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  • It’s a bad suggestion because that’s all these posts warrant. Day in day out people moaning about perks but not adding anything constructive. All you did to back up the perk being op is “always on always free”. Had you elaborated a little more from the beginning, you wouldn’t have got that daft suggestion. So sorry for any…
  • I gave you a suggestion, which you didn’t acknowledge, to you saying that a survivor perk being op. I didn’t specify you were whinging but you took it that way. People are always whinging about survivor perks or killer perks etc. it was a general observation on the topic of yet another post moaning about a perk being op.…
  • You were typing your reply as I was typing mine hence I did not see your reply. Look at time stamps. I wasn’t whinging, I’m literally laughing at you crying over a hardly used perk saying it’s op when it’s fine. I’d rather see different perks being used rather than the same 4 perks every game but hey that’s just me.
  • Maybe the killer should pick survivors perks every game. Wouldn’t have so much whinging about literally anything a survivor runs. would you the usual meta perks run every game so you can just whinge about that?
  • I don’t get the uproar about BT. It’s 12 seconds long. If you’re not camping hook and tunnelling that survivor it literally has no effect on gameplay… if it’s base kit you know everyone unhooked will have it so if you feel you must tunnel, just follow them for 12 seconds before you hit them. Or can’t you count?
  • People will then just die on hook. Had it happen in my first game on. Someone got hooked first, killed the selves on hook as I was about to pick them off. The killer came and I literally just stood there and killed my self because what’s the point? it needs to be looked at more WHY people are dc’ing so much. Personally the…
  • I didn’t even make it past the loading screen when all 4 survivors were dead on the ground. 2 dc’d, me and another guy just took the hook. Lobby time was longer than my game. It was awful. Not sure how an anti cheat system doesn’t pick up on that straight away 🙄
  • Recently just moved to a series x after finally getting hold of one, it was near unplayable on Xbox one. Constant lag whenever the killer did anything, even across map. So no improvement on older gens at all
  • Yesterday was constant camping and tunnelling. Same today. Except today there’s been far more dc’s on survivor side or just people killing themselves on hook. im just going to play killer instead for a few days because survivor has been torture.
  • I’m having this problem too
  • I got it today. First time in ages
  • I’ve been playing about 7/8 months after watching it on YouTube for years. This isn’t my “main game” so I don’t dedicate a lot of time to it. The new player grind is ridiculous. Hardly rewards bloodpoints in relation to how much I have to spend. The bloodwebs are terrible, even though I’ve unlocked “meta” perks through…
  • Let’s move on to next gen when it’s currently hard to get your hands on next gen console… great idea.
  • I went through 15 blood webs for a single cake earlier. To then have the risk of either teammates dc’ing or me getting kicked out of a game when I’m at 99% opening an exit gate after a good game. It’s not worth the bp to get them if they’re going to go to waste. I have also seen more survivors bring cake than killers. Says…
  • Freddy bores me to death. With all his slow down add ons & having to run the entire other side of a map to wake myself up. Then just being able to teleport without having to set anything up first. No thanks. Boring AF and doesn’t take any skill to play him.
  • That would be interesting. would keys open exit gate instantly if 1 survivor is left in that case? As exit gates can take a while & be difficult for the last survivor. Or would keys be scrapped with hatches?
  • I finally got to play the map. Against a billy that chainsawed everywhere. Needless to say I didn’t actually get to see much of the map. Looks amazing, I appreciate that. Plays terrible. Is confusing as hell, hard to find a gen, even harder to find how to get to some of the hooks. I thought people were being extreme… how…
  • Maybe I’ve just been extremely unlucky. I’m from the UK so if other games are to go off, I’ll be constantly paired with someone half way across Europe
  • What are you playing on? im on last gen Xbox & so many games I end up running in to a wall or facing the other way. Nemisis’ tentacles are the worst for me, I can always tell when he’s using them on anyone
  • Me - cries in console
  • That’ll be because survivors need to escape to get the crown. If there was another requirement to getting the crown, I think people would have played like they normally do. Gen rushing is about the only way I can ensure I leave with a crown & it’s awful. It’s not enjoyable for either side.
  • Nothing wrong with a shameless plug. I’m UK time so if your streams are at a suitable time for me I’ll watch if you want to drop your twitch. started on a wraith, killed 3 first game without camping or tunnelling (things I hate as survivor) so pretty proud of myself considering I can be an utter potato sometimes 😂 the…
  • I’ve been running a licensed character a lot of games just to take the heat off regulars so they can get a crown. Just seen so many face campers/ tunnellers going after only people with glow. As a newbie killer I’ve let regular survivors with glow go just for a break. We both get points, I learn a little about chases/…
  • I get a cake about every 6 blood webs on survivors. Had a fair few out of mystery boxes. A ton of flashlights though… great to use on controller on console…. Not. I’d probably end up pointing it at a wall 😂 just about to put bp in to a killer for more cakes and play as killer for the remainder of the event
  • I still haven’t seen it yet! Wondering if I will see it before it’s disabled again…
  • I just had a game against leather face, 2 other survivors brought in cake. Him and his stupid chainsaw wouldn’t even let us get 1 gen on midwife (which I dislike as map anyway). Killer didn’t bring in a cake but reaped the benefits from the survivors whilst also giving us dire BP. What a waste of a cake that is hard to…
  • I may have misread, I thought you meant hook a survivor with a crown x amount of times, implying that person with the crown would need to be hooked multiple times in the game. My apologies. On further thought though survivors would just not pick the crown up until end game surely?
  • So survivors that have collected the crown will be tunnelled even harder? No thanks.
  • I was willing to take that hit with lessening the player pool considerably for what I’d hoped for was better quality games. I wasn’t expecting worse lag with a lower ping
  • I have a lot of flashlights and hardly any cakes. I’m lucky if I see 1 cake in 5 bloodwebs