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  • Reminds me of one game I played a few weeks ago. I spent 30 mins in a SWF que on PS4 with an all red rank/purple rank team only to get a rank 19 nurse who was obviously new. I didn't even do much to her while running her around. Heck I was walking half the time, but they got so mad they DC'd. I don't blame them though,…
  • As someone who plays survivor 85% of the time but has enough experience for both sides I feel like I need to say some stuff. First off, SWF aren't really a big problem in my eye. I've had little to no problems killing them and when I play SWF all we really say is what killer it is and if the killer camps. We don't go all…
  • The killer shack has 2 breakable walls if I remember. The one next to window and god pallet shouldn't exist but I can agree with the fact that the killer shack loop is irritating as hell. The Devs need to find a healthy medium where it's a fair loop that can only be used for a bit before having to move on instead of…
  • It's ok, emotion is hard to convey over the internet and I understand that you didn't mean it.
  • Makes sense, thank you for telling me this information! I don't usually use the forums so I am in the dark about certain things like the mods.
  • I do YT and the one game I play 24/7 is DBD and I don't really have any other interesting games. I'd rather try and satisfy my small view count than continue my streak of not recording due to a bad net issue. If it gets really bad then I might stop but otherwise I'd rather not.
  • Typically BHVR employees use the logo so i didn't realize that a BHVR employee responded.
  • I'm not trying to ruin anyone's game, nor do I want to and I try my best to make it fun for everyone whether I play killer or survivor. My dad will not fix the router and will not let me because he believes he knows it all, though I have mentioned this issue several times. He blames it on the PS4 itself although I know…
  • My dad is the type that acts like a know it all and although I've mentioned this issue repeatedly he doesn't give a dang about it
  • I don't think so, im on console as well and I never got achievements for rank 1 and below as survivor.
  • the objective is to escape by any means necessary but the typical way we play the game we do the gens. If people find the hatch and have a key they go through there, or they wait of endgame and open an exit. DCing also counts as an escape so those that think gens are the primary objective of survivors, it's a "well yes but…
  • Im a rank 5 survivor that ended up with all rank 16 teammates and a rank 4 killer so I feel the pain
  • Im a survivor main that dabbles in a bit of killer. I agreed with some reworks but I hate the Nurses rework the most (I play nurse but I liked the older version a lot more) and Legion needs a full rework because of being nerfed to hell and back (also played Legion a bit). Spirit nerf actually isn't that bad and I still…
  • Noob3 and Puppers do the same. It's not that special.
  • As a survivor main that is rank 4 I can say that ruin wasn't a big problem for me and I agree it's survivor sided unless it can be kept up all game. It reaches it's full potential when there are only a few gens left that are more packed together, allowing for map pressure. Trapper, Hag, and Demogorgan will probably be the…
  • I'm not a killer main so please do not fight me for this. I like the changes for one sole reason: newer players was the reason ruin was nerfed (because of newer players getting punished for it since apparently people are bad at skillchecks when they start off). I can do great skillchecks quite often and I ignore ruin…
  • I had a Dwight try and ban me for "not doing anything or trying to save him" Now heres how the game went: We all spawn together and there's a 3 man gen that I hop on. Me, being a sucker for Dwights, I get off and point to the gen and let him have it instead. I end up working on a different gen before theirs goes off and I…
  • I stream DBD on PS4 and I try not to be as toxic as I used to be, my name is mmorrow8 gaming, roleplays, and animations for those who would wanna check me out. I need some critiques on my play style and I wanna make sure I'm not as toxic as some people are. For some rlly good suggestions Noob3, Ohm, Puppers and Monto are…
  • This is actually a really great idea, I would love to see this implemented into the game.
  • people that screw their team over or those who won't save. Im a survivor main and when I see survivors doing it when I play killer I exact my revenge by showing no mercy to them.
  • I hope he's better than nurse. I might switch to him if he's good because honestly they ruined nurse in my opinion. I could easily get a 4K on nurse before but now I'm having a bit of trouble because of the newer changes and i want our old nurse back. There were more nurse mains before the supposed buff than there are…
  • PS4 actually has some really nice Meg players (I for one am a decent example according to my friends). someone got knocked down due to NOED? I'm right there to save with BT and get them out. Someone is close and on dead hook? I try to bodyblock. Megs on PS4 are very similar to this the majority of the time and I don't see…
  • It's kinda funny that when I play survivor I used to get hella pissed at NOED but then I look at my spirit with unrelenting, spies from the shadows, bloodhound, and NOED and remember that the survivors I play against probably hate my guts for using it as well 😂
  • When I play killer (which is not very often because im more a survivor main than anything) I typically play the ones that get ######### for existing (Spirit, Nurse, Michael, I have a few more but those are my main 3) and when I do bring a mori I use it on second hook and normally am a very nice killer to a group unless I…
  • PS4 Oni is pretty bad though, I've won almost every match against him. But the majority if the killers were pretty awful in general, bad perks, worse rank (rank system is god awful since im rank 5 and being stuck with rank 12 killers) and awful gameplay (they were ok at mindgaming but not too good).
  • True. And he was a dealmaker that was trapped for a reason. He probably did kill someone before.
  • well traps or ranged worms being fired from the ground are kinda similar to Trapper, Freddy and Huntress though.
  • I know but maybe theming a killer to be similar to him or something would be cool
  • yeah he tried to kill a family and 2 ghosts didn't he? At least that's what i remember
  • I'm actually suprised I haven't gotten any messages about being potentially toxic. I know I used to Tbag on occasion (if the killer was being a #########, I don't do it at all anymore) and I flashlight blind at pallets since I'm not entirely great at looping and somewhat good at dodging (I'm a PS4 player so it doesn't help…