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  • I like the map, mostly as survivor. The only part I hate is the middle building, where you have to travel so far to get to the generator and survivors have such a warning that you’re coming. And soooo many breakable walls. Too many, I know that it’s a new feature, but dang please there only needs to be a couple
  • Gamer girls do not exist, don’t believe what they tell you
  • Ive bought multiple killers with the shards. Actually, i have enough saved up to get the next chapter, killer and survivor. The iridescent shards aren’t meant to be an easy way to get these things for free. They reward you for playing a lot. Though I will admit, the shard amount for some cosmetics is insane. Even the auric…
  • Killer main Survivor is so boring, in order to win you have to hold M1 a lot on a generator. And the game is basically determined if the killer wants to play like a jerk or not. I like constant action, finding people and chasing them. Also Huntress is so satisfying to play, cross map hatchers, having an ability to use in…
  • Ace in the hole has been changed to allow you to keep item addons when the match ends. its in the latest post in the news forum
  • I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about. I’ll be walking around, looking for people, and hear a breath sound. Like an exhale, and that’ll be it. its super spooky, and I hate it
  • 10000% it was the Decisive strike change ”toxic” survivors would run this, and spam safe loops and windows because they knew that they had a get out of jail free card. getting hit by multiple decisive strikes was the only thing that actually make me mad in this game. Not insta heals, not BNPs, not pallet vacuums, it was DS…
  • This is probably already been said, but Dead Hard. it’s ran all the time and I hate having to wait to bait it out of every survivor. Playing Huntress it feels like garbage when you aim perfectly and time it just right, and the survivor presses “E.” It just sucks having to wait to see if every person is running it, there…
  • I ran into a group that said the same?? ”We love BBQ and Chili” yes because I’ll never get a clue to where your immersed ass is
  • I watch streamers who are and aren’t good at video games. you come for the personality, the looks, the community, whatever it doesn’t always have to be about skill level, especially since there are so many different ways to be good in this game
  • the new Oni animation where he goes into his blood fury combined with his sound design it’s such a cool animation
  • That’s an interesting problem you have there 😂 im 1600 hours in and I’m still craving bloodpoints. Id suggest p3 your characters if you haven’t already. Or just pour tons and tons of bloodpoints into your main. I’d love to be able to give bloodpoints to my friends starting out in the game, but then people would ruin it and…
  • Is it ever possible to master Huntress? She has such a high skill cap and I feel that I’m getting better and better all the time. she is fun as hell though
  • Spirit definitely, games are always not fun to play. Spirits perks can all go as well. Every single of one of them. I could go without Claudette, just specifically Blendettes, I don’t have a beef with her specific character 😂
  • Some content creators have their ideas for what is causing the longer queues for survivors at red ranks, and I don’t think it has to do with gameplay it self. the new matchmaking system they implemented a bit ago would pair you with a killer according to the highest rank on your swf team. As opposed to the average of…
  • Killer: Huntress Perks: BBQ, Whispers, Ruin or Corrupt Intervention, I’m All Ears Addons: either more hatchets, hatchet throw cooldown, or nothing at all Playstyle: going for sick hatchet throws, and fun chases. I don’t mind losing if I have a good time. I’d rather use Bitter Murmur instead of a slow down to get some…
  • Here me out, what if, now this may sound crazy, what if...? Yes
  • I love that you’ve come to introduce yourself :) I like how involved BHVR is in their game and community. It would be cool to see some of you guys in future streams to describe what you worked on and your thoughts!
  • If it were in the store I’d like it to be for iridescent shards only. Auric cells you have to pay for, and nobody has paid for those items. Make it a really high cost for shards, or close to the same play time it took to get it when the event was live. at the end of the day it’s just cosmetics and I don’t really mind if…
  • I’d love it if they put those event cosmetics in the store for iridescent shards. that way if someone wants it, they can put in play time to get it as if it was an event item
  • They have said that they were going to look into spirit, as she’s “over performing.” BHVR is also having a couple of fog whisperers fly out to Canada, possibly to test a rework. I think that if this is Rin’s father coming into the game, they’d have something more than a GIF of the spirit reveal.
  • Cross map hatchets will always be my favorite thing in this game getting shots on “rainbow” hatchets as well as moving through multiple structures can't beat it
  • It had to have been the chest searching one everyone else was trying to complete it as well, and we all burned coins but it wasn’t enough!!!
  • Huntress A - Infantry belt, Oak haft, combo of both wind-up addons (bubuska and managrass braid), exhaustion addons ( don't use ) B - leather loop, glowing concoction, deerskin gloves, shiny pin, bandaged haft C - begrimed and rusty head, amanita toxin D - all hindered addons, all hemorrhage addons, pungent phial F -…
  • My advice is to watch streamers or YouTube videos of people who play her. There are a lot of little tips and tricks when it comes to Huntress. like how billy can curve around corners, I would have never known or tried it if I hadn’t seen someone pull it off. practice is the main thing, you learn which shots you can make…
  • ”hitting through generators” one particular lad played against me a few times, and every end game chat he reported me for “throwing hatchets through generators.” ive told him every single time, I can hit you over a generator, especially as you’re working on it because hit boxes don’t change when you’re actively repairing a…
  • I do wish Haddonfield had a rework, and because of how they reworked Badham I’m sure they could copy paste some of the stuff they used there. But also, I’m kinda wishing they’ll rework fractured cowshed and add some variety to corn maps. They’re all maze tiles that we’ve played a million times and safe loops
  • The bug literally effects every one of my lobbies, sometimes you can cancel it by switching offering and the ready button will be available for a second before it grays out again. thats how I’ve been dealing with it
  • I’ve hardly seen any demogorgons either, is everyone thinking the same? That it’s just not worth the price point? Or that he’s not exciting enough to play? I’m sad and confused, playing against the demogorgon is really fun and I wish I’d see more of them.
  • The portals take a long time to place and activate, and can be dismantled. I tried to do a three gen hostage but it doesn’t work as well as you’d think