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  • Ellysetta

    Hi @not_Queen I'm not sure who i contact about this, my partner and i are planning on starting our own DBD tournaments, it's still in the early planning stages but we hope if it's successful to make it a regular thing. We're planning big :) and are currently having a website built for registrations updates etc (we're really lucky we have a relative who builds websites for a living who has volunteered their services :D)

    So I'm really just looking for some info from the DBD team, who would we contact for permissions and such to go ahead with this, for one thing we would hopefully like to use things like the DBD theme song on the website and maybe links to updates from the game devs things like that. If you or a colleague could possibly drop me a message to discuss i would be really grateful ^_^

    Thanks for your time, i love the game and it would be great to get some feedback on this.


    August 13
  • LawrenceGordon


    August 10
  • Unbreakable_Jeff

    2 days into the new patch and it's still not letting us get out through exit gates or heal

    August 7
  • TwiceBP

    What happened to Bill for PS4?

    July 25
    • Golosa69x
      Bill is Finally on PS4 :D yesss!!
  • Golosa69x

    Hello everyone, how about adding blood stains to the clothes of the surv when the killer lands a hit. It would be AWESOME. Been thinking Freddy and Myers have been kinda left behind, I don't see new skins for them. How about givin Myers an old mask like the 2018 movie. 😀 Fans would appreciate it a LOT.

    July 24
  • HellzBlizard000

    I have just recently started using 'Deliverance' and today, a "lag" of some sort prevented me from successfully escaping the hook. I have a screen shot to prove this; The perk was active and while trying to escape, I kept "losing the escape bar" and having to start again causing me to enter "struggle mode". I have been given three different email addresses to send "questions and/or complaints to, non of which are "valid" anymore. Insight on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    July 24
  • LiquidAg

    How can I get help for an Initialization Error? I bought the game over 5 months ago, and I haven't been able to play at all. I've submitted support tickets, searched/asked around online for possible solutions, and tried every troubleshooting tip in the book. Last I heard from support, they had a possible fix and they would reset my account to see if it works. They just asked for my confirmation (to see if I was still having the problem) and approval. I told them to try it, and then I haven't heard back from them in over 2 weeks. This isn't the first time they've left me hanging. What can I do?

    July 17
  • Yui_Yamaoka1224

    Hi not_queen!

    I don't know when the next q&a live stream is but, is it possible for console to someday have a keyboard and mouse option? And if so, would there be a system that makes it so keyboard and mouse players play each other to make things fair?

    July 11
  • Brunofb3

    Hi. I'm not sure about where I ask this but... Where I find how do BHVR treats racists injuries that occur in post-match game chat?

    July 4
  • MrTioBacca
  • ShinyCap


    I was just wondering, for the cosmetics contest I entered but my images show up as links (the link redirects you to the image) and not as shown images like many other posts. I was just wondering, does this affect my entry’s eligibility? I really want to make sure it doesn’t! If so, please let me know so I can check if I can re-submit. (You can still view the images, it’s just that they are in a link, I just really want to be sure!)

    Thank you!

    June 24
    • MandyTalk
      It's ok, they were still entered into the competition. @ShinyCap