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  • DudeDelicious

    I’m short on time so I’ll try to be as succinct as possible.

    Don’t bother with gen defence, keep survivors injured. Clown’s strength is the chase when using the bottles correctly, hoping for an opportunity to snowball (so use perks that amplify the chase). Usually the more altruistic the survivors, the harder they fall. Survivors greatly underestimate Clown until they realise there is no direct way to counter the direct effects of The Afterpiece Tonic.

    Survivors suffer Intoxication, Hindered, and Blurred Vision for the entirety they remain in the gas, and for a further 1 second (at base) upon no longer being within the gas. The velocity of the gas spread upon impact, although quick, isn’t instant.

    So think of the bottles as traps. You either want survivors to run through the entire fully spread gas cloud, OR you want to the survivor to change direction to NOT run through the cloud. Throwing bottles at a survivor means they suffer Intoxication, Hindered, and Blurred Vision for hardly any time at all because they’re usually already running out of the cloud before it has fully spread out.

    This means constantly trying to predict where survivors are going, OR throwing bottles at areas you DON’T want them running to.

    Best easiest example of how to catch survivors out for easy hits is to throw a bottle at the longest side of a loop with a pallet. If they were foolish to not drop the pallet early, they now either have to leave the loop or run through the entire cloud to re-reach the pallet, and they’re getting hit. Guaranteed.

    December 2019