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  • I am a survivor main, but i do play killer. Up before dredge, hag and doctor where my most favorite killers, but dredge just became my mainkiller after just a few games. I like him very much, but i dont play killer too often.
  • IF a lot of killers wouldnt camp and tunnel anyway, there would be no need to hide that way. Because then, every survivor would get hooked evenly, and survivors could take the risk to just lose a chase easier. But as it is, with a lot of killers camping and tunneling, not being found in the first place is the safest way.…
  • Well i am a (solo) survivor mains,but i do play both sides. The fact that i did a number of killer adept achivementes on killers i dont even play often tells me it is way easier. The achivements on the few killers i do play regular are way harder, because of the higher mmr.
  • My main is still at 9, but i did prestige at least 3 chars i didnt prestige before the update because i didnt want to lose the cakes/event items they owned.
  • I have the feeling in a lot of games, survivor just expect to lose, and farm as many points as they can.
  • prevent the last gen from being done instead.
  • The thing is, you cant learn for your next random teammate in solo queue. And you cant carry a match alone, at least if mmr is working in any way.
  • Yet, tunnel and camp has increased in my games. before, it was about 25%, now its more than every 2. game. Why do people tunnel and camp more if it was nerfed? Do you even play the game as a solo survivor after the patch before you post comments about it? Edit: to be fair, i didnt play survivor for some days now, because…
  • Then why react to a post that does talk about stats in a thread who talks about stats?
  • Well, i disagree with you. I understand where you come from, but i dont share your approach. I belive, if somehting is op, it doesnt matter how often it accured in a game, it shouldn´t be there. Your approach seem to be, as long as it doesnt happen too often, it doesnt matter how op it is. Well, everyone has his own…
  • Camping and tunneling were issues before, and the devs (and most killers) not only call it a valid strategy, they also buffed it with longer gen times and shorter chases. So using a valid tactic that got buffed is now a manipulation? Are only people who tunneled and camped before allowed to do it? How would that give false…
  • Is doping a part of being competitive or a part of being fair? it gives better results, so its competitive, and everyone does it, so its fair?
  • There are several aspects, some of them lead me to stop playing for now. First, you can see early on if a game is going anywhere or not, because if survivors don´t use their early window, the game is lost anyway. The other side is that so many games are lost early because of bad teammates, so many killers camp and tunnel,…
  • You have to realize then, that you are exceptional lucky. Because most of us solo queue players get teammates that dc, hooksuicide, or just hide. Only a few i encountered seem to know how to do gens. A while ago, when i kept stats about my games, i had a survival rate about 75% (even when a lot of survivors were…
  • Which survivors do you mean? Solo or swf? Its not the same, you know.
  • I agree with the FoV-Slider. It would finally eliminate most stealth plays on survivor side.
  • swf or solo? A lot of players play killer now because its the way easier role now, so there are more inexperienced killers out there. But that doesnt help if most games turn into a 3v1 by themself.
  • the problem i see is that you have to prestige once you finish lvl 50, because you dont get much high-value-items when you return to lvl 1 all the time. Its not even an option not to prestige.
  • That means what? We know that starter-nurses dont get kills, and once they hit a certain skill threshold, they make up the kill statistics for most nurses alone. Left high-skill killing machines alone because they are balanced by low killrates from people who havn´t mastered them yet?
  • I could see that if they all were afk-ing or hook suiciding, but so many do dc, and dcs leading to the game being discounted for data collection, how would that work, can you explain that please? I personally dont dc, but i give up faster than usually at the moment, because you can see early on when a game is lost. But…
  • I have an even larger escape streak if i am allowed to discout the matches i died in. Your point?
  • Feel free to post any post-patch 50+ solo survivor winstreak.
  • Well, i think saying 50% being solo queue is not generous, because we know the statistics. i dont share your opinion at all, because i like the lack of information in this game as solo survivor. You can never bring solo up to swf, because bespite the information advantage, which you cannot get with icons (nor with a chat…
  • I belive most maps got brightend in the rework to nerf stealth, because so many killers didnt want to cope with that, despite there being more than enough perks to handle it. Ever since the map rework, i enjoy the game less, because i am actually a stealth player (and no, i do gens, i do unhooks, and i dont just hide as…
  • Since solo survivor is not fun at the moment. A lot of teammates cannot handle the change as it seems, and it seems like tunneling and camping has even increased, at least in my region. I dont see any reason to be part of that at the moment. Also, i have a long list of games i bought and never played, because DBD was very…
  • If you want, i can post some screenshots with me getting between 33 and 36k. My record since the change was 38k, but sadly, i didnt make a ascreenshot from them. And all those were non-farm-games, and in a lot i got more bp than the killer.
  • That is a good point for me why the game feels so bad at the moment. Before, playing killer could be very frustrating. To me, killer was never as rewarding as survivor, even if i managed a 4k, simply because killer games are a lot more binary. For each survivor, you are either better, worse, or equal to in skill. Equal…
  • To be fair, even in games without dc, most games are lost to solo survivors. I consider myself a pretty decent survivor. When i kept stats of my games, i had a survival rate of about 75% in solo queue, and i belive thats a lot better than average. The patch itself didnt concern me at all, the only perk i run that was…
  • But the thing is, it does affect solo queue so much, that i am on the verge of leaving, because i cant get a decent match anyway. Even if there is no dc, a lot of the time the killer is camping anyway, which doesnt make for a good game either. No matter how much i love this game, there is no way to keep playing just in…