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  • Still just confirming what I've known to be true for years on my end (Northern EU) - there's more survivors around as it gets later. Survivor 100% most of the day, as it gets later it creeps to at least 25% on killer and sometimes/when it gets late enough usually 100% killer.
  • Huntress. Just using her power has always been fun for me so I'm gonna have a good time regardless. Been enjoying Wesker a lot lately too for similar reasons.
  • Seeing their items, survivor choice and outfits? Yes. Actually gameplay relevant information. Names and profile access? Should be gone, luckily the anonymous modes at least exist. Not gameplay relevant information and for every neat interaction like "Mori me Piggy" getting mori'd by Pig and everyone having a laugh at it,…
  • The "VGS" or whatever it's called system quite a few Hi-Rez games has is honestly pretty good once you get used to it. With the many nested layers you can have some pretty damn complex messages if you want so it's a very good game to use as an example if you ask me.
  • It does, and it's practically common knowledge (and has been for years) that there's more survivors around at night. So in no way saying your experience isn't real or anything, but it's very far removed from my experience even though the two can totally co-exist.
  • Damn I guess nobody wants to play survivor a lot of the time then as I sure see survivor 100% way more than killer 100% or even 25%.
  • Oh, what the system blocks has very little to do with stuff being offensive. Isn't "Myers", "Rancor" and some other stuff that are just straight up characters or parts of the game blocked? My mild tinfoil theory is that the system associates people mentioning things that are part of the game in a negative way, assuming…
  • All 5 players should have their latency displayed in the lobby. For profiles they should be 100% inaccessible from in-game for both survivors and killers, preferably hidden from stuff like recent player lists as well. Not match relevant information like seeing what item a survivor has and most of the time used for dodging,…
  • I'd imagine Discord will make its way to consoles in like, the pretty near future. Until then personally I've used some really scuffed solutions, like using Playstation Remote Play to join PS party chats with my friends while I'm on PC for other games than DBD where the in-game chat option is either missing or just plain…
  • Because the killswitch has nothing to do with balance and never did. It's for stuff like maps that straight up make people crash or maps with stuff like uncleansable/unsnuffable totem spots as far as maps are concerned. Like come on if you just look at the history of when the killswitch has been used this should be fairly…
  • I want some sick mid-late 1300s Italian fashion as well, but I am also quite happy to have this ngl
  • I do both that while nodding + wait for and nod at the killer if they go for a glyph. I find little interactions like that funny, bonus points if the other player nods back 😄
  • For sure man I've only heard that like 10 if not 20 times before and then nothing like it happens but I'm sure this time will be different!
  • I don't lie though, but even that doesn't seem to be good enough. I am entirely serious when I say I haven't played anything but solo, duo and killer since like... early-mid 2020. I am completely open about that if asked and so is my duo partner, and that doesn't stop absolute weirdo people from just straight up accusing…
  • I use my mouse to make my camera face in their direction then press the W key, they either leave pretty quickly or die. Oh I have to hit them? That complicates things slightly, throw in some M1 and/or M2 presses depending on the killer to achieve the same end result.
  • They were mad that what they were doing didn't work, AND they weren't able to just keep it to themselves and move on like a mature person. Really that simple honestly.
  • Already said, but play however you want to play and don't be a hypocrite. If you do that, you're all good. So don't play "hard" and then start uncontrollably seething when your opponent(s) dare to do the same, basically.
  • Simple, straightforward and with a little bit extra (the speedboost for delivering to a rift) on top of the points as well. Good event that was both non-intrusive and without the more wacky griefing potential of "I'm gonna throw the match to sabo event hooks" or "I'm gonna leave chase to catch and facecamp the glowy…
  • Firstly, you don't "deserve" a kill in a situation like that any more than a survivor "deserved" the escape just because they made it to the exit gates and got downed and picked up in them. However, I do agree that for a whole lot of reasons it would help if the hatch essentially counted as a kill as far as points, pips…
  • Considering they also have brown perks which I always forget were ever a thing there's something weird going on. No clue if it's the game being incredibly confused or some sort of really bizarre cheater related thing, all I know is that I want that "quality" used for something because that looks pretty cool 😄
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  • Huntress. Her power is fun to use and hitting hatchets is satisfying, simple as.
  • They go to neutral and sometimes to 50/100% killer as it gets later for me. Northern-ish EU. And it makes perfect sense too, because of the "Play killer when alone, play survivor when friends are on" demographic. When is it most likely the highest amount of people are free from school/work/other obligations? Evening and…
  • I'd prefer if it was simply a FOV increase because I've had my fill of default settings being just plain bad and inferior from playing a lot of TF2, where standard fov values (both general fov and how much of your screen your gun takes up) are set at very uh, outdated levels. Yes, you just have to open the options menu,…
  • It's actually far from a bad perk, it's just that you need a variety of celestial objects to align perfectly to actually get anything resembling use out of it with random teammates. Really should tell everyone that the dude on the hook has the perk ready to be activated at the very least. With that it would immediately be…
  • I don't even like 99% of the "special" backgrounds/animated avatars on Steam but that background is actually super sweet. Avatars aren't super obnoxious either. Nice work honestly!
  • Because at least Sony used to actually refuse to even participate in crossplay back when it started becoming popular, and pretty sure it's still mandatory for any developer wanting to use crossplay on a Sony console to include an option to turn it off. I'm entirely serious. I am absolutely convinced that if it wasn't for…
  • I honestly don't even know where people see this stuff, most of the time if I'm solo and with a 3man they do stuff like good saves on me just like on eachother. Like 2man saves where one takes a hit, runs off and the other saves to prevent a trade. When they do leave me on the hook it's in the situations where I genuinely…
  • They need to actually have energy AND you need to have space to store the energy as well. If you're at 15/15 ready to deliver it won't count as far as I know, and if you've made it all the way to 30/30 you can't do it at all. Blast mine can be a pretty good way to do it. If the killer comes to your gen from a fresh hook…