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  • yup happens to me too. it sucks cuz sometimes it takes SO LONG to find a game and then one of us just doesn’t get into the lobby so we have to back out and wait another million years for a lobby
  • I used to run bond and leader but I'll be switching leader out for prove thy self after the changes. I also really like small game if I've been up against a lot of NOEDs at once. I used to run rank 3 lightweight all the time too
  • So healing yourself is faster but healing others has been slowed..? And if you aren't running SC then healing speed is still 100%?
  • I play survivor mainly and if I see a totem I will always cleanse it. It gives blood points which is awesome and I get peace of mind knowing that NOED might not happen, depending on my teammates. I hate when people complain about NOED its fine as it…
  • Thanks guys I really appreciate the tips! My killer perks are currently pretty limited so I'll have to keep an eye out for stridor in the shrine cuz that seems to be the predominate choice (:
  • Having 5 perk slots would utterly destroy the games already gentle "balance". It sounds like your problem is more with SWF (fair) than the actual game if you feel you NEED to run ruin. I like to run ruin if I'm having a bad day, but I'll also ditch …
  • The Pig might be tricky since she's licensed and it would be very expensive to do, but it would be super cool to have an unmasked Pig!
  • Recovering from exhaustion while running would be a dream, but I highly doubt the devs would ever work that back into the game again, causes too many problems. I do like the wake up and vigil rework ideas you have though, and if thats how the perks …
  • Its been bugged for me too, I've had to trash it twice I would kind of like more diverse dailies, like escape 3 times or something and get more of a bp reward instead of just escaping once, I think it would be cool to be able to earn more
  • you're stunned for like 3 seconds and you can turn around and one shot them again to the ground calm down lmao I play survivor and I don't use it since its not even that great, theres way better survivor perks out there
  • A few days ago I was playing a Leatherface in Springwood and there were two people left . I was opening the gate while my teammate was tea bagging beside me when we heard the heartbeat so we scattered and he came after me. He revved his chainsaw and…
  • There are some games I'll do like 2 gens by myself, get an unhook or two, cleanse every totem I see, and open the exit gate and walk out with like 18k while the killer gets 50k for a two kill game