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  • It's hard to say. There are a lot of killers in the game now so outside of the top popular spots it's kind of random who you'll see. After all, you'd have to play 27 games if you wanted to see each killer just one time which is a lot of games. As even more killers get in you'll see less and less of everyone unless they're…
  • Got a quote, tweet or some kind of proof of that? Realistically I don't ever see it happening but I don't think I've seen them bring it up outside of the survey. The only thing I could find on it was an interview from thegamer which I wouldn't call a reliable source. Hell, right in the article they say Chucky wouldn't work…
  • Which ones you got left?
  • Congrats! How do you feel about her?
  • Cans? Is that a typo or am I just old and don't know video game lingo like I used to? I get what your saying though and my original point is moot anyway. I don't know why but I could have swore when they changed the grades to MMR they made grades work the same no matter what category you were in.
  • Does it still work like that? I thought they made it the same across the board since it's not used for anything anymore. Huh, the more you know.
  • Best of luck to you OP. I got it on my second game but her perks do not do much for you on their own. So you know, ranks don't effect matchmaking at all. You'll still get the same people whether you're red rank 1 or you just reset. The only way your matches might be better is because there may be more people playing on…
  • It's that sweet sweet schadenfreude. On the actual topic I think it's a bit of a stretch but who can say, maybe it is. At this point I want to see the chapter just so every future chapter isn't FNAF guessing.
  • Mostly agree though I'd put Nemi up a tier or two if and only if the zombies are around as well. It's pretty funny guarding a hook while two zombies are also there being a pain in the ass for the person trying to rescue, especially if you have zombie speed add-ons. It's also possible for them to straight up facecamp for…
  • I got it once and a buddy of mine got it twice back to back. Not sure what it's about though. Maybe they changed how lobbies are formed a bit? Edit: Someone has a bug report for it already. Here's the link. https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/313162/ps4-connection-with-host-error-message-time-out
  • Like a 2 if even that. I basically only play DBD with my buddy on survivor and as killer I play only for the challenges and tend to mess around when I do. Once the tome is done I don't play at all until the next one. This gives me a lot of time to rest and basically keeps my burnout at zero. DBD is a game I enjoy playing…
  • Ehh, that's not too bad and pretty common on the woodsy maps since there's not a lot of stuff between them. You ever see old Azarov's Resting Place where you could have 5 gens on one side, sometimes with 3-4 in eyesight. It was super rare but damn that was great as a killer.
  • If you have the PS4 version, you can play that on PS5 instead to get normal PS4 lobbies while still getting 60fps.
  • PS4 crossplay off for the most part. Used to play with it on but got a few hackers here and there and just said hell with it since I still have quick queue times. If my queue times ever get really bad I'll turn it back on though.
  • While I'm normally on the fence with NOED, I wouldn't be opposed to this suggestion at all. Having it work the same way as Rancor does and alert people when it's active would be a very suitable change IMO.
  • It probably didn't take all that long to fix the Nurse bugs, it's more they bundle all the bug fixes together instead of doing little minor patches here and there to save on costs since I'm pretty sure they have to pay every time they do a console update whereas steam is free or at least cheaper to patch. Someone please…
  • Not a lot. Most of the time NOED only nets a single kill unless people really mess up or stick together. A lot of time killers will win before NOED is in play or when there is one survivor left after shutting the hatch at which point it doesn't matter anyway.
  • I mean, every character has a useless stereotype. Dwight hides in lockers, Meg's always do something dumb, Claudette heals in a corner, David's are overly cocky and then die, Nea sandbags you, Feng tries but is just really bad, Jane is trying to do head-on stuff, Jonah doesn't exist, etc. I don't think a single character…
  • Judith's on it's own is fine. Tuft is also fine. Both of them together are kinda weak if you're going against a good team but will destroy solo's and cocky teams. Tombstone Piece needs a nerf or to be made an Iri instead. It's very easy to get and if you face a team where you didn't get it once then you probably would have…
  • Depends. On PS4 I have a couple names I recognize who tend to always leave salty messages after a match and I get a little bummed if they ignore me. One of my favorites is a guy who in the 5 or so games I played against him, dc'd every time on first down and then sent a message seconds later, saying reported for abuse,…
  • 8 I think? Not really sure, I don't pay attention to it much.
  • Entitled to? None. Preferred? Three. While I would enjoy having three proper chases and hooks along with them I'm not about to get overly upset if a killers slugs me and camps my body for 4 minutes. I might get a bit annoyed if I'm doing a challenge or something but it's not that big a deal.
  • It depends. If you've played the game for a while, main only a couple survivors/killers then it's probably not all that big a deal. If you're trying to P3 every survivor/killer then it's a lot worse and can seem like a mountain to climb that never ends. If you're new to the game then absolutely the grind can seem like a…
  • While I agree MMR is a reason for some of the decrease it's certainly not the only reason. A bunch of new games have come out, covid has settled down, cheater issue, CoH, Grind, new player retention being bad, burnout, etc. The new chapter also wasn't very hyped up so it's unlikely to bring in a lot of new people. Even if…
  • Covid is settled down so people will have a lot less time to play and will lower the numbers a bit. A bunch of new hype games are out. Dying Light 2, Elden Ring, Horizon, etc. Some streamers are bailing on DBD for a while to play Elden Ring and other games so that will take some players away. I'm sure some just have…
  • 1: I'd love bots but I'm pretty sure they've said it's not going to happen. We're not going to get them for practice or customs either. I would take this in a heartbeat over anything else though. 2: While not a bad idea on paper, I feel people would abuse that it the killer got a decent start. 2 minutes and the killer has…
  • While I'm not against the idea I think it work better as a killer skin for someone like Oni then an outright chapter. Caveman just doesn't really fit many horror vibes in my mind, especially when we have other concepts still. Werewolf, Vampire, Alien, Something with fire, other elements, etc.
  • I think a mod somewhere said the next patch update. So, likely when Sadako releases or the patch after.
  • I mean what did you expect? That comes off as very mocking with how you put it. You basically told him you had fun but he must feel like ######### for losing but hey, they still did alright even though they got their ass kicked. Then you double down to ######### on him after seeing he's upset. It might not have been your…
  • Not even a little. I play it because I have fun with a buddy of mine in a 2-man and have some giggles now and then as killer. If he ever dropped the game, I'd probably drop it as well or at least play it a lot less. I certainly wouldn't finish the rifts or even do any of the challenges. In fact, most of the time I'd…