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  • Yeah there's a generator and pallet bug where for either a survivor or a killer they're invisible
  • Ok I thought it was my disk was dirty or something. I had it happen about 3 times. Made an electrical buzz sound and was usually while starting a gen near a killer.
  • As in the killers controls were backwards. Forward was backward and vice versa and left was right and vice versa.
  • I mean certain fogstreamers dc to derank yet that's somehow a big no no for everyone else. They claim that they give people the benefit of the doubt in terms of dc that it could be accidental or life happens. These people have done it where their fanbase KNOWS it wasn't and yet they're a fogstreamer.
  • No change. No word from BHVR. Still having it happen about 3-6 times daily on PS4
  • It wasn't closed and that isn't a solution. Waiting another 6-8 months of being exploited? Bullshit.
  • It's also going to be heavily skewed by the killer dc exploit which counts as a dc for the 4 survivors and it's rampant on consoles.
  • Doesn't matter. I mean hell if you wanna ragequit without impunity you just need to ######### on the first hook and apparently the mods on here claim it's fine and want to harass you about disagreeing about their "that's that" mentality.
  • You didn't read the part about not being able to hit anyone. Everyone is claiming it's ok to trap them until BT runs out. So if there was a way that survivors found to trap a Myers and only used it until EW3 wore off, it would be fine right? I highly doubt it and it would be posted on forums requesting bans for whoever did…
  • No you didn't answer the question. You said if there was a way to waste their time in EW3. Not the same as what is happening with BT in the basement. If survivors found a way in game to body block a Myers to where he couldn't attack anyone, but only did it until EW3 wore off it would be exactly the same.
  • They can also find them frequently in chests which is way better than getting a green key.
  • I posed this in the other thread and it went unanswered. So it's ok for you to wait out BT by bodyblocking the basement. If survivors found a way to body block myers somewhere for EW3's duration where he couldn't attack it would be fine? Same situation really.
  • Depends on what rank. 20-13 you can just attack people without using your power and get a 4k with almost any killer.
  • Eh not so much in that there's a lot more involved than just aim and shoot. If anything they might have more trouble with here due to the hatchet mechanic being way different than a bullet.
  • Except it doesn't work in all cases and YOU should know that already. Hence I will camp them to my heart's content. But hey, complain about getting camped if I camp you in game for using broken mechanics.
  • I don't condone either. You want to abuse mechanics, then so will I. There is no irony there. The irony would be if Vietfox was also complaining about camping which I didn't see. If it was complaining about camping, then yes irony in that git gud can apply from its mouth, but not when it got downed and camped.
  • Yupp there's an exploit that killers are using and BHVR has ignored it for months. People are claiming that once there are dedicated servers it would be fixed. So basically we're supposed to suffer about 8 more months of this when it's been going on for over a year if not longer. I have a thread with numerous people trying…
  • True, but more than likely he/she won't be rank 1 any time soon and can switch to nurse after the first 50 games or so which won't give him rank 1.
  • Nurse is definitely not for someone just starting killer. Billy is ok if you run up against potatoes, but even then I still think neither of them are good for baby killers. Huntress is even a little hard in terms of learning hatchet throws. LF, Freddy, Myers, Wraith and Hag are good starter killers. Much less most of them…
  • Hence the only time I camp is when people 360. I expect killers to camp when someone uses it.
  • Yes they are literally an abuse of broken mechanics. There is no "get better" on console without getting a mouse. So fine I'll keep camping them and tell them to get better. It's the only time I camp. Get better. Also I guess since we're talking about video games and not real life, killers should get to fly no matter what…
  • Just wait until you have those 4 stacks with BPS and the killer uses the dc exploit on you that BHVR seems to be ignoring. You'd get 0 bp no matter what you did, lose your items, and depip the next time you log in.
  • So if someone 1000x stronger than you was chasing you in real life you'd run at them? A swing/stab should hit when you run into a killer's hitbox. It's abuse of mechanics. Learn to evade without using broken mechanics. One of the times I DO camp is when shitters want to 360. They deserve a ######### playstyle used on them…
  • Weird since the devs disagree. -percent to chaser emblem says hi.
  • Stop abusing broken mechanics. On console it's not the same as PC where you can aim as well. You're trash if you need to resort to 360.
  • Camping is not a legit strategy. It's not bannable, but it's no longer supported. If it was, there wouldn't be an emblem penalty(albeit a practically nonexistent one) which implies the devs think it shouldn't be happening unless survivors are right there.
  • It would just be something people would use to flame people post game or on the forums honestly. In a good world, sure. WoW has stats available and you beat someone in arena there and they're making accounts on your server "Oh little fotm who can't get gladiator any other season" because they looked at your profile.