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  • It's definitely between Nurse and artist, but artist still at the very least has to play a loop nurse can just ignore almost all in game mechanics
  • I wouldn’t mind a hammer if they rework breakable walls
  • I play this game to have fun and at rank 1 it’s not really fun anymore people at high ranks are overly sweaty to the point where you don’t get kills unless you sweat yourself or use op stuff and at lower ranks it’s too easy there’s not much they can do about it though if they add a casual/ranked game mode it splits the…
  • I play on pc so it’s post game chat and I never say anything unless it’s a hardcore tunnel or camp with 3+ bloody party streamers or if I get bullied when I put a survivor pudding and even then it’s something harmless like “next stop: tunneltown USA” or “I hate this game” but the community is so unbelievably toxic it’s…
  • I want dunkin doughnuts to bring back the coffee coolata.
  • Legit came here to make a post about this, I’ve wanted an ash skin from the original evil dead for so long. I don’t even have ash but if they came out with that skin I’d buy him and the skin because the first evil dead is one of my all time favorite horror movies.
  • Since they reworked them I’ve always had some really good games in springwood and most of these maps have infinite loops and the ones that don’t still need some work to be balanced.
  • I used the little paperclip this time
  • my screenshots won’t send
  • I think a person disconnecting should just garuntee a safety pip but the thing that really annoys me is how you lose whatever you brought in items/addons and offerings. Change it so that when someone disconnects and everyone gets to keep what they brought in and it will discourage People from doing it on purpose because…
  • With dedicated servers they can monitor that, and half of them stay just to be a dick in the comments like “haha you only got 3 stacks on BBQ #########” or “It’s ######### like you who ruin this game by using crutch perks” you can report them but it never actually does anything. Dbd is probably the only game I’ve ever…
  • This would make the perk useful without making it OP, similar to how they buffed surveillance.
  • They should still make wake-up wake you up, it doesn’t make sense that adrenaline wakes you up because “realism” but wake-up doesn’t.
  • That’s not necessarily a bad thing, now survivors will have to start using detection perks instead of the average MoM, DS, sprintburst/deadhard/balancedlanding, adrenaline. This might finally affect the survivor meta a little but because they won’t know what killer they’re facing so if they don’t use a detection perk and…
  • If you take away Nancy or Quentin and the preschool Freddy Krueger will still be Freddy Krueger, he’d be different but he’d still be Freddy. Leather face didn’t have a survivor or map and he’s still leather face. Killers aren’t dictated by who or where they kill, just look at Jason he kills anyone anywhere he even went to…
  • Thrilling tremors is a very good tracking perk it’s not meant to stop people from working on gens, you use it to see which gens are being worked on telling you where the other survivors are. If they get off the gen to counter it then they still won’t be able to work on it for 16 seconds and that’s 20% they would have…
  • They do need to tweak the penalty for letting a survivor out of your grasp but besides that ds isn’t much of a problem anymore. Less people are running it because it’s now situational, and for an unsafe unhook just down the survivor who got unhooked (unless they have borrowed time) then chase the survivor who unhooked them…
  • There’s no way to get your data from console sorry, and the only thing you can do is just try to get out of the lower ranks as fast as possible, how though Is up to you. You can lfg on discord for a swf, just play stealthy and get a bunch of solo escapes, play super altruistic to rack up points, etc.
  • This is good but just making him slow while he stalks would just make him an easy to play better version of Myers who can turn off his TR, crouch, and lean.
    in ghostface Comment by zach3734 June 2019
  • Billy has 180% movement speed and insta-down whenever he can hit it, and spirit can be really op she’s just really hard to play because you have to try to mind game and guess where the survivor isn’t going.
  • I too am excited but this doesn’t belong in balance feedback. You should repost this in general discussions.
  • Easy fix for teabagging, do what they didn’t for csgo and limit the how fast and how many times you can crouch in a short period of time. This way it doesn’t eliminate stealth and stops toxicity.
  • Idk why they can’t just have it go by color red rank against red ranks, purple against purple, green against green, etc. And for swf just go with whoever the highest rank is, if you’re willing to play with high ranks you should be willing to play against them swf is already op enough without killers having to 1v4 people…
  • The same sense of unbalance can be said when there are 4 survivors left when the last gen is completed, because almost every survivor runs adrenaline now and they just 99% the doors to prevent EGC and if the killer breaks chase to open a gate they’ll just open the other gate and teabag for 1:50 then leave but if you stay…
    in EGC Balance Comment by zach3734 May 2019
  • They just added a new survivor obsession perk for ash (mettle of man) and if the leaks are true then there’ll be at least one more coming to the killer side with the upcoming scream dlc
  • Instead of bots just have matchmaking for a practice mode, timed, hooks but no kills, gens but no escape (once completed will revert to unprogressed) bad/good killers can go against each other for practice, warmup, or just casual gameplay. I can keep going but you get it.
  • Tbh it’s not as op as everyone says, I use it mainly for the bp (it’s just a better we’re gonna live forever) but the auras are usally very far and by the time you get there the survivors are gone and the hooked survivor is saved good survivors just walk in a different direction for the 4 seconds when a survivors are…
  • The smaller terror radius would finally make nurses calling useful for her, and she would be able to move around the map without everybody knowing where she is based on her scream.
  • I wouldn’t mind this rework but the cooldown time is way too long because it’s still possible to juke blinks, and I feel that she may become too dependent on her add-ons. But overall for a first draft it’s pretty good, a few tweaks and tests and that may just be it chief.
  • If the killer is just protecting one totem then survivors can just get gens done while one or two survivors distract the killer