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  • findmeready88

    Gen times are fine. I agree with Hendo, this is by far the best game I have come across. The overall idea of this game is so fantastic it blows my mind. You are surviving a horror movie. I don't even like horror movies but this game makes being scared for your life fun. My brother introduced this game to me about 2 months ago and I have been addicted ever since, in a healthy way. I get my chores done before i play. Lol

    If I could suggest anything to change I would ask for clothing options for the characters to be unlockable with challenges and achievements. I just don't like spending money on a game for things like that when i already had to buy the game. Buying characters is annoying enough when challenges require you to have a specific character that wasn't in the package you bought.

    Incredible game.

    February 8
  • Peanits changed the profile picture for not_Queen.
    January 16
  • Hendo

    Don't know where else to go with this, but lemme just start off by saying you are amazing! Dead By Daylight is by far the best game I've played ever! The entire teams works together beautifully, and all content created by y'all is astonishing! I even created my own chapter idea because I felt so inspired by the game! My question for you today is have you and the other Devs ever considered implementing one of your fans chapter ideas into the game itself? That's something that's always made me think, and I am dying to know if you do! Thanks for taking the time to read this and have a wholesome day in the Fog!

    January 15