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  • right its annoying, but unfortunately the devs are aware of this and everything but its not up on the priority list to fix
  • it doesn't really matter if its ok to camp, if the killer wants to camp they will camp, the devs are aware of it and there really nothing they can do to stop them from doing it
  • I'm not a fan of the archives, I thought it was going to get me back into playing the game but its just daily rituals with a new paint job and some added things. Like given specific perk challenges with specific killer or survivors will suck for peo…
  • making the character gay wouldn't do anything, yes they can but does it really matter? it will probably be in the characters lore/backstory but no ones gonna remember or really care since his sexuality wont effect gameplay, so he could be but does i…
  • i think the battle pass is unnecessary its just another way for them to over charge for cosmetics regardless that you get your money back in the end. Like really $10 for one full skin???? MK charges less for multiple skins, and pay $10 for a skin fo…
  • oh, i thought it was in the upcoming chapter
  • Jason would bring the game so much money, only problem is the whole lawsuit thing, plus how would they make him different from other killers? the last two are basically just like other killers already in the game
  • i guess that makes sense...dont like it but i guess that how it works
  • its not like the game is pay to win or anything like that
  • is that a problem if they do?
  • thats very very messed up, Mortal Kombat 11 sells a pack of 3 character skins for less lol
  • Im new with the whole cells thing...but do they really want us to pay $10.00 for 1 full cosmetic piece?
  • thats the chance you take with a game like this. Thats why the game needs more then just the one true game mode it has, even if kill your friends allowed you to get bloodpo…
  • I've seen a good amount playing on console like 3 games in a row the first person I down left cause he or she was the first to be hit
  • i also think the whole C thing happens more and more because some players are just for lack of a better word babies about getting downed at anytime during the game when something happens to them that they dont like. I know people want to do good in …
  • this is true, but it doesn't hurt to hope. And you never know they may just do wanna tell us right now just like with certain chapters they want a surprise. And in my opini…
  • i feel the same
  • its also basically just daily challenges with some story attached to it
  • I think the archive is a very welcomed addition to the game...i do wish it wasnt still online only but its better then nothing. Gives players something else to do which is something ive wanted for a long time and have been saying they should do
  • he talks about other stuff in the video as well
  • OK everyone's right I'm wrong, tired of explaining myself to random people as if its going to achieve anything
    in hatch icon Comment by mdg2018 May 22
  • The indicator would only show up when your the last person alive. And i know the killer can camp, that's the issue if you have 3+ gens remaining they will just camp the hatch, but if theirs and indicator at least it gives you a chance and not slowly…
    in hatch icon Comment by mdg2018 May 21
  • I do the gens, my problem is getting crap teammates who all know the hatch will spawn regardless of how many gens are done so they just wait it out until the last person. …
    in hatch icon Comment by mdg2018 May 20
  • this game could really benefit from a few modes. Story/ single player offline content, some kind of sandbox training area like what @ABannedCat and what @tafner suggested. Yes the game is fun as hell and of course they can still focus on the multipl…
  • @Peanits you say "Not to say it's impossible, but it would be a lot of time and work to make that but way better and dynamic. That's time that could be spent working on the multiplayer, which would offer much more replayability." The word …
  • thank you!!! there are others who feel the same way. A story mode or some single player content of sorts is possible, if we could only get more people to talk about this maybe the devs with hear us
  • They can figure out a way, its not impossible its just not what they want to do with the game, which is disappointing because they can make some fun offline modes. it would open the game up in my personal opinion, like it really sucks having to play…
  • does anyone know what will happen when you're infected and you use the fountains but the killer doesnt take the infection out of the water so they are all infected?
  • yea it is, still think the name should be changed
    in Titile Change Comment by mdg2018 March 6
  • yea this is what we need if we can get mods to actually post these types of questions or ideas maybe the game can have more players join and maybe have more stuff for the f…