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  • Sunrise

    Hi, could you please cancel my account?

    Thank you


    November 24
  • Sinesters

    Hello, no ideia where to enter in contact, whit you guys, im a hobbyist coder, and i did a little overlay for dead by daylight called Dead by random is in the steam guide links, and i planto add a GLOBAL CHAT feature for it, i would like to know if, Devs of the game mind having a feature like that in, its a simple irc chat like i do for my other overlays. You guys can check it here

    Thank you and please remove this, after reading, no ideia how to send a personal message here.

    November 23
  • PabloD1ablo

    Hello. I'm trying to contact support because a friend (playng on xbox one) hasn't recovered her auric cells yet. I write on her behalf because she is spanish and doesn't speak English at all. She can send a video showing the issue, but where? Please, help me trying to help her 😊

    Thanx for your time (and passion, dedication,...)

    November 7
  • predragon12

    I would like to tell behavior that Xbox one aruric cells from the rift are working now

    November 6
  • meteorsx

    ineed help

    November 1
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    October 31
  • hinoutoumei

    confused about the report system. It says in your guide that intentional disconnecting is a bannable offense but then says do not report. then it calls it disconnects - do not report. Yet, in your videos you have mentioned previously to report these people and there is a special place for them. Getting a mixed message here.

    October 23
    • MandyTalk
      We have an automated system for disconnects, this is why we say they do not need to be reported to us.