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  • gotcha and ty. Here i will do this. If people want to watch some amazing streamers check out the following people - Devib and bluedamd - two phenomenal twitch streamers from Australia. Devi has an outstanding personality and a killer main who gives great tips n tricks. Blue is hilarious and she has a fantastic kind…
  • i love the comments from people who say this perk or that perk is a clutch perk only used by less skiled players. noed is no less a clutch perk than tool boxes, insta heal med kits, borrowed time, adren, balanced landing, sprint bursts, etc. If you truly have skill then you don't need any perks at all, correct?
  • Well i can't argue that, it's true enough. I'm mostly referring to the toxicity everyone claims to hate. Here is an example, me. I been playing just over a year now, I use to get toxic. However my toxicity was reactionary. I would "fire back" at people making toxic comments in end game chat, being toxic during the match,…
  • My two favorite replies to this thread are - you need to think by their audiences and content creators. I don't mind watching and learning from individuals who are both experienced and know the game. What i find really interesting is how people claim they hate toxic people, toxicity in the game, follow and support the most…
  • what is more impressive is the dev's allowing people to hurl personal insults on a public forum and do nothing about it. Having read the responses being hurled against my post a few thoughts did occur to me while grabbing my coffee. Maybe I'm am just that much better a killer than the people responding claiming they play…
  • I wanted to wait to buy him before responding back to these posts. I have bought him and played him both on pc and xbox. I stand by my original post. Having every single one of my killers on pc prestige 3, level 50, Ghost Face is the easiest killer i've ever played. I can run super fast, tier up in seconds being able to…
  • i understand the killer main fan boys are going to say he is not op, but he is exacty that. He stalks up way too fast, don't care what anyone says. I got plenty of stream proof to provide more than enough video evidence of him tiering up in seconds, and every ghost face killer in the game doing nothing but camping, tiering…
  • Great idea.. However if this ever happened i hope it's better people then who was chosen for the fog whisperers. If you every actually watch them the are some of the most toxic people in the game.
  • cool. ty
  • The reason survivors complain about this is, well survivor mentality is a wonderful thing. They think it's okay for them to use any set of perks and use and strategy but the killer isn't allowed to do the same. The reason being is they claim it's not fun for them. This is the only game i've ever seen where survivors seem…
  • $2,000 in this day & age is not a lot of money. Can make that in just 2 months at minimum wage. Pass.
  • Dbd is the most toxic? Clearly the op has never played world of tanks, dota 2, league of legends, smite, etc. What I find most interesting is how some of the most toxic dbd streamers actually get chosen and supported not only by the viewers who claim to hate toxicity but the platforms themselves. So much so they even put…
  • Has nothing to do with lag and it's garbage. It's one thing to get hit at the window when you are vaulting. However to get get hit once you are safely on the other side and actually running away is garbage. Have the dev's ever heard of window frames? If you actually watch the hit animations the killers swing from over…
  • i am rank 10 atm
  • yes i am streaming. i stream everyday. Generally from 6 30 est to 12 30.
  • it's affecting me in almost every match. If the lobby que times are not bad enough, i wait 5 to 10 minutes for a match. Just to have all 4 survivors dc in 4 matches in a row the second they realize i'm running the new killer with dark intervention.
  • Now i'm the one that wished i had a lol button. After reading both of these it appears maybe these two also need to punch themselves., If you truly believe its stressful to play killer, especially these days after all the buffs to killer and nerfs to survivor.. It's truly sad. That's all i'm gonna continue to say about it…
  • don't worry. i expect the killers to defend this crap. it's all good.
  • complete crap.. i'm a killer main and when i tell you they made it so easy for killers you can take it to the bank.. When they continue to add things to the game like slow vaulting as indicated above.. it's just terrible. we are talking i'm running straight at a window or pallet and the game slows me down.. If you watch my…
  • I am a very good survivor. Hitting rank 1 all the time.. i literally can't do anything anymore. There hasn't been a single game where i'm not being downed do to the vaulting changes. I usually try not to be negative but this is absoulutely horrible.
  • It is absolutely not a bug. I have out run and out played every killer all day and the only way they ever get me is every time i try to vault something. i even had one match where i was running full sprint straight at a window and you can clearly see the game slowing my vault down. If you ever wanted to play killer the…
  • its not lag.. not even close. if i get hit as i'm vaulting the window and fall down directly in front of it on the other side it's lag. when i get hit after already safely vaulting and in the process of running away that is just crappy game mechanics.
  • Everything the op said here is spot on. After 900 hours in and making many friends I hear just about everyone i play with say the same thing. They hate the red ranks and rank means nothing. At best most people just say they want to get to rank 1 just once to say they did it and don't care after that. I have also watched…
  • I am most excited about the map changes. Making it harder for survivors to continuously just run in circles and will need to start using real skill? Say it isn't so. Wraith changes and some of the new perks. i could care less about the new killer cause she just looks like a redesigned hag to me.. They could have done so…
  • salt attempt. lol survivor mains will justify anything. it has nothing to do with salt. Just stating how pathetic survivors are getting and quitting matches needs to be addressed.
  • did someone actually say the new killer is top tier?
  • I love when they do that. they make it obvious i don't need to chase them.
  • Here is how the game balance works. Survivors - "Dev's killers are too op, we need proper balance" Dev's "We reworked a couple killers to improve them and weakened some survivor perks" Survivors " wait what"? Review bomb, review bomb, review bomb, crying we are leaving" Dev's answer "survivors will now start the match with…
  • just be glad he didn't write it in cursive. 3/4 of you wouldn't be able to read it.