too large. He can shoot from too far away and the area he can hit is too large. I can be on the left side of him and he can hit me with his basic attack while he is facing right and vice versa. Essentially he has the same hit area as leatherface when he uses his power (180 degree area).
  • I don’t agree. There needs to be something that registers nothing is being done for a certain amount of time though, THEN maybe a collapse timer. However, as a killer you need to make the decision to either look for someone or let them do something....killers and survivors are equally at fault. If you know they’re going to…
  • Farming is then equivalent of trolling though....worse IMO
  • Unless you trademark or copyright something you have no rights to it. Don’t give suggestions if you aren’t willing to allow them to use it.
  • I have played plenty of games that are ACTIVE and close to 40 minutes. It should register that nothing is being done and give a countdown depending on how many gens are left instead.
  • I am a lower rank killer who always ends up playing against purple and red ranks. Have no problem applying gen pressure. You need a new killer if that’s the case.
  • Gg sounds sarcastic af at all times. I always have to type out something along the lines of “genuinely, good game”. Or if I died and the killer played fair at least I will thank them for that. Gg rarely means gg.
  • If you move around you bleed out faster. I think every game needs to allow a survivor to get up once on their own, maybe unless the last gen is done/gates are opened (to make it equally fair to the killer). It’s crappy having to bleed out because I have potato randoms in my game that are too scared to get me or think…
  • I was rank 4 and my friend a rank 8....both got reset to rank 10. Not really fair.
  • You already can tell if two tallies load in together. You wouldn’t be able to when servers are back but it absolutely shouldn’t matter. So many ransoms have aura perks. It makes absolutely no difference. Other than that there’s no way for them to tell if everyone is just in a party together or SWF. Some SWF don’t have…
  • OP - you need to learn when to let someone go. If they’re face camping go do something else. They may leave. Face camping mostly happens at lower ranks or if you are being toxic. There is nothing wrong with proximity camping, and tunneling is a legitimate (albeit POOR) strategy. So is camping. They will secure a kill but…
  • @Uistreel The whole goal of the survivor is to run the killer around. We’re supposed to just let you hit us??? You need to learn when to give up a chase. Tunneling is not that effective considering you get far fewer points when you don’t hook multiple survivors. Tunnel two survivors and you’re likely to not pip up at all.…
  • SWF is likely rarely 4 friends in lobby but I could be wrong. Doesn’t necessarily mean anything though. I SWF often and we are all different skill sets so it doesn’t necessarily mean a win. I do think something needs to be done about the hatch lock though - putting a timer on it or something. The killer has already killed…