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  • I'm tired of the m1 delay glitch every time i make a good blink, but can't swing right after... i main her on console so i went through the frustration of having low sens, framrates and then dedicated servers, since 2018..now what only bothers me other than not having stable framerates is this annoying m1 bug.. about the…
  • @not_Queen no offence i could say the same about you (devs in general)... there are many post where we give detailed info about why and when the fps are so bad... answers? never... then we have this kind of post, ''fps bad'' and there is always your answer, and that answer is always the same... then what? instead of…
  • Yeah this is so sad, where are our 60 fps? they are getting worse instead
  • Potentially Deathslinger in terms of chase, is second only to Nurse. Anyway he has no map pressure, and you can snowball only with save the best for last 6+ stacks and reload addons.. As for Pyramid you can use his power in a safe way by zoning and m1 or m2 when survivors are locked in tight spaces or animation, without…
  • he's one of the best killer in the game, potentially spirit level, on console he's harder because we don't have aim assist on dbd..my advice is to restart the app every 2 games, to keep your framerate fresh, and playing with low sensitivity, if you are not used to aim
  • Yea just loop him, it's not always an option... what you gonna do against a good crack-insta bamboozle- sf billy? you either get a great setup and you can run him, or you get demolished. I don't wanna go more into detail, but those addons feels also unfair, combined with the engravings, most of time the hit connects to you…
  • Deathslinger is in a good spot.. strong in chase, weak in snowball, map control... you can't have everything.. i know some loops are annoying, because they are too tall to use your power, but you can deal with most of the them, and he is probably the second or third best killer in chases with nurse and spirit.
  • Honestly a nice buff would be increasing his speed while charging his chainsaw, form 86% up to 100%, and removing the accelleration mechanic... then his power would be viable at loops, and since he's a oneshot killer, he'll be pretty damn scary, without being op.. as for camping.. well that's his strenght.. keep it in…
  • i use mori only when i see blendettes... i either dodge good swf(the one who i know), or accept the challenge without using high tier killer.. more satisfaction if i win
  • this map is all about rng... people say it's balanced because it's small.. it's not exactly like that.. i can have a small map, but if that map sometimes spawn with some insane set up, that's not balanced.. i remember one time i had a safe pallet, with the main building window at the left, jungle gym window connected and…
  • @FabsRinas those are annoying too but, what i tried to mean is before hitting them... they try stupid things like flashligh click, 360 spin, which sometimes with these ######### servers are a viable thing, but before you hit them they don't spin around you, sometimes they just get inside you..
  • @Mistikus yeah, but then it's free distance for them... this defintely shouldn't be a thing
  • No guys i mean when surivors try to sping you, to make you miss the hit, sometimes they basically get into my character, and can't see them at all, even if i look down or around
  • Being masochist... joke aside i played more survivors in the last months even if i'm a killer main.. the thing is that you need a certain mood and focus to play killer, even if you're good at it, most of us got a lifte outside dbd, so there is no point to stress out for a game, and then change your life mood..it's a 50-50,…
  • i can say the same thing about the game, (1st floor).. it's painful for the eyes
  • @AnnoyedAtTheGame the thing is, that we adapted to a sensitivity that was wrong to the game... we couldn't hide the red stain quick enough, we couldn't counter 360 properly, we couldn't play nurse at her full potential, we just need to relearn things.. i can tell you a trick to aim better with high sens... imagine you need…
  • with high sensis really hard to control killers that require aim, and it's also hard to lunge..if you want to play huntress i recommend 2 things: you either get use to new sensitivity or lower your sens below 50... old sens should be around that
  • @Zydto i can tell you, you never played against good teams.. if you don't slug, and you win, you are either playing against potatoes or ending chases in 20 seconds.. but we know most of the people in red ranks suck
  • I appreciate the feedbacks, i know 50 % recover from exausthion may be too strong but i really don't know how to make no mither useful.. as unbreakable.. i play both sides, you can't really argue how broken ds + unbreakable combo is, and by game breaking, i meant 4 good survivors who run it..i don't care as long it is 1..
  • 1 Nurse, not the most consistent killer, for sure the most stressful killer, but also one of the most rewarding and probably still the best, it's not all about the skills, it's about the maps, the survivors and the second chances(dead hard). She is also buggy af.. High skill cap, low rewarding if you miss some blinks, high…
  • Demo is not by any means weak, you can argue without addons, he's not that amazing, but if you run rat liver(his best addons but it's brown) and rat tail, it makes Demo High tier imho. Better Qol for portals, and much stronger antiloop, imho one of the best one in the game.. The reason people consider him weak is because…
  • I used different builds but it really depends on the survivor i face... i really liked monitor, because you know getting the first hit easier, and getting sbtfl stacks, it helps you since the first chase is the most important..after you place some portals you don't really need it..it's just for fun.. anyway if i go full…
  • The bug i hate the most is not being able to attack right after a blink... it's the most frustrating thing ever
  • Nurse is still the best killer, not as good as pc but still there, she will get a great buff soon since they will increase sens, and remove turn rate modification midblink... same with huntress, still good but far from her pc counterpart..Freddy is ovverrated, people try to loop him, while you should treat him like the…
  • @ALostPuppy LOL i know it may sound a weird combination, but you seem to forget that monitor decrease tr outside of a chase, and increase it during a chase, that's real purpose of the perk, since the wider fov goes down, it also sinergy with infectous fright..anyway thank you for you feedback, i gotta try it more
  • @SnakeSound222 make it that demo breaks pallet slightly faster with his shred (kinda like billy, bubba) @ZoneDymo well with billy there is this problem, even brown add ons can be pretty good, billy basekit is really strong already.. but with demo.. i think he seriously need that one add ons base kit...
  • @thesuicidefox i agree some of you points, it will be harder to aim with killers like nurse but especially huntress.. what i don't agree is the the aim accelleration.. you can control the sticks to do a fast spin, imagine like you want to break your stick... camera speed was atrocious and that was the real problem..mclean…
  • @McLean i only saw the streamings since i play on console..some streamers complained playing her, they could not turn at all during midblink.. i really hope we'll be able to do that fast enough also on console during next patch, because it's one of the things that separates pc nurses from console nurses