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  • Players who think they are much better than they actually are coming to the forums to complain about balance. But really: matchmaking
  • Found the Nurse main.
  • Unless Decisive Strike gets a complete rework to the point that it no longer frees you from the killer people will still complain about it. Regardless the easiest adjustment is to probably have it deactivate faster or deactivate if you are healed or…
  • Definitely not the hardest killer to learn and master. This is simply a meme stated over and over by Nurse mains. As Nurse there is no need to learn how to run shack, jungle gyms, t walls, how to loop efficiently, when you can mind game a pallet vs …
  • If you read through my replies to other people, you will also see how nothing has been done to powerful survivor perks or items, but Moris and Undying have received hefty nerfs. Tbh I don't even remember what this post was about, but is that really…
  • The player base would drop in numbers for the month and then spike after again. Oh and the number of killers complaining on the forums would remain unchanged.
  • As a general rule against Plague I cleanse if: My teammates are dumb enough to cleanse im on death hook the exit gates are powered Any other time it’s not worth it. Also, as a general rule if you are playing solo queue: yes, your teammates are pro…
  • Nope not true if I die as survivor it’s because the killer camped and tunneled. If I lose as killer it’s because survivors are op, game balance issue!! Nerf survivors!
  • Honestly if someone face camps you after a chase like that you shouldn’t even be mad. Laugh it off, you won this situation.
  • Honestly all your posts make me think you just need to practice and get better as killer. Quitting games mid-match isn't going to make you get any better. Posting on the forums isn't going to make you get any better. There is in game things you can …
  • I have been using it lately. It is so unbelievably buggy. Sometimes taking protections hits count sometimes they don't. Sometimes I get a protection hit and it counts for a WGLF token but not Mettle of Man - sometimes it does for both.
    in Fix MoM Comment by shyguyy January 8
  • Rank doesn’t really mean anything for either side. It really never has for survivor, maybe at one point back in the early days of the game it meant something for killer, but not anymore.
  • Dev Stream: Hey here is this cool new idea we have been working on/thinking of DBD Community: *asks questions* Dev Stream: Oh no we can’t talk about it This has been going on for 4 and a half years. The dev streams are pointless.
  • Sprint Burst is low key the best exhaustion perk still. Always has been. Dead Hard is great when it works, but it’s also great at leaving you on the ground with exhaustion. Most of the time Dead Hard is easy to play around. Sometimes it’s used for …
  • Remove the aura reading and add it to Thrill of the Hunt.
  • Always be doing something that gives you bloodpoints. Too many newer players spend all game crouching around, scared and being useless. If you are getting bloodpoints then you are being useful to your team. It takes time to learn how to run each ki…
  • Hell yeah dude, you show those random strangers on the internet.
  • There’s too much sense going on in this thread, where are the usual posters at?
  • Patch 1.5.0 Increased the required amount of Charges to fully repair a Generator from formerly 70 Charges to 80 Charges Patch 3.7.0 Increased the Efficiency Penalty from 10 % to 15 %per Survivor. Reduced the Progression bonus from succeeding Great S…
  • Hey now, you quit talking sense. We don’t do that here. This is the norm and I play against these teams every game!!1one
  • I can agree with a DS change, though I don’t think it’s really a problem right now. I don’t ever use it and rarely get hit by it. Remove it for all I care. A secondary objective would be a welcome change but having it be required to repair gens is …
  • Sounds good, bud.
  • Literally almost every game, watching all the dumb [BAD WORD] people do is half the fun.
  • Since you seem to think balance is so bad what would you do to fix it? Nerf pallets/loops/tiles? Add time to gens? What would you do that hasn't been done already?
  • Do you really think this is a competitive game on the same level as CS:GO? League of Legends? I'd say this game is closer to Mario Party.
  • So the game should be balanced around the extremely small chance that someone might lose one game against a team like this? I have 3294 hours in DBD and have never had this happen. Asking the game to be balanced around such a small portion of the ga…
  • Agreed. Let's nerf the killers with instant down potential so they can stop ending games in 3-4 minutes. Competitive games might be balanced around the best players - DBD is anything but competitive.
  • Again, an experiment to show what? That if a 4 man team plays in an extremely specific way against a bad killer they can get gens done quickly? People don't play like this. Millions of games played each month, what % of games are like this do you th…
  • I regularly play Trapper without addons for no other reason than I really enjoy playing Trapper. I generally don't use addons on killers and I still think he is perfectly viable. Not saying he couldn't do with a few buffs though. Allowing him to ca…
  • Well that settles it, nerf survivors. A few videos of survivor teams playing in a very specific, unrealistic way, one of them from truetalent no less. Seriously why is this an issue? What's the point? I have over 3k hours into this game and have n…