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  • Evil_one
    When is the release of the charity case on ps4 Europa?
  • jenna12186
    I still think they need to be slightly faster walking. They're so slow regular walk. It's super difficult to catch up to survivors while waiting on frenzy to build up. Also I agree..the survivor perks that hides nurses etc. Should have a limit. Tokens or like someone else said mend triggers nurses if u have it.
    December 7
    • Watery
      Make a forum post about it. That’s usually one of the most easy ways for the devs to see something, since they usually rely on feedback via the forums. Make a discussion, and go from there.
  • suffering23


    December 7
  • Soren

    Now where's our Pebble badge? :innocent:

    November 29
  • Jamin_6_6_6


    November 24
    • Watery
      Please head over to if you’re still having issues.
  • harley_gibson this is a clip of the player using the wraith's bell exploit do run even faster to catch up to the survivor i was spectating. I have the screenshot that shows his gamertag on ps4 which is xxsniperxx889.

    November 19
    • Watery
      You can submit that through a support ticket if need be.
  • Funbag5
    I was wondering when you guys do your dev streams is it possible to give us good information on what's coming up instead of watching you all sit around like clown shoes who don't know what's going on?  
    November 19
    • Watery
      If you don’t like the info, don’t watch. Simple. They’re fairly new to this (because behavior is in the background for a lot of projects, and yet their communication is miles ahead of some other games), and there’s just some information that have to remain untold until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • harley_gibson

    How do I report someone for cheating when I have visual proof from my twitch? We are on ps4 and there is no way to leave details as to what exploits were being used.

    November 19
    • Watery
      You can submit report them via the ingame system if you haven’t already submitted a report. If not- they’ll most likely be caught eventually, and if need be, you can submit the evidence on a discussion! Thank you for helping Dead by Daylight become more fair.
  • Watery
    Keep up the good work! Love the transparency.
    November 15
    • not_Queen
      Trying :)
      Thanks for the feedback!
    • Watery
      Also, found out you voiced The Spirit! What was it like recording in the studio for it?
  • Scourge

    Hello Not_Queen, i have a question.
    What is the in game name/description of the Dev/mod Nea shirt with the entity?
    I would look it up myself but that isn't possible for some obvious reasons. I'm a fan of this kinda stuff, even though its sad that i can't get one, i still would like to know what inside joke or whatever you guys put in the description.

    October 30
    • not_Queen
      I had to log in to check xD

      Name of the Crew shirt
      CREW 2017
      An amazing top for an amazing team.
      _Thank you for your hard work. Without you, this awesome project could not have been possible._
    • Scourge
      Thanks ^^
  • autumnrainstorm

    I thought heavily photoshopped entries weren’t allowed? (3rd place literally credits her photo editor) And how is the third place winner also a finalist winner? Why were some allowed to submit multiple photos and not be disqualified? That seems really unfair as I would have loved to submit multiple shots of the work I put into the mask and costume I created, as would many others Im sure.

    November 9
  • FalloutgirI

    Hey NotQueen, I dont mean to offend anyone or question the teams decisions. I would just realy want to know if I got removed from the Pumpin Carving contest or if my submissions really was not better than your top 10. I put a lot of effort into it and feel left out as in my opinion I did quite well. Again I dont mean to offend. I just want to know for future contests if I did something wrong.

    November 9
  • Nickenzie
    Hey, can you do me a favor @not_Queen? I made a thread a while ago about a DS rework and I want you to check it out for me. I honestly believe that this change to DS will make the perk feel fair for both sides and of course, the Dead by Daylight team can change it to fit their needs.


    Sorry for crowding your wall, I felt like this idea was worth sharing since it got many vote ups.
    November 8
  • Wahara

    Hello. I understand you're probably very busy keeping up with comments, but would you happen to know why the forum seem to randomly remove posts that I've made into a moderation queue after I attempt to save an edit? It's been happening to me off and on and it's been really frustrating, especially when I take the time to make a really well thought out post.

    October 18
    • not_Queen
      We did change our moderation queue standards after a few feedback from the members. Is your issue resolved?
  • Captain
    Allow me to close the hatch 
    October 19
    • not_Queen
      I wish I had that power but I don't! :(
      However, our team is reviewing the entire end-game gameplay.
      I cannot guarantee that hatch closing will be part of it.
  • mimaef

    Hi I have a question about the art contest rules. Can I ask here or should I ask somewhere else?

    October 21
    • not_Queen
      Sorry about this, I was away for 2 weeks. The contest is now closed. I hope you found the answer you were seeking!
  • daniel_b_demented

    Hello Not_Queen,

    I see there's a Hallowed Blight art contest on the forums, but despite repeated inquires over the past few months with no response, I still have yet to receive the Auric Cells I won in the 2 Year Anniversary art contest.
    So I'll ask again:
    Have the winners from the 2 Year Anniversary contest been awarded their Auric Cells and I wasn't notified by mistake? Or have any of the 2 Year Anniversary contest winners been awarded their prizes at all?

    Even if it's a matter of miscommunication, or you guys just forgot - some communication would be appreciated regarding myself and/or the other winners on the status of our prizes.

    It just seems odd that you would hold an additional art contest awarding Auric Cells when I, (and potentially others) haven't been awarded our Auric Cell prizes.


    October 30
    • not_Queen
      I did send a email to all the winners right when they were announced.
      Maybe it ended up in the junk mail?
      I will DM you here on forums to figure that thing out!
  • Kobolt

    I wonder when will you guys do something serious to stop camping, I just played 2 matches with a Leatherface who would camp the first survivor to death and in the end stills laugh at us saying "camping is allowed, you can report me at your will, nothing happens" where is the fun????

    October 29
  • suffering23

    please anything to fix the MM, i hate to wait more than play

    October 25
  • redsopine1
    Hi no complaints from me I love the game might get mad a bits but I just wanted to say thanks for a amazing game I hope it continues to get better with time best wishes to you and the devs
    October 20
  • junior
    About a month ago. I have to wait roughly 2 min before I play again
    October 19