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  • 3 kills is still a victory. The reason survivors keep getting nerfed is because killer mains keep complaining about everything, even though they win.
  • Insta-heals were never overpowered. Both of them can be made useless by bringing Franklin's Demise, and when they were used, they only saved 16/32 seconds of healing time, once. The strongest toolboxes in the game save a comparable amount of time, but they didn't get nerfed.
  • You don't need apostrophes in front of every S you type. You only need them to show possession.
  • Dude, Self Care is the best survivor perk. It works well with every build.
  • Disconnecting for the hatch is an effective way to beat killers who slug for the 4K. You need to get a new dictionary if you don't think that's a good counter. That's exactly what needs to be done in that situation. Killers who want a 4K so badly that they are willing to walk around blindly for four minutes while the game…
  • The reason rank reset exists is because it's too easy to rank up for both roles. Rather than properly balance the ranking system to seperate players based on skill, they took a lazy approach and just made everyone lose progress once a month to even out the distribution of players in each rank. Asking them to balance…
  • To the people saying Nurse is easy to juke, can you send me a link to your Twitch page and show me how it's done? I want to learn from people who are better than someone who has 6,000 hours of play time.
  • Yes, Vigil is extremely weak and pointless to use right now. If Exhaustion recovered slightly while running, it will actually have some use. If you escape from a long chase and are found a few seconds later, you might be able to get a second Sprint Burst in that chase. It would require a lot of conditions to work well, but…
  • I didn't say it was a counterPLAY. I said it was a counter. A counter doesn't have to be a perk or a game mechanic. It's just a way of doing something that is effective against what your opponent is doing.
  • Disconnecting for the hatch is a counter to killers who slug for the 4K.
  • I say we just make tge totems invisible so survivors can't find them anymore. On top of that, have the totems take five minutes to cleanse each one, and any survivor who cleanses one insta-dies. Totems need buffs. I want Ruin to be permenant.
  • Camping will be buffed in the next few updates. If Borrowed Time doesn't get a buff, ratings for this game will drop significantly.
  • DS is OP. One time, I downed a survivor, teabagged him as Pig for a while, then hooked him and facecamped him until he was almost dead, then he got yolo saved, ran into a locker, and DSed me! Like, why do I get punished for playing well? He's clearly bad at the game if I was able to down him twice, and his friend made a…
  • This. Autodidact is a very weak perk and it doesn't need a nerf and a buff, just a buff.
  • It makes me sad to see that people are getting hit by Decisive Strike so often that they complain about it. I get hit by it once per day, and only because I lost track of which survivors I hooked and which ones I didn't. If you tunnel so much that Decisive Strike is a problem for you, then YOU are the very reason this perk…
  • Oh, whoops. I wasn't paying attention. In that case, yeah, there's a big problem with hitbox size. It couldn't have been a latency issue because even the killer saw it miss. I guess adding servers wouldn't change that, but it still solved a few problems. Hit boxes need to be the next thing to get fixed.
  • If you go frame by frame, you will notice that the hatchet didn't touch her. That's why she didn't get hit. That's how it should be.
  • Don't tell me you haven't had any unfair hits before. Everyone who plays this game has been hit by thin air multiple times. Dedicated servers are going to make this game much better, provided that they do it right.
  • Survivors have had hatchets fly in the opposite direction of them and still hit them since Huntress was made. They always had to compensate for the lag. Now it's our turn. It's fair this way.
  • Good suggestions, guys. Next time I get facecamped, I'll just gen rush. Oh, wait...
  • There is a DBD community with 41,000 members on PS4, with around 40 community parties active right now. And that's only one of the few different communities here. It should give you a sense of how large it is.
  • It's actually even worse than you think. I don't know how far into the game you made it with that glitch, but that glitch actually has a BUNCH of disadvantages associated with it. Any survivor who has that glitch: 1. Cannot point or beckon 2. Cannot use Self Care or Dead Hard. 3. Cannot see the progress meter for being…
  • @NuclearBurrito The Second Wind perk is the one that worries me the most. The killer knows that if he doesn't tunnel you, you will get a free heal. Therefore, it is better for the killer's game to tunnel you. I don't think anybody is going to get much use out of a perk like that. We've seen similar examples of this, too.…
  • There should be at least 6 in there. The shrine started when there were far fewer perks in the game. Back then, the shrine had a high chance of giving you the perk you wanted, but now it's a miracle if the perk you want shows up.
  • You get nothing but Lightbringer for repairing generators, guaranteeing a depip if you gen rush and leave, and you will most likely either die or lose Benevolent by going for an unhook. Also, what kind of a$$hole says "Just take the loss and move on?" You think because you stood still for two minutes, you're entitled to a…
  • No, losing is still fun if you played well, had a decent chance, and got beaten. Of course it should stay. Camping, on the other hand, removes the ability to play the game for all five players, doesn't give anyone but the killer a chance to win, and requires almost no engagement for anyone involved. That's why it shouldn't…
  • Except that games are meant to be fun. If something in the game is causing so much trouble that it gets mentioned here every day, it should not exist.
  • That's not the point. Face camping is a terrible thing that makes survivors feel powerless, and they can't do anything about it. It's a guaranteed depip and death that you can't control. It's boring for the killer, the hooked survivor, and the gen rushing survivors and it should not be allowed in this game.
  • Dude, I got the "survivor can't do anything" glitch three times today! The fact that this hasn't been fixed yet shows that the developers don't care at all about the quality of the game, especially if the glitches only affect survivors, because f*ck survivors. The Wake Up glitch was patched immediately, but the most…
  • You don't need to add an apostrophe to every word that has an S in it. The apostrophe is used to show possession.