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  • But they may not want to talk to you. The game was designed around a lack of information, and thats why i for example play solo survivor main. But once it is introduced, as you said yourself, the game needs to be rebalanced around that, and then there is no way of opting out without a big disadvantage. In the other hand,…
  • hmm, i dont like the knifes at all. but i like the end, because the survivor become part of the dredge, thus, everyone wins
  • So, i think about artist with an active noed. So one knife is enough to down a person, and he he finds mulitples even at a distance, they just go down? Yeah, doesnt sound op at all.
  • because if you play solo, even if you light up a boon as soon as you can, people will still break every totem they find, and if the killer snuffs out your boon, they run straight to the place to destroy that totem, too. And then you have no reliable way to heal yourself, because your allies will heal you until they wont,…
  • i got 1082, one 3rd on Dredge, one 3rd on Nemesis, since i leveled both during the event, and the last 3rd on several survivors, mostly on both the resident evil survivors. On that note, i still have about 160 Cakes from last year, and even 7 from 2 years ago.
  • I really miss that map, i liked it in both roles. But i like indoor maps anyway
  • I had a concept for that. The problem is that hooks dont affect the teams ability until the point the first person is out. So, instead:, the first time a survivor is hooked, he get a gen speed malus, the secend time a smaller one, and the 3rd time the remaining survivors get a bonus out of his dead. That way, there is an…
  • I had an interesting experience. I choose the clown, one of the many killers i play next to never. My MMR with him seems to be lower than my average killer mmr, so i got pretty easy games vs realative noob survivors. I got in chases quick (because they didnt know how to dodge bbq), and i could down them fast because they…
  • because they cant. swf is swf. Solos can opt to play in the swf-queue (maybe for some bp-incentive, maybe because they like it), but even 3 or duo-swf cant play in solo queue. duo is not a problem, because you end up with 2 swf, the 3-1 combination is the only one that might need some help.
  • i often read the claim killer would just choose solo queue, but i dont understand why. Remember, my idea means that both queues are balanced seperatly to make both forms equaly fair, so in solo queue, the killer is much weaker than in swf queue, where they would be way stronger to compensate for the swf. So, if a killer…
  • I actually disagee about the communication for solo, because it would only solve one of the problems solo queue has compared to swf. People not playing in a team is another one, as well as some people having their own agendas, be it challenges, bp - and thus, hook - farming, or just want to screw people over. I think…
  • Stealth is heavily nerfed by the map reworks, you want to nerf looping more than already planed, and pallets are only good once, in the beginning of the match. without looping or any way to conserve them, they are gone fast and then there is no protection anymore. Since solo survivors can not coordinate well enough in most…
  • Why, though? If it is an effecitve strategy while gens are flying, it doesnt become worse with longer gen times, does it? So the most effecitve way might still be camping, and thus more than enough killer will still do it. But that can easily push the balance in the opposite direction.
  • Yeah, skill checks are just boring, we need the time to just run in circles, but we still need the benny-hill-chase-music for that, because that is really fun.
  • It depends on the killer. that map offering is the number one thing i go for in my bloodweb for the doctor. who cares about pallets if the survivors can´t vault them? They become your friends.
  • For me, it was a good change for the most, because i had to try perks i usually wouldn´t use. However, if your goto-perks are not available, it really hurts, so you are kind of right on that.
  • well, in the matches i play, only 1 or 2 out of 5 nurses are really good. The match is over in 3 minutes then anyway, so nothing really lost. In the other 3-4 chases the nurses can be outplayed to various degrees. Some will get you, but can extend chases, some break the chase after 3 minutes they couldnt get you, and some…
  • This is true for all of my killers. All of them got all perks (i have), and never got prestiged. (i only missing pig and the ring-chapter). Well, i thing you prestiged wrong, then. while i never prestiged a killer (i am a survivor main anyway) i prestiged a lot of my survviors. And it was not that hard, because i would…
  • Ok, what stealth options do you talk about? (unless you mean something like hidding from the killer whenever you hear a slight heartbeat. Because i like stealth, and usually if i get in a chase, i try to lose the killer instead of just extending the chase. however, that got harder with each map rework, because in a lot of…
  • To be fair, they said they look at the reasons the perks are used and wanted to adress the underlying issue. I am a solo survivor only, and i use self care, because all other self heals are not reliable, and random teammates aren´t either. (i could tell you about teammates that let you heal them, and then instead of…
    in Time to quit Comment by sulaiman June 23
  • Mine is lethal persuaer, BBQ, Devour hope and Undying. Thanks to nemesis you get into a chase almost instantly (and is hell with the "start with nightfall"-addon), and after your first hook, you often have an idea where to go next, and activate devour hope in the process. This let you snowball so hard. But there are…
  • The thing is, the game losses some options. I run iron will, because i dont like looping. instead of running in circles, i used line-of-sight-breakers to juke the killer. Often it was only possible after you either stun the killer (not possible if all pallets already got used up by your teammates) or you got hit. But now,…
  • Only to people that didnt understand basic math.
  • Can you define what op means? Because if we look at her killrates, she doesnt seem to be.
  • because they get camped and/or tunneled anyway.
  • i rather would like a new swamp map. I think more maps for more varity would be good.
  • I had no problem with legion before his last changes. Now, however, the game become very boring, even if noone dcs. The thing is, neither side progresses. No gens get done, but legion also doesnt get hooks, most of the time. Every little progress takes ages. Its just boring, really.
  • There are some killers that dont tunnel or camp, even if its losing them the game. The problem is, while they get my respect for doing that, they often get teabagged by my teammates. Also, i think camping and tunneling is mainly done by killers that have to substitute their lack of skill, and this is one way.
  • for some killers, only a 4k is a win. Maybe he meant this.
  • Its ok fi you dont feel attacked, but the gesture of teabagging was invented and designed to humiliate and insult defeated opponents. It doesn´t originate in dbd, but it was adepted. The teabagging person means to be insulting and disrespectful, and thats why a lot of people react to that. Its the intention that counts. I…