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  • XxpiggyfatxX
    Pretty Good job far... no really Good job
  • XxpiggyfatxX
    Mcote in the forum? 

  • projecteulogy

    Still, next to no way to report people for being toxic and/or breaking the rules. Like my last game, where the killer tunneled me and allowed a survivor to intentionally unhook and rehook me until i was dead. Then the killer admitted it. These folks don't care and you aren't doing anything publicly about it. when is something going to be done about this part of the community?

    August 15
  • BabyKitty
    Can you please give a hint towards your it’s out there take a closer look lol
    August 13
  • Nickenzie
    Since you replied to my "Sugar, not salt! :)" thread, I'll give a nice encouraging message! :) I just like to start off by saying that I'm really thankful for having such an awesome community manager, like for real, your so interactive with us all! Additionally, I seen that you play nurse in DbD from one of your streams and I gotta say I respect that since nurse is so difficult to play! Even if your not the best with her, at least you took the time and effort to at least try! Hopefully I can see you in the fog! Cheers!
    August 13
  • God_Fist

    @not_Queen what about crossplay we know that pc has advantage but can u do it like this if you play without a friend that is on pc you get matched with a ps4 lobby but if you play with pc friend there is crossplattform u dont need to play against pc but if you want you can this would make it more fun because not every one can buy a gaming pc to play with his friends

    August 13
  • dooks
    cade a tradução do xbox one. , tem vairoa player e nem uma atualização de tradução.

    August 12
  • Macho

    Are you guys thinking about adding activities to do instead of exit gates and generators such as cranks or exit window

    August 10
  • ToxicMeow
    Wow I spent several hours playing on this event, then when I log off I lose half of my progress. Can someone please explain to me?
    August 10
  • patwy7
    We had pay for the game in consoles and we couldn't play for how many days ? Or how many days more ? I have never complained when there was bugs or some hours we couldn't play but now it's been days and you don't really know till when... It's fine now it's free on ps PS plus, but what about the people who paid ? It's really really unfair.. I can't play to a game which I had paid for days ! .. plus, yet again we are really late for the event ! I'm getting so disappointed lately. The worst thing is that you don't even know when the servers are going to be working again...
    August 9
  • noahholland

    We are able to get in a lobby but then the servers crash so we cant even get in a match

    August 9
  • Survivor76
    Reguarding the summer event, I think it is kind of bullshit that killers have multiple grill hooks a trial to hook survivors with but survivors have only ONE margarita machine to repair a trial. One generator that the killer will obviously camp. 

    August 9
    • ShaneQ
      There are two event hooks and two generators by default, every bbq offering will add one of each to the match.
  • not_Queen earned the 500 LOLs badge.
    You received 500 LOLs. It ain't no fluke, you post great stuff and we're lucky to have you here.
    August 9
  • NicholeRika
    Hello, Queen! I just wanted to take time to say thank you for updating us about the server issues. I've seen so many negative and angry comments on the Facebook post, and I'm here to express my gratitude for all you guys do for us and apologize to you for having to put up with such cruel people in the community. 

     I hope ya'll find a solution soon :) in the mean time, I'll be cheering you all on and waiting patiently. ♡♡♡

    August 9
  • xayr2207

    Hello Queen, i hope you can help me, on the stream "Escape Dead By Daylight Tournament" i won shards, i gave my steam account but is it possible to get shards on my playstation account?

    June 23
    • not_Queen
      You will get shards the upcoming week after PS4 gets the 2.0.0 update.
      They will take your player account ID and relay it to BHVR so BHVR can add it to your account! :)
    • xayr2207
      Thanks for the answer, but you did not understand me correctly. I gave my "Steam ID" not my "Playstation ID" and i need the shards on my "Playstation account", that is the problem(
      my steam ID is ajindaimaou
      but my Playstation ID is xayr2207
      My question is, can i get the shards on my Playstation account not on PC Steam account?
    • xayr2207
      Nevermind, thanks.
    • Fjielsonson
      Hey there,
      did u delete this discussion?
  • se05239

    I just saw this video from Truetalent and it's about how Ochido performs witch hunts and trash throwing against him and when Truetalent tries to defend himself, he gets straight up blocked..

    I am sure you know of the name Ochido and I know him to be one of the major contributors of toxicity in DbD. He shouldn't be allowed to continue this bullshit.

    Here's a link to the video.

