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  • you WANT a hook to go through him? You monster!
  • unpopular opinion: I dont have an issue with moris or keys. They matter maybe 1 match per hour in my experience. Sure it's frustrating when it happens, but it's rare enough that I just move on to the next match
  • I've had some issues with matchmaking too, on both ends. Had matches as survivor (rank 12) with rank 19-20 teammates and a rank 1 killer. Also had rank 17 killers with rank 2-3 teammates. I'm hoping it'll get better. I don't think matching based on player level is a good idea, because it's not fair to assume that just…
  • I feel this. I didn't play Killer for the longest time because so many of my end game chats, whether I did well or did poorly, were full of survivors saying things like "Go f*ck yourself, I hope you die you n*gger f*ggot" and reporting does absolutely nothing. Who wants to be subjected to that game after game? I did notice…
  • I am colorblind and have this issue as well. Already had trouble seeing sometimes, but this has literally broken the game for me. I cannot see any pink or red auras.
  • With my colorblindness, I literally cannot see red or pink auras anymore. At all. It's like a permanent Blindness status that I cannot get rid of. Impossible to play on killer and I have to just let my teammates die on hook because I can't see them as survivor
  • I'm glad people are thinking of those who are colorblind. As someone who IS colorblind, this is impossible to play. Just impossible. I might as well uninstall the game.
  • I HATE THIS CHANGE. I'm colorblind and already have trouble with the color red. It was already difficult to play sometimes because of my colorblindness, but the aura changes make it absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to play killer. I just tried and I lost 3 hooks because I could not see the hooks. I did not see a single person with…
  • 10-36% on CPU, around 50% on gpu usage I verified my files today, but it didn't make a difference
  • No change. I was able to play 2 matches this afternoon with no issues, so I just have to assume it's a problem with DBD itself at this point.