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  • Captain
    Also can you please for the love of God put an option to close the hatch. There are games where the survivor and killer have a face off at the hatch. Usually survivor wins because after they are hit they can just jump in. There needs to be a close hatch option. Even if it's for 1 minute its better than what is currently available and currently available is 100% created to let survivors get away. That is not fair. 
    October 6
  • Captain
    The 16 meter is great and all for camping but clearly it will become a problem once gates are open and the survivors just camp the hooks. Am I suppose to go to empty open gates and waste my time while they just unhook the survivors? 
    October 6
  • Maelstrom1313
    Do all new posts need approved before everyone else can see them? Just I made a post and now I can't find it in the wishlist section?
    October 2
  • 303Mack

    Unrelated but please make left behind where it shows last survivor alive the match location at level 3 once enough generators are complete.

    October 2
  • projecteulogy

    Please implement a BLOCK feature on your forums. I can't go a single post without certain people trolling. Even when reported, mods aren't doing anything about harassment and non-constructive replies to these posts. Albeit against the rules. You folks let too much toxic behavior slide both in game and on your forum. It's already an arduous task to be a part of such a community without the ability to at least police what I do and do not wish to see on my own.

    September 30
  • rebelhunter316
    Hi Queen. I'm not sure if the developers are aware or have not been reading the forms. There is an issue with joining a new game or exiting. There is a circle spinning on the right hand side of the screen which I'm assuming means saving. This issue has not came up ever since 2 days ago. Multiple players are having this issue. Can you look into this please?
    September 28
  • BlackWidowxxo

    What about on console? We’ve all waited for this new DLC and now PC gets it and console players just have to wait? And why can’t console players have something exclusive to us like PC players have their exclusive survivor. I shouldn’t have to switch how I game just to get DLCs first or get special content.

    September 18
  • James221990
    Hi devs can you make devour hope better so u don't have to be certain distance to get tokens and could you we all experience face camping which is no need to myself as killer hook them until I have hooked everyone 1 then kill whoever and can u remove insidious not good perk when killers camp either thank you charitygamerps4
    September 14
  • Valtiel_Redfang

    Excuse me, Miss Queen. But I have footage of a player called A Wild Keeley as Kate Denson and Ninja Jake as Michael Myers. Keeley starts griefing by throwing down pallets and blocking people attempting to vault them. While Myers has no interest in chasing her. This team up becomes obvious when she unhooks me 3 times right in front of Myers and Myers allows this and constantly downs me. It's even more apparent when the last player gets downed and she stands over her and Michael does not attack Keeley. I stopped recording after I died but upon spectating. He was helping Keeley find the hatch.
    They have eachother added. I will provide player URLs and the video.
    I also insist you watch the recorded video from this point on. It's long but it gives you the idea.

    August 31
    • JustJess
      Really hope they are getting what they deserve!
  • RigglesMcTiggles
    I play on console but I was wanting to asks question that you could discuss on the Q&A sessions. Even tho I don't play as killer would it be possible to make an offering for the killers that can get rid of some pallets and close off some windows? To make it little more interesting and fun.
    September 6
  • Vyacheslav
    What do you think ? add Harry Warden...this is a maniac from my bloody Valentine 3D movie
    September 5
  • phos4our
    Hi Queen i have a question for the nea karlsson Trophy with the 3 Perks i Put all 3 Perks in with a Mechanik chest and get out in the Black hole but Dont get the Trophy ... have i do something wrong ?
    August 29
  • FalaX

    Hello, I've never played killer and I'm rank 20 of course .. but unfortunately you can not find anyone .. will you solve with the stable 2.2.0?
    Thanks for your attention.

    August 29
  • WinWIn63

    Hello not_Queen
    please Fix Lobby issues in dead by daylight.. i barely play killer.. because no one joins my lobby.. i have tried everything and it does not work.. sometimes survivor joins and keep leaving and joining.. and game crash.... please fix it soon... thankyou so much for your time and reading my comment!!!!!!

    August 25
  • daniel_b_demented

    Hello not_Queen,

    It's been 1 month since the anniversary contest winners were announced.
    I don't know about the other winners, but I've yet to receive the Auric Cell prize.

    Have the prizes been awarded and I wasn't contacted by mistake? Or have the prizes not been delivered yet?

    August 23
  • SosokMaksima

    I enter in game and I have a connection error with the servers. How to fix it, just wait for a new patch?

    August 21
  • TROYlel

    Get. Rid. Of. OchiDO.

    August 20
  • TROYlel

    Get. Rid. Of. OchiDO.

    August 20
  • Dwight_Fairfield

    Hello. Can you please tell me why every time I go to make a post it said my comment will appear after it has been approved?

    August 19
  • Dwight_Fairfield

    Hello. Can you please tell me why every time I go to make a post it said my comment will appear after it has been approved?

    August 19