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  • After the test patch, I have been able to get into MOST games. Before the patch 8 out of 10 matches were unable to get past the loading screen and usually resulted in a DC to get us back to the main menu... The past few days after the patch were doing pretty good. I got into at least 6 out of 10 matches (giving a rough…
  • They did a test patch for steam, but it still doesn't really work. Still have infinite loading screens until someone (usually killer) DCs. I'd say 6 out of 10 matches have loaded the past two days but today out of the four matches \tried, haven't gotten into a single one.
  • I SWF, I know that's lame in some opinions, but we play nearly every night and ever since Mikaela's stuff came out the infinite loading screens were a MASSIVE problem. For two days we would spend 3ish hours trying and would only make it into 3-4 matches. Most of the time we were stuck on the loading screen to enter the…
  • I survive with friends, so we are a team of FOUR. We have only played approximately two matches since 9pm Pacific Time Zone. Between the first two matches we were stuck in the loading screen for about five minutes before our killer left and it sent us to the main menu. We are now on our FIFTH attempt because we get stuck…
  • I play different characters, but my main one I am really settled on is Jill... I use the perks Blast Mine, Resurgence, Head-On, and Borrowed Time.. With the new SBMM I noticed there are a LOT of campers so the BT definitely makes me feel better when it comes to helping my team. I do try to take protection hits and try to…
  • I read this was a thing because of the boons. It is causing crashing issues. Hopefully it gets resolved SOON.
  • It is 11:01 P.M. pacific time zone and I waited approximately 11 minutes JUST to get into a party. Then I am stuck sitting here waiting for a loading screen... I've been in this screen since 10:56 P.M. I am a steam player, the Devs supposedly tweeted it was fixed but it is not. It normally only takes me a MAXIMUM of maybe…