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  • It's alright man! I get frustrated when u misunderstand wording all the time.
  • You treat 5000 hours like 500.
  • Why are you getting so toxic? The attaboy wasn't referencing you , dippy.
  • It's not a simple requirement. It's ok heres a bloodweb get this to level 50 three times to unlock this cosmetic. However, it will take you 100 hours of playtime plus wait times for a game plus then you have to get the perks you had before you presteuged and then get the rest. Do this on all 48 and increasing characters .…
  • And the fact that it takes nearly an entire day just to get 2 million bloodpoints is even more baffling.
  • And that is ever increasing. Just like the amount of bloodpoints required to get everything. A video by a youtuber calculated that it takes 510 million bloodpoijts to unlock everything in the game including perks during the trickster lobby screen and chapter release, and that number is probably closer to 600 million now. I…
  • I'm going to presteige sadako today... only for a cosmetic peice. And that sucks. I spent my bloodpoints and got a good amount of addons like bloody fingernails and tape editing deck. Goodbye addons and perks... then I have to do that for 44 other characters. And if I spend money on them, I did this for nothing because I…
  • Well maybe update the game to take how many levels youge went past level 50 and apply them to the new level system. I'm sure the game tracks how many levels you've went past level 50 on a character, and if you were like p1 level 15 it could be level 65. You aren't screwing over people who presteiged, you are just changing…
  • How is it more difficult to be able to level faster at the beginning with less variety but then get more stuff after you level a character more? Plus level 20 still offers a perk every bloodweb. I wouldn't even care if they made the entity spawn at the beginning of a bloodweb at level 1 / 150. That's just a way to make it…
  • Of course , because prestige spent belong in this game. It was fine when there were less than 15 characters, now. There are over 45, sorry, but I don't have time for that if I'm going to lose all my stuff. Presteige for 45 characters is a process that us over 1000 hours worth of playtime just to get them, so why not be…
  • Also, I have heard that along with new things for presteige there is grind reduction in the works. We will h ave to wait and see what's up for mid chapter and the anniversary event.
  • And I don't see the point. This would be the same amount of work without losing all your progress. Legacy ( what you meant by old presteige) was only token away because they remade bloodwebs entirely. Level 10 on those bloodwebs looked like what level 50 is today. This is the same bloodweb just extended and gaining more…
  • Yeah they Said something about it, and I do have about 1350 hours but I haven't been able to prestige due to needing teachables. It's not just presteiging, it's getting the perks after it, and altogether that took me about 600 hours of playing cluadette to p3 50 and get those perks alone. It's too much grind and In the…
  • But those are entirely different things, and to be fair that achievement is too tough. That requires way more commitment than p3 50, In which if getting p3 50 is the same as getting level 150 why not take the better deal? You are trying to make a challenge that would take a long commitment to leveling to level p3 50 .
  • It doesn't help that this game should be Free to play, but it can't because of the hacker problem. Im glad the devs are at least trying to find a way o make the game files secure.
  • A meme format doesn't help that talk. I enjoy dbd. I love the game! I support it In lots of ways , and keep my cool when playing. Grind is really one of the only problems I have with the game.
  • I don't want elitist talk in my discussions. It's a distasteful argument to have.
  • The fact that you've played the game for that long doesn't scare me it makes me sad for you. Wow. This game? 5 years? Over any other game?
  • You got three characters. Not 1. In apex? Anyway. You got useless charms for the winter event . Maybe 2 killer weapons . That are THEMED. making you not look call after the event. Anyway, how am I supposed to compare dbd to dbd in terms of rewards? You said you aren't comparing the same things when I was offering you…
  • You spend all that time earning BP for a character but you don't get to play them until you can finish that. Whats the point of making me preteige and then making me doing it twice more? Hey csnt o just get these items for free when its the only item I'm going to get As a reward when games like apex offer way more rewards…
  • This is your argument. There are multiple games that give you free skins for playing . Rogue , apex, multiple online service games, and this game offers charms for events instead of actual skins when games like apex offer up new free rewards every event. Apex even gave away free characters for their anniversary event, with…
  • Also , why should I have to wait until I p3 50 a character to play them? Thats not fair. It's like paying in advance. You have to wait hut you still have to okay the game but not the character you wanted to play . Why cant I just level a character and be able to play them immediately? It doesn't make sense that I have to…
  • Thanks for the laugh. Really helped today . Anyway , there are plenty of games that give you free skins , and tons of games give you alternate colors of characters for free . Without that work. It's all you get for presteiging , and it's not enough.
  • GENEROUS?! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!! You new to the game buddy? Every skim they release now costs 10 dollars, there is a battle pass that gives you 80 less auric cells than you need to buy a skin, requiring you buy a 5 dollar pack instead of the 80 auric cells for a 80 cent buy. They are slow on…
  • Why should I sacrifice things I usually need as less powerful killers I enjoy for a bloody outfit peice? It doesn't make sense to me , it's gatekeeping a pretty cool outfit peice for everything you need. It doesn't help for how long it takes to get the perks you want, after getting p3 50.
  • Ds. Dead hard. Bt. Unbreakable/ prove thyself / other perks . All i see. I can't win without proper Gen regression. Pop and call of brine is enough. Then I could run perks that go well with My power m if I don't run perks like these Gen after Gen gets done. A few days ago I downed a survivor in 30 seconds and as soon as i…
  • I made the mistake of playing sadako too early, so now o have to sacrifice my perks and load out for bloody cosmetics , which sucks because I really want to play sadako. I'm being punished because I didn't play the game as much before sadako released.
  • That's not even enough reward for losing everything in a characters possession