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  • Remember that if they are broken now, all they really have is that Dead Hard. Yes, they get it once but have to deal with exhaustion. The Dead Hard will not always time well for the Survivor or give them the same kind of distance as being hit.
    in Dead Hard Comment by stikyard May 8
  • Dead hard doesn't give the distance of getting hit though so, the two hit scenario is not as bad as the healthy three hit scenario. And unless the timing on a loop pallet or window is correct or even possible, many times Survivors will Dead Hard to nothing with you directly behind them for the next swing. Adding a broken…
    in Dead Hard Comment by stikyard May 8
  • Correct but, no more option to heal and regain a three hit scenario.
    in Dead Hard Comment by stikyard May 8
  • Not really the entire match, until the Killer downs you, could be the entire match if he doesnt chase you again.
    in Dead Hard Comment by stikyard May 8
  • He is meta if you take a little time to practice and play on PC. His mobility combined with current Meta perks is very strong.
  • Survivor sided in that you can't smash 4K every game? I find it hard to believe that high ranked Killers aren't winning most of their games.
  • I dont really see DBD as being an unfinished game. It's more evolving than unfinished. Constant new content, new bugs and balancing issues. For a small developer, I think they do rather well, even if some of the content gets rushed and takes time to settle in.
  • A lot of games are released as "early access". They are unfinished and the developers tell you so up front. Some titles are big enough to get people to purchase at price without being complete. If the company is honest about developing a game with ongoing customer feedback, I think this can work out quite well. I would be…
  • Not all SWF are OP. My friends are worse than the average solo and, we goof around. I'm sure good teams of try hards exist but, I doubt it's very much of the population.
    in swf Comment by stikyard September 2021
  • Myers doesn't need a buff, you need to learn how to play him. He's a mid to late game slugger.
  • Iron Will completely counters Stridor now so, I guess that's the nerf.
  • The hard part about balancing is that SWF and Solo teams exist.
  • The Red game breaking add-ons suck. They are supposed to be rare but Killers earn so much BP you can just play a different Killer until you can dump BP into the Killer you need good add-ons for. This is why basically every match has Red / Purple addons. Nearly every time I face Trapper, he has the add-on to reset his…
  • That's the problem with a lot of powerful Red add-ons. The only balance is in the rarity, so you can't do this every time unless of course, you grind BP with someone else and only play that Killer when you have access to OP addons. It's like how every time I face Trapper he almost always has the addon to reset his traps…
  • Some of the most broken addons can carry you as Killer. Current meta builds make the game easier too for both sides.
  • If Killer was actually difficult, even less people would play Killer. The challenge is in solo Survivor play. Even the best Survivors in the game can't pull escape streaks like Killer streaks and they have to use keys to do it.
  • What I mean is a 2K should be common even at high level play. Where it's near impossible for everyone to escape but also very hard to pull 4K. Yet what we see is more like Killers that stomp through most solo teams using meta regression and, skilled SWF teams being the only real counter. The result drives a stale meta,…
  • Good point, seems the devs aren't helping the situation, driving futher the meta.
  • I understand. My honest opinion is the Devs screwed up by making dedicated Killer / Survivor ques. This leads to much of the community playing one side exclusively, becoming biased and invested in "winning". Had they made a single que where one player is chosen at random to play Killer, you would see a lot more variety and…
  • Yeah, you have to be injured, running and, not exhuasted. Also pro tip, use it to gain distance while you are still far enough away to not get hit, so you can make it to a pallet or window. Only use it to dodge if you absolutely have to because, it won't always work if you try to dodge a hit.
  • It's not about gen control or anything else. It's about the 4K mindset. Killer mains think they need to 4K every game to be good, when the balance should be a more consistent 2 and 2. The mindset has been set in and any attempt to reel Killers back in will not go over well within the Killer main community.
  • I love playing risky builds as Survivor. Breakout / Sabotage being my favorite combo but, more often than not, I feel like I just throw the game.
  • Killer role has been taken far too seriously. 4K is considered a "win". When the game really should strive for a 2 and 2 balance. Meaning that it should be difficult to pull a 4K but, with the meta makes it possible to 4k consistently and, Youtube taught them, that's a win.
  • The Killer is nine years old and they are trolling you.
  • Been on a Darkest Dungeon kick myself for over a month now. Highly recommend.
  • Well yes, those things play a part, if they didn't Killers would just murder all but the best SWF teams. Which is basically how the better Killers perform anyway.
  • It's a stale meta. I'm sure Killers feel the same about Dead Hard and Decisive Strike. I don't really know how to break the meta gaming unless a large overhaul of unused perks made them actually viable.
  • Agree to an extent that the Hex perks require up to a ten objective game for the Survivors. While Killers only have one unaffected objective. I thought we were supposed to see some Survivor totems at some point? Would be nice to lets say, block all reveal mechanics until its destroyed or, block all exposed mechanics until…
  • I take Killer role very casual, focus on the rift challenges and rituals. Getting Kills is secondary, hooks and BBQ stacks are better. If everyone plays well and escapes, good on them. If you log into Killer with the mindset of sweating the kills, you are going to get upset over getting outplayed.
  • Haven't had much fun for a while, maybe got burnt out. Been playing Darkest Dungeon a lot.