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  • I am ok if a hatch can be open by a key, but hatch should auto close it after 1 survivor escape through it, if another survivor want to use the hatch, they had to use their own key to open again.
  • Well, this is not a valid reason to completely ignore the in game communication system. A lots of other game that have playerbase from many country are having in game communication system and run perfectly fine. You may use a fast wheel text chat with all the default text. Example -> Killer is nearby me, Killer is chasing…
  • Well maybe you can refer how communication in other games work. In game text chat (player can choose skip certain player text chat if they wish) In game voice comm (player can choose mute certain player if they wish ) Fast wheel text chat select (hold G, wheel appear and player can quickly select the text they wish to…
  • Useful perk while playing solo. Spine Chill + Empathy (counter knock out) + detective hunch. These perk combine together provide you information that close to SWF level.
  • 1 time I play Trapper with Devour Hope and NOED, safe the best for last against 4 man SWF that have all the toxic behaviour + ( 4 DS, 1 OoO, 3BT ) I was almost giving up as I only gotten 2 hook while 4 gen completed. After All Gen are done, I gotten 3 hook and 3 stack of Devour Hope, sadly my NOED gone instantly. They…
  • On Small map, yes, due to how annoying you are and able to prolong the game. On Big map, sorry Doc you just another clown who can know where I am every 60 second. You still can be loop.
  • DS is unfair to killer if survivor choose to use it as a weapon against killer, instead of a protection. I got a lot of matches, Survivor just got unhook, I chase the rescuer and not tunneling, but instead of stay away and heal up, that survivor just following me, teabag me and clicky clicky flashlight cause he know he got…
  • You can move 1 step and then back to your hiding location, which only take 1 second, the crows wont come out. Just sharing tips to you. Use it or not depend on you :).
    in AFK crows Comment by tkwmm February 2020
  • SWF squad with full meta bully build is the strongest hidden killer in the game. :)
  • One of the most toxic behaviour is teabag with DS. Survivor just got unhook, I chase the rescuer and not tunneling, but instead of stay away and heal up, that survivor just following me, teabag me and clicky clicky flashlight cause he know he got DS make him having god mode for 1 minute. And guess what, when I choose to…
  • I am Blendette and let me provide you a tips. Bring detective hunch and cleanse all those totem. It give you more point than looping killer for 5 gen. There was a match where I done 3 gen. Safety unhook 2 time. Cleanse 5 totem. Heal teammate 4 time and only getting chased by killer at the exit gate and I am the top…
  • I am suspecting is this post is a joke or what. Stealth and AFK are different things. If you get a AFK crow, then you are not playing stealth. Btw. I am Blendette that play stealth that never get a AFK crow.
    in AFK crows Comment by tkwmm February 2020
  • I encounter this build before, and these perk are not as strong as you think. We got ourself 3-gen ( doc was intentionally protect those 3 gen, and bring the reverse skill check addon ), however we 4 all are still alive while 1 gen left. Just each people work on 1 gen and try to hit the skill check ( which super easy to…
    in [deleted] Comment by tkwmm February 2020
  • Confirm Bulba, instant down every other killer without need to aim precisely.
  • Tips for you, heal at super corner of the map and he wont able to gain his power. Even he go and collect those blood obs it will waste his time, work for me everytime. Also, stealth when he using his power. Oni provide you so many information, when he has the power, when he use the power, when his power depleted. Different…
  • 1.)Map become smaller, make it only have 5 house. 2.) two house should have the balconies only and each floor should only have 2 window. 3.)Rework God loop -> super long fence with window facing to a long safe loop and another window open at the opposite with super long fence and window open toward inside house. When I…
  • Against Nurse, just run away as far as you can when she is fatigue and out of sight. Do not loop a nurse, she can ignore pallet and window. Against Billy, loop him at tight corner, billy chainsaw cant 90 degree hit you, and this force him become M1 killer to down you. I think no need to mention how long a M1 killer need to…
  • Ghostface is a M1 killer with normal walking speed. Try to bring a spine chill, he cant stalk you anymore and become a killer without the power, it work for me at least.
  • Even I playing solo I have 70% 4 people escape with my teammate when against non mobility killer among my matches. You may refer to my perk and try it yourself. I am focus on information gathering as playing solo make you unable to obtain any information. Why SWF is so strong because they can share information between them…
  • Dev need to rework OoO to make it counterable. This perk totally disable killer that require setup such as Hag, Trapper. My suggesion is Only obsession have the effect of OoO, means if 2 or more people bring OoO, others will have the OoO perk disable until they become the obsession. This will make this perk more…
  • Survivor having potatoes in SWF and Solo. Based on my experience, Most worst is when all the SWF is potatoes and your are the only solo, when the game fail due to their ignorant keep going to the killer to head on, pallet stun, body block, flashlight, instant save with BT when all these tactic fail and 3 of them are down…
  • buff solo survivor to near SWF level by giving them in-game chat / voice comm then rework most map to smaller map and rework god loop to normal loop. They need to complete these 2 things only and game experience will become much more better.
  • Welcome to DBD where most of the time you will get greeting by survivor with special word after match. I play survivor and killer equally and most of the toxic message are coming from survivor. Don't worry, You will get used to it and ignore those message soon.
  • For me sound like killer face camping when they know already lost in this round, so they are securing their 1 kill, totally logic right. 4 + gen only 1 hook is 90% confirm a lose already. If killer go search the other, last gen will pop before killer ever start chasing another survivor and that will become 0 kill. However…
  • I won't be surprise as survivor were too easy to play or even get into high rank before understand most game mechanic. I meet red rank survivor that doesn't know crouch and torchlight can counter hag trap, throw down safe pallet before getting chase, getting destroy immediately while in jungle gym-> never look behind. Hide…
  • Please don't rework Myers too much. I love facing current version of Myers especially forever tier 1 Myers -> He know where you were, you can run but you cant hide.
  • Another solution of hidden skill check bug that similar to what you did in the game, Suicide yourself to the killer, no 5 min DC penalty and you can start searching match, sound better right.
  • For low mobility killer, 3-4 chase, all gen poped. In this circumstances, NOED is the good investment for them to snowball or getting some kill on end game.
  • The game had become. High Mobility killer -> fair game Low Mobility killer -> Had to play dirty to have a fair result. Done.
  • If 1 vs 1, my killer. If 3 or 4 of me vs my killer, My survivor 100% win.