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  • You act like flashlight macros were god's gift to humanity. They were annoying , I don't have epilepsy and I do think that it needs to go because of the potential to give someone a seizure, but if you think that flashlight macros added anything to the game, then I already know everything that I need to know about you.
  • I love how all the killers pretend that bleeding out survivors never happened. I have more killers bleed me out then give me hatch. And giving hatch is a super annoying mechanic anyway, yeah let's not only give a survivor an undeserved win, but in addition to that the game is extended to give the hatch unnecessarily. Kill…
  • 45 seconds of the first slugged individual. For example, you could hook 1 survivor and then slug 2,3, then 4. As long as survivor 1 is not unhooked you would be able to win. So to put this into perspective, Imagine a scenerio where you've hooked 1 and you defend the hook to the first stage, you then down survivor 2 at the…
  • I don't think you realize just how big a risk it is to leave a survivor slugged. This by the way is just as true pre-patch as post patch. If anything post patch leaving a survivor on the ground is super risky. Because if all 4 survivors get slugged it's game over. At least prepatch if you left someone with unbreakable on…
  • I disagree entirely. The changes help to discourage behavior that in my opinion took away from the game. Giving hatch (when it happened) is such an immersion breaker. Using Moris as BM or to avoid DS are both annoying exploits of the mechanic. And let's not ignore the elephant in the room, forcing survivors to bleed out.…
  • I don't think that Franklin's needs any changes made to that perk at all. As for this perk, It could have another use added to it. Give the killer the ability to see the aura's of depleted items. (even if a survivor is carrying them) Within the terror radius.
  • Two wrongs don't make a right. What a terrible take on this situation.
  • I don't think that sounds dumb at all. Survivor or killer both have to accept that they are going to lose some games. But I definitely think that for Solo Queue they're much less in control of an outcome of a game. At least with killer you don't have to worry about your team mates.
  • Daniel, anytime I see a post of yours you make me roll my eyes. Every post that you post is one where you make it perfectly clear that you are entirely biased in your opinion. Let's take a look at what I'm talking about. "Why can't solos and mid MMR just deal with it? We need them to deal with it, because they know it's…
  • If there are mechanics that inflate statistics, those mechanics should be changed. Once the mechanics are changed then if you're right and those are the reasons for the inflated killer wins, then those changes should increase survival rates. However, if those changes do not bring the game in balance which in my opinion is…
  • I play blight, pin head and wesker. But I want this said, overall killer balance is based off the best killers because that's what people are playing.
  • MMR by definition obscures balance. Let's say that you are a mediocre killer, just for arguments' sake. The update is released which objectively makes killers stronger. This is backed up by data, killers are on average killing more survivors in more matches. When the change went live, the groups of survivors that you would…
  • I am going to say something and I want you to take it to heart. You are not going to win every match. You are not entitled to any kills at all. Survivors being able to beat you, especially if they are playing well as you've described is intended. Read that to yourself 10 times.
  • Honestly the problem is with Star struck works and not with the fact that Wesker has a larger terror radius. IMHO Star struck is an unhealthy perk.
  • Your statement is stupid. To be at high MMR, by definition you would need to be escaping or killing more than 50 percent of the time. That's what it means to be high MMR. That is going to be true regardless of balance.
  • I don't think what you said is true. I'll debunk your statement easily. Let's take a group of 4 survivors and 1 killer. The survivors and killer are both new to the game. The killer after much searching finally finds a stealthy survivor, because he's new it takes a couple minutes. But because the survivors are new, none of…
  • Yeah, go figure. I'm not saying that high MMR players don't complain, but if you're complaining about repeatedly getting 1k, then you've simply gone as high as you can go in the MMR. Those who are high MMR whether it's killer or survivor win the majority of their games. It's actually a requirement.
  • Then nerf the ability for killers to get 2 kills from 2 hooks. It seems to me if that was done, we would increase the ability for survivors to survive without nerfing killers who are going for hooks and not just camping to get kills.
  • People in high MMR don't complain about losing...
  • I think it would be useful information to post into this thread. Please reference your source, I feel that that is a reasonable request.
  • Statistics are facts, plain and simple. Now it's true there are different philosophies regarding balance, but I think it's personally reasonable to say that balance is at 50 percent. If you do not think that 50 percent win rate is balanced I'd like to know why not. It seems to me that the statistics are very clearly…
  • Can you point me to where they said that they are aiming for 61% kill rate. Did they specifically say 61 percent?
  • His power is making survivors kill themselves. I'm just kidding of course, but it feels like whenever I verse a Freddy invariably someone suicides, I don't even understand.
  • The overall mechanics of the game have not changed. The game is essentially a race to complete generators, so it's not surprising that popular perks are going to be those that make survivors spend more time (for killer) and those that extend the amount of time being chased for survivor. I really hate the term 2nd chance…
  • Sailed Savage, if you're under pallet and you are not holding shift, you will throw pallet in front of you. If you hold shift you will throw pallet behind you. Look at the footage, were you holding shift?
  • Let's be clear here. You were not going through survivors, you were missing the hitbox. The hitbox is invisible, what you were seeing was the player model, and that is what you went through. The size of his hitbox was intentional (even if it was smaller). So this is in fact a buff and not a bug fix.
  • It's a bug. But one that could be made into a feature in my opinion. Give me a good reason why Rancor shouldn't work this way. Not liking being mori'd is not a good reason.
  • I've said this before and I'll say it again. Let Solo Queue see who the killer is in the lobby. Being able to get that kind of advantage should narrow the gap between solo and swf. This would require BHVR to also disable chat in the pre game lobby. (this is to prevent the sharing of the killer with individuals who are in a…
  • I agree with you. The individuals that need this perk the most are new players. And they're probably not going to be able to get it.