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  • If they actually cared then why introduce more dlc and overall content causing more issues than focusing on fixing it before making it worse there are many examples i could give of eevelopers that care for example respawn tried to do a balance that …
  • If there werent as many killers face camping hooks and tunneling players off them there wouldnt be so many complaints therefore devs have to listen if it gets to a certain percentage of the player base otherwise who would play the game admit this is…
  • No really a couple of good points have been made here the main 1 is that killers are unbalanced and encourages tunneling to get any kind of reward but lets turn the tables a sec and mention the over the top toxicity of some survivors i have had a ga…
  • Unfortunately we are in the same boat dude i have the exact same issue and no at the moment theres no fix for it devs solved a couple of things that cause this but there are apparently still a couple things that cause it i found the only time i coul…
  • I have a 60 mb connection solely for the purposes of xbox i appreciate your thoughts on the matter but i dont think connection has anything to do with it as i even ran it off my phones Internet and got straight into a full match i personally think d…
  • Im on console specifically xbox one im not entirely sure how to ?
  • Ok thats awesome so i just have a bug with killer That sucks but thank you for telling me
  • i can play surv flawlessly with no issues at all but every killer game just loads 95% then stops and i get disconnected 10 minutes later i did get a pop up like 4 months ago but nothing since and it came and went quicker than i could read it. I get …
  • To be fair getting salt is a part of gaming i agree it goes to far sometimes but if killers didnt camp/tunnel then there would be less salt directed at killers equally survivors shouldnt be over the top toxic as thats what starts camping rage quits …
  • I legit get it every single game i have been able to play killer in months at least you guys can get some games do you wait through or dashboard ?
  • True that i got an email when i reported the bug saying its fixed but clearly not i was wandering if i had been banned
  • Ive had it for 3\4 months every single game except for changing internet it work flawlessly then its a shame this is still ongoing