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We will shortly be deploying a hotfix to the PTB to potentially address the Save Game Errors that some players were facing. Please update your PTB build when the update is available and let us know of any issues. Thank you.



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  • Moris needed a change they were too strong and offered easy wins. While I dislike how they changed them; I wouldve wanted it to be where the killer has to hook every survivor once then they can kill. I digress before they got changed they were too easy to win with barley any thought process and didn't allow survivors to…
  • I dont play dbd anymore but when I did I almost every other game me or my friend/friends would get tunneled or camped (mostly being me). My guess would be because I was the one that tended to run the killer around while my friends did gens tis the story of all " toxic swf groups". So three gens get done I'm injured and one…
  • All of your ideas are great but tbh I feel no one left behind instead of a speed boost for 15 secs make it 3/4/5 seconds.
  • With how the ranking system is its much easier to rank up with survivor than with killer, its more forgiving. Also while yes you do feel SUPER out of place it will be a wonderful learning environment for when you're alive. You should also watch other high skill youtubers I recommend Ussylis, and TrU3Ta1ent.
  • While both need to be changed I don't have a huge problem with keys( I'm not being biased) but I feel that mere qualifications for the hatch to spawn, and then finding it is a pain too. And Morris are also more reliable and easier than key in my opinion.
  • While I do agree that red mori is WAAAY to strong and needs changes I feel that key needs to be changed too and swfs and easily win with key.All in all they both really need to be changed.
  • You are totally missing the point of this thread, op is just saying something that he notices a mistake a lot of survivors do, he's not complaining about survivor perks or anything.
  • Well I mean being honest the closest thing you can compare to an ebony more is a key. But the mori is still more forgiving, more you can just hook a survivor once and kill them. At least with key you have to complete two, or three generators and 1or 2 people have to be dead. Then there's the issue finding the damn thing.…