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  • polyorchid man (look it up)
  • Depends on the map and the player. Trickster's biggest problem is he does not belong in DBD. It feels like the movie/novel Ready Player One where a character from another game wandered in.
  • He messaged me to let me know he was going to get me back for something I posted. Then I would play a match and the killer would ignore everything in the game but me, tunnel me, hook me and then facecamp me. No matter how long I waited between matches he would always be the killer and do the same thing. I was able to track…
  • Was it that same employee who was remoting into my games? I didn't want to think that was the case, but the lack of response kind of confirms it. I get it. You can't share internal problems, but thanks for getting him off my case.
  • I love playing against Nurse. A bad Nurse is a laugh riot which is just pure fun. A great Nurse player and the game is over in under 5 minutes. I do think her multi-blink is way overpowered in a good killer's hands; miss the survivor? instant blink and course correct, miss them again? do it over and over. Too many add-ons…
  • But he didn't drop me, unless flashbangs allow the killer to drop you once they are blinded.
  • Developers recently fixed a major problem with false DC penalties, but they have not announced it yet. I used to get disconnected every game which ran over 5 minutes, I have now played a week without one false DC penalty, so things are getting better.
  • I can't play fps type games, so only Survivor for me. If there was a third person view for killer I would play killer, but I currently can't.
  • I understand if you can't share because it would look bad. Otherwise please share what you fixed. The game has been way more stable and I even stopped getting nothing but red rank killers. You done good.
  • I think the fact every new character added to the games adds 3 new perks is making it more complicated. If you have ever tried to explain to a new player what is going on, the basic premise is easy, once you add in the perks and how they modify game play it gets insane. I would like to see different play modes, like games…
  • This is what I am trying to do, but no matter how I space it I still have to wait the half second to a second it takes for a prompt to come up to perform a vault. It also happens when just fast vaulting, but the delay is not as bad. Can lag cause a delay in vault prompts or are window vaults handled on my computer instead…
  • I hated this map when it came out, but I learned to tolerate it or maybe even like it. I will miss it. I love the first little room at the top of the second floor. You could run in time a volt through the window and be down the stairs before the killer knew what happened. Could they just reskin the map?
  • I am up to 11 games today with no false dc penalties. Yeah! You guys fixed something. Do you care to share what the problem was? How did you fix it for future reference?
  • Not really, I get banned from matchmaking all the freaking time, and I have never cheated or disconnected, but boy oh boy do I get the time out sit in the corner for two day bans. DBD constantly punishes the innocent.
  • Trickster, he is not horror related and usually played by camping unskilled killers who love the machine gun aspect of his knife throws.
  • I just want to say I have now played five games with no DC penalties, I want to thank the developers for working on this problem. I can not remember the last time I played a few games in a row without a DC penalty. Thank you for taking this problem seriously and working on it. Good work guys!
  • I have never cheated, but occasionally I get some sort of disconnect and an anti-cheat message saying my game triggered an anti-cheat response. What is going on here? Does the anti-cheat software ignore actual cheaters and targets honest players or am I possibly being hacked?
  • Last week I had two killer hackers in two different games. First was a clown who was super obvious, He downed everyone in 30 seconds and flew around the map whipping gas bombs at a rate of a dozen a second. Second was a trickster who selectively cheated, he only cheated when not being watched. But again he was moving way…
  • Phew, I thought for a second the dreaded disconnect bug had migrated to only the lobbies. Good to know it is still screwing up the main game. 48 Hour ban, I did not dc and did not lose connection. For those who say take a brake, what is the point? The problem is not on my side, everytime I take a brake and come back the…
  • I also played several games on the PTB to help narrow down the issue. The PTB servers seem to be stable. So it appears to be related to a node or regional server. This is a very substantial problem. Could someone else post what they have found works? Behaviour any input or suggestions would be appreciated.
  • My Daughter got me a DBD coffee mug with thermal graphics last year. It has held up well and still changes colors quite well when hot drinks are added to the mug. That is a pretty good gift I can recommend.
  • Look at me, bringing Christmas cheer! Don't stay away too long Xarlen. After your break come back refreshed and ready to play.
  • Dear Xayrlen, You are on my NICE list this year! Good job and keep it up in the coming year. Being a jolly old elf, I suggest you take a break from Dead by Daylight. Merry Christmas, Santa
  • I checked, my ban is still up, any progress? Any ideas why this is happening? I played some on the PTB and there seemed to be no problem with those servers. So we can eliminate my system, my internet, my settings, the PTB, and the tutorial bots-I tested all these for you to help narrow down where the actual problem is. -So…
  • Thank you for all your hard work. The community appreciates you.
  • As a control group I played a bunch of games against the tutorial bots and never had any problem. I stretched the games out to around twenty minutes well past where I usually get booted; not an easy task to keep those pesky bot survivors alive! I was trying to rule out my system being the problem. Never had any problems,…
  • I should note in the past I had a Behaviour employee trolling me. I reported him to Behaviour for the messages he was sending to me. To retaliate he would come into my games and tunnel, camp and kill me then let the other survivors finish the game as he stood in the corner. He messaged me to let me know he was doing this…
  • In what way am I being selfish? Look at the above screens. We are in end game collapse, the game is basically over. I am making a major problem public knowledge. I am taking one for the team to get the Devs to fix their game so others can enjoy the game. Are you implying by buying the game, investing time and money in the…
  • I am not ruining the game for anyone, who suffers? The killer gets bonus points for abandoned. The other players get 30 seconds or a minute of time where the killer is distracted by me. I did not ruin the game, it is broken and unfair, that is on the developers not me.