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  • As someone who has played billy for awhile and tried the ptb hes significantly less fun didnt try bubba cause I dont really care
  • Then can you tell me what clue led the dev team to looking at Billy's base power and not just his addons?
  • Well it might be that they want to keep the billy "discourse" over in the ptb feedback category but I wouldnt put it past the devs to see a couple mean comments and just shut down a whole thread of legit criticism.
  • I mean stealth is still viable you just need to use it sporadically to confuse the killer but just hiding all the time is so unbelievably boring for both sides but especially killer, I ask you to find a killer main who enjoys going against purely stealth survivors other then yourself, dont know if you are a killer main…
  • Yeah that's fair tbh most of Billy's new add ons are just boring or straight up bad
  • Hell if I know
  • Eh could be cool I guess but I'll be honest I have far bigger gripes with the ptb state of the game than the speed limiters
  • Not only that but never interacting with the killer is pretty boring on the survivor side too at least for me it is, if game has gone on for too long and I havent been chased I'll just chase the killer down till they decide to chase me.
  • You say the current way the game is played is boring and stealth should be promoted, I'd have to hard disagree playing hide and seek as killer is so boring it makes me want to dc, it's literally why I run whispers and I run shadowborn every once in awhile if I'm feeling nauseous since playing killer without shadowborn for…
  • Because the devs tried to make FOV a game factor instead of just giving everyone better FOV like every other game in existence, it's a neat idea but poorly executed imo and I truly believe it should be taken out of the game in favor of an actual setting
  • Hes just not as fun on the ptb thenoverheat just makes him so boring and restrictive to play
  • Jesus I leave this game for over a month comeback to my favorite killer being nerfed and people are still complaining about the same issues as when I left
  • I mean it doesnt really matter all that much how many achievements you have tbh but the amount of time on killer is usually at least something to go by but either way you dont really address the points I made about his actual legitimate counters and how even in the patch they said the the better player usually comes out on…
  • How much have you played killer, and how much have you played billy. Because saying there is no downside to using his current kit is just plain wrong. He is counter able with loops and just generally good gameplay on survivor sides he is top tier but for you to get him to that point takes time and effort to learn to fully…
  • I mean sure if you dont also use it for traversal while never making mistakes, the problem isnt that billy wont still be a good killer it's that they are taking a lot of the fun out of playing billy
  • Yeah I agree but the mechanic as a whole even if they reduced the numbers would just feel restrictive, they said they wanted reward skillful play but then they implement a system that only punishes players so in a perfect world, other then just scrapping the mechanic as a whole because let's be honest that's not happening,…
  • I agree that some are over reacting but jeez man these changes are gonna straight kill billy for me, and with billy being the only killer I play consistently it will probably just kill dbd for me in general.
  • Unfortunately theres practically no way that they arent going to implement the overheat mechanic since they've already put in the time and resources to it. We can only hope that they make its restrictions so low as to barely be a factor, but even that's probably asking too much.
  • Yeah that's fair oni is overturned but he also feels restrictive compared to billy which I why I pretty much only play billy
  • I pretty much completely agree these new changes make what I found the most fun about billy and making them terrible, I cant just sprint around the map anymore and I cant curve so I might as well play oni instead, but tbh oni just doesnt do the same thing for me that billy did and if these changes make it live as they are…
  • How does the overheat not change much m1lly is a meme cause good Billy's will almost always go for the chainsaw now you are forced to do it, it takes what was fun about billy i.e. chainsawing around the map, and curving and nueters them to uselessness chainsawing is barely worth it now and you cant go to far or you over…
  • Doing something oftendoesnt make you good at it, which you so clearly demonstrate. Billy's addons were his only problem his base kit was perfectly balanced.
  • I disagree and every streamer I've watched play him disagrees hes not dead hes still stronger then probably most of the killer cast in terms of effectiveness but hes just not as fun anymore. and it's not like his base kit was op, just 2 maybe 3 add on combos, I would've been fine if those were nerfed into the ground in…
  • Hes not dead hes just worse and way less fun to play, so why even play him anymore, not that many people played him to begin with and now that number is only going to drop.
  • Why would a nerf to the most balanced base kit killer in the entire game need a nerf, sure insta saw and crack billy were a little op but they could've just nerfed those his base kit was perfect, they even said hes balanced in the patch notes.
  • I generally agree but with the new billy changes it feels like all the game is allowing me to do is just go for the safe back rev and that's its, the thing I loved most about billy was being able to always use his power. Going through a game without ever using m1 is the most satisfying feeling I ever got out of dbd, and…
  • Until the overheat mechanic comes through
  • Not anymore though the overheat mechanic takes a lot of the fun out of billy
  • I absolutely agree that moris need a change dont necessarily agree with your change but a mori change should only come with a key change as they basically accomplish the same thing, which is to skip your obj. Keys to a lesser degree but still they have the same problem.