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  • This change would encourage tunneling, nothing else. Noed is fine how is now. Nobody cleansing since ruin change
  • And when I'm going in blind. 1 gen was repaired! Only one...and the killer played without Ruin.... Fix the match making and a lot of unhappiness is gone. Don't fix it and then in a few months dbd will be like underlords. The game which lost 80% of it's player base.
  • Rank16 aka maybe 50hours in the game.... Pretty good job so far!
  • Aham, and how exactly are you doing that? Cause I don't know... At least for me it's not a joy to play with peoples, who has 20-40 hours in the game when I have over 300. I just simply dodge the lobbys, but cause of that I have to dodge 8 from 10. Better go and play some moba or E.ScrollsOnline.
  • You know what my solution is? Checking their steam profiles before hit the ready button. The problem with this is a lot of the profiles did not show, how many hours they have in the game. But if you do the checking you will find out that they have a huge problem with the match making. I have over 300 hours in game and they…
  • Nope, I don't! Map is challenging for a killer. And that's it. Stop crying! You acting like all day every day you are going to play on this map, but you don't! So stop crying. "Git gut, or suck it up"
  • Dude how can you say that matchmaking works perfect? Are you payed for that? My rank is 8 and a was matched with white rank newbies. Is this perfect for u? Even with yellow rank dudes are a bad feeling to play, but those rank 17 guys died right after I finished the first gen. Just do the quick maths here 17-8=9 and 9>6 so…
  • I got 2 rank 17s and 1 rank 16, killer was rank 15. My rank is 8. So it's like that now if you don't play with your friends.
  • The streamer just did the math better than the killer. The nurse player choose to hunt every survivor instead of tunneling 1 or 2 of them down. It has nothing to do with gens. Totems already has there roles, just use inner strength. ☮️
  • HELLO I DID IT AGAIN! AND AGAIN IT'S NOT APPROVED! WHY?? Heald by hand a teammate, and another one with med-kit + 2 locker heals. No achievement reward. Give me my 50k bp! NOW!!!
  • If you are able to down them like that, I mean so quickly, than DS shouldn't be a problem. Eat it, than down him again. You guys acting like DS is up all game. Be more serious pls.
  • If that's what u understood than you should learn some more text understanding. Maybe cut off 1 hour daily from playing dbd and read a book bro.. I argued about the price of the insta addonn, not about how they nerfed it. To be honest I was happy when they nerfed it cause it was broken af.
  • Hi! This morning I successfully completed the 'All Better' chellenge. The text is: "completely heal 3 health States of ANY survivor. " (There seis any, so it can be me). I used an insta and then 2 locker heals, but it didn't count. My question is, why? I won't use that useless self-care perk for that, and in most of the…
  • Yes they did a good job on Freddy and then Oni is a balanced killer. It's fun to play against, at least for me. Nerfing add-ons more pls! Most of the killers are fine, like Myers, BUT that unlimited add-on ruins the gameplay filing. Unlimited? Seriously? Maybe double the duration of evil with in III, but not unlimited. And…