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  • I'm literally not playing the game because solo is so miserable and the only killers I ever go against go out of their way to be as toxic as possible. The last match I had before starting my hiatus, a Blight body-blocked me an entire round until I died by EG. I'll come back when the Halloween event starts, but I'm sure…
  • Solo survivor, never queued with anyone, consistently rank 1-2. You will de-pip if you do not finish at least one gen and contribute to altruistic actions. For example, I've looped a Blight for 5 gens, downed by NOED (people don't cleanse in solo), died on first hook, and still de-pip. Can't pip if you're camped on a hook…
  • I guess the "repeat every day" didn't make it clear enough that I was summarizing every survivor game and not literally writing out my games. But thanks for assuming I'm boosted because of how a killer decides to play? I'll keep in mind that it's my lack of skill that causes the killer to proxy camp my hook to immediately…
  • First game of the day: Tunneled off first hook and killed with mori, de-pip Second game of the day: Tunneled and face-camped, de-pip Third game of the day: Slugging Sally at 5 gens, de-pip Fourth game of the day: Tunneled out of game within first 5 minutes, de-pip Fifth game of the day: Another tunnel and death by mori,…
  • The real kicker is killers defending their strong combos yet crying about survivor combos every day.
  • Not surprised that the "dream patch notes" in this post and thread are just gutting survivors. Entitled survivors though.
  • Found the tunnelers in this thread.
  • Since killers want to compare DS and Pop so much lately, I vouch for making Pop only usable one time in a match.
  • Survivors DC because they don't want to play against your bullshit builds or easy-mode killers. I love how I only ever see the ones complaining about people disconnecting are killer players that got their stack/mori/tunnel/camp/forever build/Freddy/Legion/Spirit/iri-head denied. If you want to play in an unenjoyable way,…
  • The 'tunnels a lot' category is actually extremely accurate, I would just add Legion to it. Though I've been tunneled by every killer in the game.
  • Because killers have become problematic. Legion is unfun and miserable to play against to this day. Instead of applying DC bans as if they committed a federal crime, the developers should actually make killers enjoyable to go against. Punishing people for leaving a match that they're not enjoying is a great way to further…
  • I once had a Yui disconnect to give me hatch because she didn't want to lay on the ground for 3 minutes. I healed her once or twice off the ground before that but it's ridiculous how killers slug for the 4k so much because their ego would be hurt otherwise. That's not the first stranger I've had disconnect to give me hatch…
  • How can anyone call survivors entitled after reading this thread? Killers want to nerf everything that counters them in the slightest. God forbid survivors have anything to work with besides pallets and windows, right? Insane.
  • And by these screencaps, you can clearly see you had no problems with it i.e 4k every time. Calling for Spine Chill changes is absurd.
  • Yeah, I main survivor. I one-tricked Spirit at one point to get the rank 1 achievement, and I go back to killer to grind BP and tome challenges, but I end up being more bored playing killer than survivor. Though it's a lose-lose situation because 8/10 of my survivor matches aren't very enjoyable anymore. I'm a solo…
  • I really don't care if they're considered good or not. Changing Spine Chill wouldn't make a difference. Deal with the fact you're not going to get free grabs and insta-downs on everyone. What are you guys going to complain about next? Camaraderie lasting too long? I wouldn't be surprised.
  • Why? So stealth killers can have extra easy mode?
  • It's miserable to play against killers these days. It's always a forever build or a sweaty slugging 4ker. That or being tunneled and camped. Lately I've even watched Vinc3ntVega disconnect to avoid the bullshit killers do. It has gotten so bad that I now use task manager when the killer brings a secret offering. I just…
  • Tunneling (and camping) need to be punishable, yes. The band-aid perks we have are not enough. I've ran into 6,000 hour rank 1 killers that hard tunnel off hook. It's pathetic and needs to end. I'd love to use a different perk in place of DS but I can't because I want to be in a match longer than 5 minutes.
  • No, he didn't mention anything about a second survivor. "Killers have to be mindful anytime someone goes down too quickly after an unhook" i.e. I can't put this survivor back on the hook after downing them 10 seconds after their last hook. "He's one of the better players" is extremely debatable. This community might be a…
  • Otz is just saying that an obsession doesn't allow you to tunnel. People actually like this guy? Wow.
  • RIP Decisive Strike. Dev screwed up with the response to this post. Hope they figure out some sort of built-in anti-tunneling system when DS is now inevitably nerfed to 45 seconds or lower. Just continued easy-mode for killer. Oh well.
  • Um, I don't enjoy staring at my survivor bleeding out on the ground? This game has a lot of major problems, one of them being that you're able to alt-tab out of the game and watch a 5 minute video because a killer decides to let you bleed out. I would know - I've been the victim of it many times. I shouldn't be able to do…
  • On no. Your forever builds are just a microscopic amount of time reduced now.
  • Apparently making a killer actually balanced is killing them. A lose-lose situation is not balanced. You either vaulted or dropped a pallet and got hit by his power or would get hit with an M1. Now this needs to be done with Slinger. I'm sure you can just switch to Spirit, Slinger, Freddy etc for a continued easy mode…
  • DS and UB can only be used once per match, if even given the chance all. PGTW can be used every time you hook someone. Why is this even something to complain about? You can't walk to a gen within 45 seconds? I can foresee DS being nerfed to 45 seconds now because of the crybabies in this thread. Also, did you really just…
  • What does Dead Hard have to do with anything? I never even use that garbage perk and it's easy to bait anyways. Also, yeah, that's what a proper mind game is? The survivor is actually able to bait the attack and not be punished for it AKA hit with an instant M1.
  • Did you not read the explanation that it's a lose-lose situation when he fakes his power? It has been a problem since his release. Boo-hoo, Tunnelhead players actually have to use their brain now.
  • I use Spinechill because I'd rather not give a free grab to a stealth killer. I can't believe Spinechill is being complained about now. Survivors just can't have anything, can they?
  • Nice bait? I got to rank 1 killer in less than a week one-tricking Spirit. While I have 800 hours as solo survivor. No matter that Spirit is an easy-mode killer (so is Tunnelhead, Slinger, Freddy, and literally any other killer that decides to camp and tunnel). I faced t-bagging and flashlight clicking but how is that such…