    August 5
  • TheLegendDyl4n1

    please add a new skin for nea i feel left out and meg mains get all the attention

    August 5
  • sphingidae

    Hello there! I would like to clarify a couple of moments about using game resources on third-party sites and applications.
    For example, may I use in my android application such game resources as:

    • icons and images from "%steam folder%\Dead by Daylight\DeadByDaylight\Content\" folder
    • images from official dbd-store placed on

    If I may, what kind of information should I place on it?
    There is small example of my app on screenshot below..
    (translated by google translate)

    July 27
  • zacharyd
    For the second [BAD WORD] time i logged back into dead by daylight to find all of my fuckin blood points gone and i was a level 39 prestiege 3 David now im back down to level 27 
    July 17
    • not_Queen
      If you have an issue with the game, please contact our Customer Support
  • WebMonkey

    I don't know if this is the right place to post but I wanted to at least reach out to you and see if I can let you know what happened to me tonight in a Dead by Daylight game.

    For the first time in my life I was physically threatened over a video game. The player was extremely angry about my internet speed. I told him that I was sorry that my internet was slow and that I lived in Barrie Ontario (north of Toronto) and that the internet traffic had been "bad" since the shooting in Toronto the previous day.

    He replied by telling me that he had friends in Toronto (one of the players in the game indicated that he lived in Toronto), and that he had figured out my address (I'm a game developer of 18+ years and I guess my address is our there...) and he said that "good luck having a house tomorrow n#gger". I have the complete transcript if your concerned that I somehow baited his violent response.

    I have contacted the Barrie (local) police, and will be speaking to them in an hour or two.ty

    July 24
    • WebMonkey
      Ok well I guess this isn't the place. Sorry for the incorrect post... is there a way to delete my comment? I'd prefer not to have this text public..
    • not_Queen
      I was out on vacation, this is why I didn't answer. This is very serious, I am sorry it happened to you. Contacting the police was the good way to go. When they investigate these cases, they contact the video game company and we are able to provide the information they need.

      As for the game side of things, if you reported in-game, we will be able to find the report and act accordingly. I will message you privately to get some more information.
  • daniel_b_demented

    Hello not_Queen,

    Do you know when the Anniversary Contest winners will be awarded their Auric Cells? :)

    July 21
  • Sn0wJob

    I just wanted to post here and say thank you to the whole DBD crew for making such a fun game and continuing to tweak it/release new content. :)

    July 13
  • ShesArebel88
    Need some help here... Being harassed and trolled by another member and the behavior is escalating. I've used the flag button, but they're following me in my discussions and there's no way to report something like that ya know? He has blatantly said no will is going to do anything. I can ignore him but he's going to end up derailing every discussion and the behavior is getting worse and worse. Just hoping to get some back up from someone who can actually say something and get the person's attention.
    July 13
  • christersoncj

    Hey not_Queen, so as everybody knows the players base in this game can sometimes get extremely toxic at times.
    As part of finishing my college degree for game design, I'm currently looking into player toxicity in games and have been using Dead By Daylight as a means to collect data.

    I've created an online survey that can possibly dig into the core of what players feel are the most toxic parts of this game and ways we can reduce this toxicity, along with this I am also using the 2.0 patch to run participants through at school for a first time user experience along with 2 survivor matches and 2 killer matches afterwards to get feedback from them for their first impressions and feelings about interactions with other players.

    I plan on finishing data collection next friday and will create reports from both sets of data, so my question is, would I be able to give both reports to you and the devs afterwards? And what would the likelihood be of this data actually being used by devs?

    July 12
    • christersoncj

      Here is a link to the online survey as well, so you can also get an idea at how I'm collecting data for current players.
  • TheSanskar

    Hey to all =) Did anyone bought a character at the in game shop? I bought Kate for 9000 Shards but the Problem is i did not got the White Top from kate. Is this a bug or do i have to buy the curtain call chapter? :)

    July 12
  • FoggyMind

    I won raffle on Anniversary Tournament but havent received ANYTHING so far. I was asked for Steam ID and thats all, nothing. Who is responsiblle for this and how can i get my prize? Thanks.

    July 10
  • Юрик

    доброго времени суток, а подскажите почему когда выбираешь маньяка в лобби ни кого нет и не появляется, а если заходишь за выжившего то стабильно в лобби уже три человека есть, то есть за маньяка нельзя играть до какого то определенного уровня??? за ранее спасибо...

    July 10
    • FoggyMind
      чиво? если на первом ранге играешь то да, есть проблемы с поиском сурвов. Сам жду обновление рангов.
  • eazyevan
    July 9
  • ValentinaCutie