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  • Practice practice practice. It’ll take a lot of games to master curving, I myself have only really started. To help with curving you can have high dpi and having the controller sensitivity setting to 100%, this affects curving for some reason even though I use a mouse. You can bind camera turning to keys but I prefer the…
  • I’m gonna have so much fun doing that stuff lmao
    in Mime Feng Comment by lewis October 2021
  • Elodie getting grabbed, Jonathan and Ash noises are hilarious to me.
  • Yes it’ll block the gen with the most progress but there’s other gens to do as well. If one gen is at 90% and another is at 89% it’s not that big of a deal. This perk will be effective against those that like to double up on gens but against a coordinated team it won’t do too much.
  • “Where we’re going we won’t need our eyes”
  • Sounds like a Sam Neil line from Event Horizon
  • I only play survivor to do my time challenges and I can’t wait to get them done. I’m sick of having to deal with awful teammates. Killer is so much more enjoyable than solo q. I’d rather face a sweaty team than a sweaty killer with potatoes for teammates who throw themselves at the hooks.
  • All seeing wraith is stronger but it’s not about that. The whole point of scratched mirror Myers is to spook the survivors and laugh as they sit in a corner of Lery’s ,too freaked out to even move in case a big, heavy breathing man with a knife jumps out at them moving extremely slow. Scratched mirror can realistically…
  • George after George Michael and Cher
  • I have bang on 4 million saved up through dailies, shards, challenges and the 1 mil cap. the real question is who do I spend it on? 95% of my games are playing as killer but Jill Valentine is one of my favourite game characters of all time. i’ll definitely be p3’ing all the new characters just don’t know which one first
  • I wonder if it’s to do with the fact Ash is the only survivor who has a separate hand cosmetic from his body, seems most likely to me.
  • Went against a facecamping, smack on hook bubba and got this glorious endgame chat. they thought I cheated my dark souls achievements cos I finished it quick. No I’ve 100% dark souls on Xbox 360, Xbox one, and the remastered on Xbox one before doing it on steam ofc I’m going to be able to do it quick.
  • The way I find top players is the dbd.onteh leaderboard website. Has all the different killer categories. you can click on their name and check their steam profile to see if they have a twitch, which most of the top players do. you can use it to find the best of every killer and survivor at least the ones on pc. here’s the…
  • don't know if you've seen it but Otzdarva was getting top players to vs his comp friends and comparing the killers to each other. you should get in touch with him and put your 1% trickster up against 1% survivors and see how well you do.
  • Thank the entity for bbq! two thousand hours it’s taken to get all killers and 6 survivors p3 all perks. If it wasn’t for bbq it’d be four thousand! and you get aura reading. I run it on every killer the grind is too real and getting the info on where to go is a godsend from the spider thing in the sky!
  • I’m really excited, hopeful and nervous. excited that my favourite game franchise is coming to my dbd. I’m hoping I get my dream lineup, that being Jill Valentine and Nemesis (Leon, Claire a close second) and nervous in case my hopes are dashed and we get faceless man (Ethan winters) and big lady or her daughter.
  • Very informative thank you, I love pyramid heads asmr and want to get good with him. Do you have other builds that don’t use gen defence?
  • I’m an aggressive style killer over gen defence, I rarely use slowdown perks on my killers. with my main huntress I use bbq, discordance, bitter murmur and I’ll mix it up with the 4th. I’ve been using agitation recently. not a fan of hex perks at all, especially ruin undying, hate it as a survivor so I never use it.
  • more scared of Nea than any killer nowadays 😥
    in Huntress Comment by lewis May 2021
  • Gotta love those phantom hits and why is it always Nea? 😂
    in Huntress Comment by lewis May 2021
  • Jill and nemesis is my dream pair for the chapter, I’d take Leon and Claire with Birkin/Mr x or Tyrant from re1 a close second
  • 80% huntress main, other killers for dailies, trying to learn Billy curves to main as well and survivor gets played only for challenges and maintaining red rank at reset. I always gg or say nothing no matter the result. I like to go for 12 hooks if the game is going easy but I’ll ramp up the pressure if I feel I’m really…
  • Had a dream where I was being chased by Freddy but then we teamed up and took on terrorists led by Andy Serkis, really cool. I remember it cos I write down my most messed up dreams lol
  • I need my snack :)
  • Dweet
    in Kate Denson Comment by lewis May 2021
  • I’m interested to see the footage, you could be extremely unlucky and be getting the most toxic players ever in your games. Or you’re playing in a way most people find toxic and unfun and that’s why you’re getting a lot of stick from your opponents. Someone has already suggested this and I think it’s a great idea, play…
  • Escaping is good but if I have really fun chases it doesn’t matter. I’d consider it a win for me if I get some good loops in and teammates get out. Being a solo Q only player your chances of escaping are not the best so playing as well as I can is all I can do.
  • It’s a lot easier as killer since you don’t have to worry about getting chased. I got it 1st attempt using remember me and closing hatch with only one survivor left. I’d also recommend a high mobility killer, I used billy but wraith and spirit would probably be better for it. Good luck!
  • Was solo against a leather face, going for the achievement where you have to be the last to leave as obsession without ever being hit the whole game. looped him a bunch and we got the gens done with three of us left, with the third being chased I get the door open. the third gets downed and while Yui is being carried I…