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  • Whoah,. It's like Moses come down from the mountain!!! I just hope the news isn't like 40 more years of wandering the 30 fps desert before we can see those Preparation H smooth framerates on console...
  • I can see Pious Augustus from Eternal Darkness being introduced as a legendary doctor skin as sanity also plays a big part in that game. I would also like to think that Mantorok was related to the entity somehow and now (in true Die Hard WaV fashion) there is bad blood between the Entity and the poor fool who killed it's…
  • See he got arm day down for SH2, he could flex and swing but just kind of limped around dragging his knife everywhere. Since then the Red Pyramid has been hitting the gym, alternating Leg day and Arm day while spacing it with Core day. He's been working that carousel from the god-awful 2nd movie. Now our boy's ready to…
  • Id like to think it's a group of wraith mains protesting the harsh punishment of the Franklin's demise DC wraiths. "Stand with me brothers..." "Stand...still in one place...for the whole match. They can't teabag what they can't see...mwahahaha" Perhaps wraith mains are just sadists at heart.
  • I've experienced this quite a bit. I think the devs nerfed grabs and hex ruin to make the game more beginner friendly.
  • At least Herman will never complain about the meta...His smile may be forced, but his laughter is genuine.
  • It's with the key removal patch
  • I usually let one go because that's what happens In the movies. The objective is "play this game in whatever way is funnest for you"... lol
  • I still think the problem is that there's no motivation to climb rank as you are technically punished for doing so with longer lobby times and sweatier players. I bet if you put a sweet cosmetic or two at the end of the stick you would improve morale and give people a reason to git gud. Heck you could even measure the…
  • Toxicity is subjective,. Anyone on the wrong end of a bad beat can claim the other side was toxic. I would posit the only truly toxic behaviour is DC-ing as it hurts everyone.
  • I would also enjoy this,. I think if they went with this, it would be like an alternative Freddy as they both kind have their own netherworld to mess with survivors. Or if they want to go real deep, they can make it a blend of Freddy and Doctor where they have a netherworld and a sanity meter. Also, James Sunderland.
  • The problem is your time of day. B/t 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. I find that there is no wait time for survivor and a little wait for killer with it reversing once night time rolls around. Also, playing rank 10 killer this weekend, I have not been paired with anything less than a rank 5 survivor. I'm convinced that wait times are…
  • The problem is that the community is at least 60% trolls, so if you get well positioned and they see what you're trying to do, they'll dc b4 you can hook them. It really is rng trying to get that lobby that won't dc. GLHF!
  • Part of me wants to play normally and let people enjoy the event, the other part recalls every teabagging, flashlight clicking, locker spamming survivor I've ever encountered ...and just says "f*** it, let's ruin their day"
  • Would rather have Jack Torrance and Overlook hotel tbh
  • So they're going to be more toxic than they already are? LAWLZ No amount of dialysis will remove the toxicity of an overconfident survivor from this game I think the killer should be granted a f*** off button that let's them make a rude gesture at survirors who teabag.
  • As a killer who de-ranks, I'll share this point of view: I started playing in 2016, took a break mid 2017 and picked it up again late 2018. The customization aspect of this game is what appeals to me the most, so naturally it's my goal to unlock every perk on every character. Unlocking things is a grind and a not always…
  • I've seen groups power through hex ruin as though it were non-existent, however, I would be in favor of tuning it down if we made it it stock for all killers (doesn't take a perk slot)
  • Ive often wondered if the game would be more fun w/o totems all together. Where the totem perks would be active until the trap door conditions are met. Likewise, Haunted grounds will trigger once the trapdoor conditions are met. Thrill of the hunt might need a rework but that's a general perk so it's probably fine.
  • I felt the same way. Unfortunately we on console are the last to get new content and updates and the swf crowd show no mercy. But then I got a mouse keyboard adapter for PS4 and started learning nurse,. An unloopable, nearly unpredictable beast of a killer. These sweet summer children know not the terror that is a skilled…