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  • This is just speculation, but I feel like part of the issue is latency regarding revealing him behind objects. Specifically when a survivor is revealing him and he ducks behind something. I admit there are moments when I'm probably 20 meters away looking directly at him in the open and it doesn't reveal but otherwise it…
  • P3 is enough
  • Trust me, I'm the same way, but I'd still at least like to try and play a match rather than just sit on the hook for 90% of my time in it.
  • I mean, to be fair, that is the most unfun thing that could happen for the survivor that was tunneled.
  • @Mozic said it best. Trapper is weak because he has to spend time setting up traps in the early game. I can't personally think of anything to really help this, other than some sort of built-in slow-down. I do like the idea someone suggested of his traps auto-camouflaging for maps, would be cool if his traps retextured…
  • The fact that simply pressing E can significantly extend a chase time is extremely powerful, I cannot think of any other perk that can have such a significant effect.
  • Ill do it if Im trying to stay hidden from bbq, and when I do I sit in the locker for about 4 seconds after the person gets hooked. The only exception being if the killer is huntress, then I never get in lockers in case of funny locker perk. Other than if im about to go down and theres nothing near by Ill hop in a locker…
  • Imagine trying to do adept meg where you can only be not exhausted if you're holding sprint burst. That would be extremely painful. Adrenaline is a strong perk, but it is only reliable if you make it to the end game and are being chased. It really doesn't need a nerf.
  • Ive always done this as long as Ive played (bout 3 years). I got that achievement for unhooking yourself and I never used deliverance. It's so funny when someone tries to save you but you just jump off in front of them.
  • I didn't buy any of the event cosmetics personally, but I did see them at full price on the day they were showcased on the store. I avoid purchasing these things with shards and/or cells because I figure they'd have some event currency, as the Eternal Blight event hadn't started yet. I don't agree with this kind of…
  • Happens to p3 mask as well
  • Can confirm that this happens, even tried unequipping and reequipping the mask but it's still the regular one.
  • If anything should be nerfed, it should be the fact you can dead hard over traps. I play both sides equally and I think that's complete BS.
  • I said the same thing in the PTB feedback survey. I think that when you activate a certain challenge, you should be granted the required character "on-loan" until you complete the challenge. You would get the character with their 3 unique perks only, no items, add-ons, etc.
  • It's awful. I love the idea of some killers having their own chase music but Doctor's new one is like nails on a chalkboard.
  • Why would you use pharmacy?
  • As others have said, Tome 4 is likely a place holder while they come up with more challenges. Considering that it comes out in about a month, they’re probably focusing more on level 2 and then 3. If it does come out with these challenges, then I’m sure they’ll change them with the amount of negative feedback they’ll…
  • The suggestions you're making for the hex perks are overpowered for the most part. For example, blocking a generator for ruin for 4 seconds is extremely punishing for a lot of players. I myself can hit great skill checks often but I still hit the good ones about half the time. For haunted grounds, you said that all…
  • I have Myers P3 and I think it's pretty good for the mask and knife, I think the overalls could be a bit darker, but they're still pretty good. Never seen it, but it seems all Stranger Things Characters have bad P3 cosmetics. I think Steve's is OK, but I definitely think Nancy's needs more blood for sure.
  • You still didn't get enough points to pip. It's not a big enough of a deal to change. Say a survivor is doing everything he can to win, but his/her team is awful. They're hiding in lockers, sitting in the corner of the map, basically avoiding the objective and killer. They all die, the survivor who's doing his/her best did…
  • They still don't get many points if they did NOTHING. They probably won't get enough points to safety pip if you're at a high rank or enough points to pip at a low rank.
  • Can agree that dedicated servers kind of mess with things. Window hit boxes feel and appear to be kind of messed up, as my momentum pretty much ceases to exist for a second after fast vaulting, tend to take a hit quite often because of this.
  • So you're asking for you get more money back than what you're already paying? That's already the case when you get skins that you no longer have to buy with auric cells. They wouldn't be making as much money if they gave more auric cells than they already are.
  • I mean, the only way to get serum for withering blight is through the rift (as far as I know), and I think the rift releases with the archives in the mid-chapter patch. Considering new chapters come out every 3 months and it's been a month and a half since the Stranger Things chapter, I think it's safe to say it'll be out…
  • I just got the achievement, and I basically just had to down a bunch of survivors over and over and let the others get that back up, rinse and repeat. I finished with 3 kills and let the last guy get the hatch. The fact it took so much work for something that should be easier to get is unbelievable.
  • Damn. I got 1 pip and was halfway between to the second. But that's ridiculous that it takes that much to achieve "merciless killer".
  • You answered your own question when you typed "leatherface".
  • I mean, as most people said, survivors should just do gens instead of all sitting behind a rock next I the hook. Killers get less blood points and fun if they camp. Let them derank.
  • I experienced this as well, didn't see this post till after I made one. https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/62834/endgame-collapse-trap-bug#latest